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PCW Rules

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PCW is a pretty laid back fed. We're not extremely restrictive, but we do have some rules. For the most part, these have all been around for a while. Through common sense and the like, they've been unspoken laws. But as people begin to break them, these rules need to be written down and shown so everybody knows what they can and cannot do.

Rule #1: Be respectful. Imagine this as the golden rule. The RPers here in PCW work hard on their RPs and being disrespectful towards your fellow RPers, be it on the board or via MSN, will not be tolerated. This also applies to non RPers. Punishment for this will be at the discretion of the admin/mod that takes care of it, but can be anything from a warning to a suspension.

Rule #2: No CAWs. PCW is a fed based around real superstars only, so created characters of any kind are not permitted, as well as celebrities who have never been a wrestler. In order to be used in this fed, your superstar must have had at least multiple appearances on a wrestling show in a serious capacity.

Rule #3: No advertising. This means no linking to other forums on our board, PM or in threads. There will be zero tolerance for this, if you're caught doing it you'll be banned. If somebody advertises to you via PM, screenshot the PM and message a staff member so it can be dealt with.

Rule #4: No noshows. This is something that's very common in e-feds, you join and get booked but then don't RP for the match you're booked in. If you give us a warning, it'll be excused, but if no warning is given this is a noshow. Your match will be an automatic loss to your character and anything you had for the show will be scrapped. If you noshow twice, unless a good reason is given, you'll be released. You'll have to app again and your chances of getting in will be lower than when you first joined.

Rule #5: No spam. We're pretty lenient as far as posting restrictions go. We know what's bad and what's not and we'll moderate accordingly, but if we deem your posts as spam you'll be given a verbal warning. If you persist, it'll escalate to a full warning, then a suspension, and in extreme cases; a ban. Just be sure your posts are relevant to the conversation and you'll be good.

Rule #6: No ripping. This rule has several meanings. In apps, if you rip somebody else's app you will never be allowed in PCW. If you are on the roster and you rip an RP, you'll be released and again, never allowed into PCW. Ripping can also occur if your opponent posts an RP before you and you use things from their RP as material in your own. In essence, you didn't come up with that material and thus you're stealing it from your opponent. There will be a warning the first time this occurs (and the offending material will be disregarded in the RP), and any following occurrences will result in an automatic loss, and depending on the frequency, a release.

A few odds and ends that should be mentioned:
  • If for some reason you go inactive for a period of two weeks or longer without letting an admin know, you may be prone to a release. It's not a guaranteed thing (we're human) but if we see you haven't logged on in a couple weeks, with maybe a noshow within that time period, you're likely to get released. If in doubt, PM an admin for any hiatus or post in the hiatus thread pinned in the chat section and everything will be fine.
  • We have no restrictions on posting in the chat section before you're a roster member. It's perfectly fine to do so, we welcome the activity and it allows you to interact before your app goes up.
  • Sig sizes have no set limits, but if you make a sig that's ungodly big it'll most likely get taken down.
  • If you're not sure on something, PM somebody first. Ask, everybody is always willing to help.
  • PMing the admins for any reason is not frowned upon. We're friendly people, we won't be upset about answering your questions. It's our job, pretty much. Ask away.
  • If you're struggling with your RPs and need some help, let us know. We want to help you become the best RPer you can possibly be, but we can't help if we don't know you need it.
  • If you want to use an authority figure (As of the writing of these rules, the current GM of Turmoil is Eric Bischoff, played by myself) just let the current RPer of said authority figure know. It won't be a problem most of the time, so long as you don't plan on killing him or something like that.
  • Note that switching characters is generally a bad thing. We want you to have fun, but when you've played 15 characters it gets harder and harder to take you seriously as an RPer. The general rule of thumb on this one is to have a good reason for switching and try to make things work before you do. If you've played 15 characters, each with a match or two before you left, we're going to be skeptical on the odds of the 16th being the one that clicks. If you've played a few characters but you make an effort to make your character work, having a good 5 or 6 matches, then we'll see that you're trying and will be more likely to allow a switch. With all switches, an app will be needed so we can gauge if the new character is up to our standards.

Now, these rules aren't all that governs this forum. If you do something incredibly bad, we're gonna do something about it and you'll be dealt with. But if you follow these rules, you should have no problems whatsoever here in PCW. If you're not sure on something, again, ask. It's better to be safe than sorry, so the saying goes.

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