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Some of my short stories.

User is offline   Zach 

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Hello everyone,

Outside of roleplaying, I also enjoy writing short stories. I have a few here that are pretty popular among the NoSleep subreddit. If it's not too much to ask, I'd love some feedback or whatnot. I'll repay you in graphics :P

Story #1: The Elderly Couple
Story #2: The Man of 1,000 Riddles
Story #3: I portrayed Santa Claus at my local Mall for 20 years.
Story #4: Let me tell you about my special gift.

If you frequent the subreddit, you might have read some of these. I enjoy writing short stories even though I'm not that good. Enjoy :)

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r/NoSleep has some CRAZY good stories. The Phoenix story? That shit was fire. I'm gonna get to reading these tomorrow
Big things have small beginnings...
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Credit to Zach for the Signatures


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Damn. I just read The Elderly couple. And must I say it was one solid piece. The meaning behind it touched me tremendously being as I'm close to my grandparents. I'll read the others after I leave this comment, as I'll follow through with the others. But man, you my friend have a talent.

Edit Uno: I just finished The Man Of 1,000 Riddles., I dug the concept of it. And From my own perspective wish I had such a generous person of sorts in town. But alas, I don't think anybody from my area has that delicate Charizard card. But the end, that's where it got good. Not going to spoil it, but damn. A perfect twist. One that I certainly didn't see coming. Nicely done.

Edit Dos: I portrayed Santa Claus at my local Mall for 20 years. was deep. Like really deep. As I expected, it was a great read. But the ending sent shivers up my spine. Heart warming, yet horrific. All we truly need in life is a friend. Bravo, Zach.

Lastly, edit three: Let me tell you about my special gift. A darker approach to life, but also one with sadness. I feel for Robert and his gift. I'm glad I don't have the ability to see shadows. Man, what I'm sure that would do to a guy. In the end, we are met with a somber ending. Sad even, but his gift had finally stared him in the eyes. Ending with his own fate. Yet another great passage, Zach.

With that being said, I have nothing but positive thoughts about these passages, as all four were great reads. You did a great job, Zach.

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The Elderly couple has such an amazing twist in it. I was reading it, and once the man spoke of his wife, I had to let out a "whoa!" and then re-read it. It's beautiful, simple, and very concise. No fluff which is how it should be. But I really wouldn't mind reading an extended version of it. It has all the makings to be a great tear-jerking novella. I'll be reading through the rest of them periodically throughout the day as I always love reading a good short story. Works from Edgar Allan Poe kinda got me into it.

Edit: The next one I read was about the special gift. I'm reading them out of order due to.... well, whatever title grabs me. Anyway, albeit seemingly being longer in length, it didn't draw out and grow dull on me. You did a great job in keeping the grip. I can also say that while the gift is otherworldly in it's nature.. the protagonist is written in such a way that you can really empathize with him. Like you really feel for him, especially when you read the letter he's written. They're both incredibly heart-wrenching stories, but they're so wonderfully put together and thought out that it's worth it. Great job on this one.

PS: I'm having a friend read some of these as well. She's read "The Elderly Couple" and she said that it's kind of amazing lol. Anyway, I think you might be onto something here man.

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Thank you both. That means so much to me <3

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"The Voice in the Walls"

It all started last year when I got the call I had been praying for.

"Good news, Dave!" said the voice on the other line. "They accepted our offer. We should be closing by the end of the month, then the house is yours."

I couldn't believe it-- my first home. I told my girlfriend, Stephanie, the good news and we were ecstatic. The home was perfect in every aspect of the word; beautiful wood floors; a cathedral ceiling; 3 bedrooms; 2 bath; 2 car attached garage. Everything was what we wanted, plus at a killer price of only $149,900. We were hoping to settle down and start a family, and this was going to be the home of our future.

Once the closing happened and all of the legal stuff was set aside, we got our keys to our new home. The previous owner was very nice and helpful; he told us all about the home and its history. His name was Frank Wilson, and he and his two kids, Jessica and Jason, lived in the house. His ex-wife, Maria, was no longer in the picture. Frank told us she ran off with an old boyfriend and left he and the kids. The home was simply too big for the three of them, hence the selling of the home.

The first night in the home was what you expected-- a bit lonely and empty. We had the living room set up, and Steph and I watched DVD's on the television while we waited for the cable/internet guy to hook us up. My cat Stretch laid on the chair sound asleep. Eventually, we both fell asleep on the couch, but I awoke suddenly during the night to the sound of scratching. I figured it was just Stretch, so I fell back asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Steph was awake and making breakfast for us. The smell of bacon enticed my nostrils to the point that my mouth started to water.

