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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Dean Ambrose - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Dean Ambrose

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personal statistics
REAL NAME: Johnathan Good
RING NAME: Dean Ambrose
NICKNAME(s): Angry Street Dog, Mean Dean the Twitter King
HEIGHT: 6 foot 4 inches
WEIGHT: 225 pounds
HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio
BILLED FROM: Cincinnati, Ohio
AGE: 26
TWITTER: @TheDeanAmbrose

wrestling statistics
PCW DEBUT: March 8th of 2012
TRAINED BY: Cody Hawk, Les Thatcher
THEME SONG: "'Till I Collapse" by Eminem feat. Nate Dogg
ALLIES: Sami Callihan
ENEMIES: Sterling James Keenan, Andre Verdun, Cody Rhodes, Bryan Danielson

move-set statistics
. Ambrose Trembler ( Running knee lift to an opponent's head )
. Ambrose Stretch ( Arm trap cross-legged STF )
. Midnight Special ( Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver )
. Hook and Ladder ( Elevated double chickenwing wheelbarrow facebuster )
. Moxicity ( Spinning side slam )
. One Hitter ( One Hitter )
. Crossface chickenwing
. Fiujiwara Armbar
. Lou Thesz press with repeated punches
OTHER MANEUVERS: vertical suplex powerbomb, superplex, suplex, piledriver, stabbing with fork
WEAPON OF CHOICE: fork, steel chair, lead pipe, barbed wire

entrance and entrance video

Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
Till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth.
Till the smoke clears out - am I high? Perhaps
I'ma rip this shit till my bone collapse.

"'Till I Collapse" performed by Eminem featuring Nate Dogg soon starts to blare out throughout the P.A. system and it blasts all over the arena. The lights begin to flicker throughout the whole arena as the music of one very famous, disturbed, reckless and villainous wrestler starts to play. The entrance video then begins to play and the fans all over the arena begin to boo their ears out. The lights begin to dim little by little as it gets that dark feeling and the air condition then goes down as well, people literally feel the chill down their spine for who's about to come out. And then coming from the black curtains is the man himself, Dean Ambrose and he has hate entering each of his ears. Ambrose seems to be sporting a black leather jacket over his bare and hair chest. His black wrestling trunks that has the letter D and a heart pulse that goes around to the back of his trunks. The letter and the designed is bordered with white and bordered again in red. Black knee pads and black wrestling boots that have a white barbed wire design on them and to finish off the wrestling attire he has white tape-bands on his wrist and hand. His hair is wet and slicked back and his facial hair looks really dirty and rough. As he's on the stage, he looks around before he taunts to the fans and he then licks his lips. He walks down the ramp, ignoring the high fives of the fans but he shouts and screams at them. He gets to the end of the ramp as the camera zooms in on his face before he says "This is going to hurt. Alot." as he then walks off to climb the steps and enter the ring with his unusual mannerisms. Ambrose then taunts the fans as he garners more hate towards himself. He looks around as he then takes off his jacket as he awaits for the match to begin.

prime five
. #3 - [5/3/12]
. #4 - [5/10/12]
. #3 - [6/14/12]
. #2 - [7/5/12]
. #3 - [8/2/12]
. #2 - [12/2/12]

show awards
. Promo of the Night: Collision Course
. Match of the Night: Turmoil | 8/2/12
. Promo of the Night: Turmoil | 8/9/12

pcw accomplishments
. Superstar of the Month for the month of August

pcw history and record
05 wins 06 losses 00 draws
. Turmoil | March 8th of 2012: Dean Ambrose debuts by showing his face around for the first time and starting something with Sterling James Keenan.
. Turmoil | March 15th of 2012: Dean Ambrose shows his face again as he viciously attacks Sterling James Keenan causing a draw for him.
. Turmoil | March 22nd of 2012: Dean Ambrose continues his toying around with Sterling James Keenan and beats him up badly but is defeated by Chris Hero in his first match.
. Turmoil | May 3rd of 2012: Dean Ambrose defeats Jeff Hardy via the Ambrose Stretch.
. Turmoil | May 10th of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated by Mick Foley after Foley capitalizes with the Double Arm DDT.
. Turmoil | May 17th of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated by Chris Jericho after a vicious Codebreaker.
. No More Sorrow | June 3rd of 2012: Dean Ambrose defeats Michael Elgin after making him tap out to the Ambrose Stretch.
. Turmoil | June 14th of 2012: Dean Ambrose and Steve Corino defeat John Cena and Cody Rhodes after Corino hits Cena with the Old School Kick.
. Turmoil | July 5th of 2012: Dean Ambrose defeats Andre Verdun after hitting him with the Midnight Special.
. Turmoil | July 12th of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated when Matt Cross picks up a victory when he eliminates everyone in a battle royal.
. Collision Course | July 22nd of 2012: Dean Ambrose shows his face around and declares war upon the Rising champion, he then wins promo/highlight of the night.
. Turmoil | August 2nd of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated by Cody Rhodes after Rhodes uses the ropes on a school boy for the win.
. Turmoil | August 9th of 2012: Dean Ambrose is in a war of word with Andre Verdun and Cody Rhodes.
. Turmoil | August 16th of 2012: Dean Ambrose commentates a match with Cody Rhodes and best friend, Sami Callihan.
. Turmoil | September 2nd of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated when Cody Rhodes pins him and beats Andre Verdun in a triple threat to become Rising Champion.
. Turmoil | September 13th of 2012: Dean Ambrose entered a rivarly with Bryan Danielson and argued with him.
. Turmoil | September 27th of 2012: Dean Ambrose tells Cody Rhodes that it's him and Bryan Danielson (as a manager) for the Rising title at Caged Aggression.
. Turmoil | October 4th of 2012: Dean Ambrose had Bryan Danielson train him and prepare him until he got pissed off.
. Caged Aggression | October 14th of 2012: Dean Ambrose is defeated by Cody Rhodes after Bryan Danielson interrupts him and causes him the match, after the match, Ambrose gets taken out.
. Turmoil | November 8th of 2012: Dean Ambrose returns and attacks and pummels Bryan Danielson for attacking him and announcing their match at Interactive Anarchy.
. Turmoil | November 15th of 2012: Dean Ambrose told the world about the stipulations in his upcoming match against Bryan Danielson.
. Interactive Anarchy | December 2nd of 2012: Dean Ambrose defeats Bryan Danielson in a vicious dog collar match thus ending their rivalry, after the match, Dean Ambrose took him out.

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