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Emma 2017 Queen of the Ring

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name: Emma

height: 5'5''

weight: 122 lbs.

hometown: Melbourne, Australia

disposition: Heel

character description: Though her stunning looks and in-ring skills would be enough to make a decent living in the wrestling industry for Emma, good enough just won't cut it. After being looked at as a B-level talent for most of her career, Emma doesn't have the patience to be treated with anything less than the respect she feels she's entitled to. A veteran of the squared circle for the better part of her adult life, Emma's self-absorbed nature only comes as a result of a cruel business crushing her childhood dream. In its place? Ambition. Emma finds herself consumed with being at the very top and doing just what she's seen so many others do before her in hopes of finding said success-- stirring the pot and always keeping people guessing.


finishing maneuver(s): Emma Lock (Muta lock)

signature maneuvers:
» Butterfly suplex
» Dil-Emma (Tarantula)
» Emmamite Sandwich (Running crossbody to opponent seated in the corner)
» Gutwrench powerbomb
» One-legged shotgun dropkick
» Sitout scoop slam
» Spinning backfist
» Snap suplex


introductory roleplay:


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