"Smells great, babe; our first breakfast in our new home!"

She smiled and gave me a kiss while she continued cooking. I sat at the kitchen table and scrolled through Facebook on my phone. I felt something brush against my leg, so I reached down to pet Stretch. He started to meow, which was his way of saying, "feed me". I filled his bowl with food and he promptly shut up.

"Little bastard woke me up last night scratching the wall", I said.

"Scratching the wall? I don't think so, unless he was using his back legs. He's declawed, remember?"

It all came back to me. When we bought Stretch at a pet shop, he had his front claws removed. I never liked the idea of declawing a cat, especially since the method of doing so seems so barbaric. But she was right-- he had no front claws.

"Huh, he must have used his back legs then"

She smiled.

"It was probably just the house settling. It's an old house, you know. It makes a lot of strange noises all the time. Last night, when I woke up to use the restroom, I heard a feint knocking sound. I figured it was just the house; no use getting afraid of simple things, babe"

She was probably right. I was just being paranoid, that's all.

After a few days of intense rearrangement, our house was starting to feel less empty and more like an actual house. Our room was finished, was well as the two other rooms. Steph turned one room into a guest room/future room for our children, while I turned the third room into my "man cave" so to speak. My Playstation, gaming PC, television, guitars, etc. were all there for me to unwind. Things were starting to look up. We even bought a dog. She always wanted a dog, and so did I, and the best part was she got along great with our cat, Stretch. For the first time in my life I could honestly say I was more than just content-- I was happy.

Steph went to bed early for a job interview the next morning, so I decided to watch some Netflix on the couch downstairs. Just as I was enjoying my show, I heard the scratching noise again. I shrugged it off as the house settling as she had said, but the scratching kept going on and on, almost to the point of driving my crazy. My dog started to bark, and Stretch started to hiss. Confused, I got up to where they were to see what was wrong. They were both staring at a wall, and just like that the scratching stopped. I pressed my ear to the wall to see if I could hear anything. What I heard almost made me pass out.

"Help me"

I staggered back in disbelief. I heard a distinct female whisper call out for help from the wall. That couldn't be real, right? I pressed my ear again and listened, but there was nothing to be heard. I picked Stretch up and told Darla to follow. Darla didn't move, and kept staring at the wall. She continued to growl softly.

As I was walking away, the scratching noise started again and Darla's barking got louder and louder, so loud, in fact, that it woke Steph up.

"What's her problem?" I heard he scream from upstairs.

"I'm not sure," I responded. "I think she needs out. I'll take care of it. Go back to bed, baby. Love you."

I had to physically move Darla away from the wall, but even with her walking away, her head was turned toward the wall the entire time.

I didn't have the heart to tell Steph what I heard. Maybe I was too afraid she'd call me crazy or something, but I figured it was nothing to be concerned about. I did, however, bring up the scratching again.

"I heard the scratching last night," I said as I took a sip of my coffee.

"We might have mice in the walls or something. Why don't you call an exterminator."

So I did.

The exterminator came the next day and we stayed in a motel for a few nights until the work was done. Darla and Stretch stayed with a friend, as the motel would not allow animals. I was expecting a shit ton of mice, rats, raccoons, and other vermin to have been found, but to my amazement there was nothing.

"It's the strangest thing," said the exterminator. "We usually get dozens of mice out of old houses like these, but not this one. There wasn't one in sight."

"What about in the walls?" I said. "You couldn't get them, right?"

He smiled.

"Buddy, whatever were in those walls are certainly dead now."

That made me feel a lot better. The price of the extermination did not, however.

Our first night back in the house was quiet. It was raining heavily and Darla was cowering on the couch from the sounds of rain and the flashes of lightning. I watched Stephanie sit next to her and pet Darla as she read her book. Every time I looked at her I was reminded of how lucky I was.

"Steph," I said.


"I love you"

She smiled.

"I love you too."

At that moment, we heard the scratching from the walls. We both sprung to our feet, as did Darla. We went toward the wall where the scratching came from, as Darla followed. Almost immediately, Darla began to growl at the wall.

"What's wrong with her?" Steph said with a look of confusion and worry.

"I'm... I'm not sure. She was doing this the other night"

The scratching continued, as Stretch ran by us with the hair on his tail big in fear. He began to hiss at the wall, as we watched Darla and Stretch growl and hiss. Something seriously strange was going on.

"Help you with what?" Steph said.


"Did you just say help me? Help you with what?"

