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Brock Lesnar

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real name, Brock Lesnar
ring name, Brock Lesnar
nicknames, The Beast Incarnate; The War Machine; The Conqueror; The God of Violent Retribution
height, 6'3"
weight, 289 lbs
hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota
disposition, Heel
entrance theme, "Next Big Thing" by Jim Johnston

entrance description,
As "Here Comes The Pain" by Jim Johnston would kick into gear, out comes the MANster known as Brock Lesnar in his MMA Shorts with sponsor logos printed out on them, and a beanie resting atop his head. Following behind him is none other than the Advocate of Champions, Paul Heyman who looks rather stylish in his custom-made three piece suit. But all eyes are focused on the Beast who casually prepares himself in his usual way - bouncing from foot to foot before thrusting his arms back, allowing an explosion of pyro to go off.

Bruce Buffer: Introducing first... From Minneapolis, Minnesota... he weighs in at two hundred and eighty-nine pounds... accompanied by Paul Heyman... he is the BEAST INCARNATE.... BRRRRROCK LEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSNAAAAAAAAR!

After that, Brock's focus turns almost immediately to the body in the ring. Both Lesnar and Heyman begin making their way down the ramp, Heyman getting in Lesnar's ear about possible strategies for the match. Lesnar would begin bouncing from one foot to another yet again before leaping up onto the apron, letting off more pyro. Lesnar quickly enters the ring and begins walking around inside it as Heyman stays on the outside. Lesnar then takes his place in his corner, handing over his beanie to his advocate on the outside. The Beast stares daggers at the walkway to see just who is going to make his night more fun by volunteering to be his personal play thing...

finishing maneuvers,
F-5 (Brock lifts the opponent onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry position and then throw the opponent's legs out in front of him to spin them out while he simultaneously falls backwards or forwards, causing the opponent to land on his face and upper body)

general moveset,
  • Brock Lock (Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab)
  • Fallaway slam
  • Double or a triple non-release powerbomb
  • Knee lift to the opponent's midsection
  • Suplex City (Multiple suplex variations)
    • Belly-to-back, sometimes to two opponents at once
    • Dragon
    • Fisherman's, sometimes while delaying
    • German
    • Overhead belly-to-belly, sometimes into or out of the ring
    • Pumphandle
    • Side belly to belly
    • Snap
    • Super
    • Vertical, sometimes while delaying

  • Multiple turnbuckle thrusts
  • Pendulum backbreaker
  • Powerslam
  • Rear naked choke
  • Running corner shoulder block
  • Running powerbomb
  • Standing double leg takedown followed by mounted punches or forearms

PCW World Heavyweight Champion (2x)
WWE Champion (4x)
UFC Heavyweight Champion (1x)
2000 NCAA Division I Champion

allies & enemies,
Allies: Paul Heyman
Enemies: N/A

match record,
06 | 03 | 00

match & misc. history,
1. Indirect Defeat (W/ Kurt Angle) Vs Bray Wyatt & AJ Styles
2. Win Vs Prince Devitt
3. Win Vs Motor City Machine Guns
4. Win Vs John Cena
5. Indirect Defeat Vs Kurt Angle/The Rock
6. Win Vs Johnny Nitro
7. Win Vs Raven (PCW World Heavyweight Championship)
8. Loss Vs Roman Reigns/Undertaker/Raven (PCW World Heavyweight Championship)
9. Win Vs Steve Blackman (PCW World Heavyweight Championship)


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