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PCW is a wrestling based e-fed, centered around the writing of roleplays. Roleplays (or RPs for short) are generally written in character as a certain superstar, modelled after the promos and segments you see on everyday professional wrestling broadcasts. When booked, you will be required to write your own RP against another PCW roleplayer for the weekly PCW show Thursday Night Turmoil. After your RP is posted, it will be judged and a winner will be decided. From there, a panel of match writers will be tasked with writing the matches you would see on the actual Turmoil broadcast. To accompany the matches written, RPers are also encouraged to send in "angles" for the show, which are typically segments on the show itself that can either promote your character or even set up feuds/alliances with other superstars. As you work your way up the ladder through the weekly shows, you will eventually be booked for the monthly PPVs and ultimately, you will be granted a chance to win a PCW championship. With multiple divisions, including the Knockouts division (for the female superstars) and PRIDE division (a place for new superstars to get their start), there are many opportunities within PCW for you to shine. Joining is as simple as posting a sample RP in the sign ups section of the forums, where you will receieve comments and feedback before the decision is made on whether or not you'll be signed. PCW prides itself in being a place for anybody and everybody to have a chance to shine, so please don't be shy. Click here to join the forums and get started on your PCW career or look a little further down for some helpful links!


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PCW claims no affiliation with any companies mentioned throughout the forums or any employees/superstars of said companies. PCW is a non-profit site intended for entertainment use only.