I gulped. I remembered the feint whisper a few nights ago that said "help me". As Darla continued to growl, I finally told Steph everything.

"The other night, I heard a voice in the wall. It said 'help me'. I didn't know whether to tell you or not because you'd think I was crazy..."

She was visibly shaken.

"Dave, I don't like this..."

At that moment, the scratching began to pick up again, soon followed by a large thud. The thud was so loud that it nearly made Steph fall over out of fear and how sudden it was. Darla stopped growling, and Stretch stopped hissing. They both ran off at the sound of the thud.

There was silence. An eerie silence that had a sense of foreboding. The only noise I could hear was Steph's deep, labored breaths.

"Help me"

We stared at the walls.

"That's it," I exclaimed.

"What are you doing?"

I didn't even know what I was doing. I started walking around the house aimlessly until I found what I was looking for. I found a hammer in the closet and decided to end this once and for all.

"Babe, what are you doing with that ham---"

Before she could finish, I started banging a hole in the wall. Over and over I would slam the hammer into the wall until the drywall started to crumble at my feet.

The scratching stopped.

I pulled out my phone and flashed the light into the hole in the wall, but found absolutely nothing. No dead mice, no raccoons-- nothing. There was nothing behind the wall at all.

"What on Earth is wrong with you," she said with an angry tone. "You know how much that is going to cost to get that fixed?"

"You heard the voice, Steph. You heard it! I heard it!"

She scoffed.

"It's just our minds playing tricks on us."

Too coincidental. Soon after, barking could be heard from the other room. We ran to find Darla staring at another wall, with Stretch right by her hissing. The scratching noise was back.

"What the fuck?"

The scratching noises began to build, this time from every wall surrounding us. The scratches built like a crescendo, each one coming from a different wall in the house. I grabbed Darla and Stretch and motioned for Steph to follow. We got in the car and just left. We left our belongings behind and just drove away. I wasn't even sure where I was going, but anywhere was better than that house.

We stayed at a friends house for the night, and would get our belongings in the morning. I wasn't looking forward to stepping another foot in that house, and neither was Stephanie. To ensure she would be okay, I told her to stay with the animals while I went and got the essentials. We'd hire someone to get the big things like the bed, dressers, couch, etc. while we looked for a place to move to.

Call it an overreaction or whatever have you, but we couldn't spend another night in that house.

The next morning I made the unfortunate drive back to the house to get some of our belongings. As I pulled up into the gravel driveway, I saw that the door was wide open.

"You've got to be fucking KIDDING ME!" I screamed.

I ran into the house expecting everything to be gone, but it was all there. My guitars, computer, playstation, television, etc. were all still here. The wind must have blew the door open; or perhaps I didn't close it all the way when we were leaving last night.

As I packed our things into my car, I felt a vibration in my jeans. I didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway.


There was a slight pause.

"Hey, Dave! It's Frank, the guy who you bought the house from. How is everything?"

This was too coincidental.

"Everything isn't fine, Frank. Why did you call?"

There was a sigh.

"I got a call late last night that someone was seen fleeing the house. I guess they didn't realize we moved out, but I just wanted to see if you were okay."

I forced a laugh.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

He laughed.

"You heard the scratching, didn't you?"

I couldn't believe it.

"Look, we heard it too. It's why we moved. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but if I did you wouldn't have bought the house."

What a fucking prick.

"You knew about this? What the hell is the scratching, Frank?"

"Dunno, but it would never stop. My son Jason even said he heard voices. It got to the point where we could never sleep. You gotta' understand, man. I have two kids and they are miserable. All they do is hear that fucking scratching."

I understood, but was still mad.

"We're already out. What about the house?"

"Get your things and leave it. Never go back. Never, ever go back, Dave."

The call ended.

I had a decent inheritance from when my grandmother died when I was younger. I paid to have the house bulldozed, and it was a bit more expensive than I thought. I didn't want to do what Frank did and sell it to the next guy and let his life get ruined-- it was ending with me.

I didn't watch the home get destroyed. Truth be told, I never wanted to step foot anywhere near the home. But what happened afterward still doesn't sit well with me.

Once the house was bulldozed, one of the workers stumbled upon a human skull. When it was reported, there was an excavation of the area, and upon further digging they found the skeletal remains of a middle aged Caucasian female, approximately five feet, three inches tall.

Her pelvic bone proved she had given birth to at least two kids.

The skeleton was still wearing the clothes the night she passed away. A white night gown and a silver heart necklace around her neck.

The necklace read "Maria".


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