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Change to the Hall of Fame

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 04:50 PM


The PCW Hall of Fame is for characters that have made big impacts across the fed, whether it be from winning titles, longevity or pure creativity and enjoyment of the character. Here at PCW, we want to not only honor those great character, but the men and women who portray them.

During the month of Unbroken, PCW will induct new members into the Hall of Fame, class of 2017; however, a new wing will be implemented: the Roleplayer Hall of Fame.

What is the Roleplayer Hall of Fame? The Roleplayer Hall of Fame is an out of character wing to our Hall of Fame that pays tribute to the best roleplayers PCW has seen - past or present. It is with great honor and privilege that we announce the first member of the Roleplayer Hall of Fame

Tom (The Happy Nihilist)

Besides being the backbone that kept PCW afloat all of these years, Tom's contributions to the fed do not stop there. First and foremost, Tom was a roleplayer just like anyone else on this board. Like most of us, he came from humble beginnings, truly itching to get his stride and improve. Week by week, Tom did just that and improved to become one of the best writers in this fed's history. Perhaps most known for his historic run as Dolph Ziggler - where he became the only three time PCW World Heavyweight Champion - Tom's dominance at the top was because of hard work, dedication and immense storytelling that made for entertaining reads every single week. While he has played quite a few characters since PCW's inception, his run as Dolph Ziggler is what cements him as a Hall of Fame writer. Whether it be the adoring babyface or brute heel, Tom's range of the character was met with critical acclaim from all of those who read his work week by week.

Please welcome Tom as the first inductee into the PCW Roleplayer Hall of Fame, Class of 2017.

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 04:51 PM

Congrats to 'em! Well deserved.
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Posted 10 April 2017 - 01:39 AM


So, uh. Wow. First of all, thank you so much - this honestly means more to me than I can really put into words, but. I want to try nonetheless.

When I joined PCW back in the day, I was nowhere near what could be considered "main event" quality, and at the time it wasn't something I was necessarily concerned with either. But as time went on and I really started to enjoy myself here, I realized that was a status I definitely wanted to achieve one day. I wanted to be considered in the same vein as people like Amy, Death, Ryan, Zach, etc.

I thought I was on my way to that at one point as TBK, after beating Adamle's Morrison. That victory was one of the biggest in all my time RPing, honestly, because (I feel) I went into that match very much the underdog but somehow managed to come out with a win over one of the best RPers we've seen here. Going on to feud with Nanachos' Miz for the WHC afterward added to that, because it was the first time I'd been in that position and I got the feeling that I'd actually "made it" on some level. But that ended with Nanachos noshowing our match at CA 2011, and me winning the WHC - my first ever - not because of what I did, but because of what my opponent didn't do. And that was tough, because I felt the entire time that I hadn't earned it and didn't really deserve it, and losing to Shaun/Ashley Sixx in my first defense didn't help that at all.

In fact, I'd say that's what derailed my run as TBK. My confidence and self esteem were shattered by that point, leading to a poor gimmick change and, eventually, my quitting as Kendrick in early 2012.

That led into a fun, but ultimately not very noteworthy run as Chris Hero and a similar one as Y2J.

Then came December 2012, and my initial app as Dolph who I'd loved since he showed up on TV. And while my initial intention wasn't to do everything that I did with him, I think the moment that changed was when my earning Superstar of the Month culminated with my facing Nanachos' Miz on Turmoil for the Rising Championship. We'd just come off a two month feud culminating at Unbroken, where I lost. Something that kind of brought up a lot of the same doubts I'd had as Kendrick, because I couldn't help but think that if he'd showed then, I'd never have won WHC with TBK and I'd definitely have never made HOF, I think.

So when events took place and the planned match between my Dolph and TJ's Hero fell through, and the initial backup plan of Shelley/Miz/Ziggler for the vacant title was changed to just me and Nanachos due to A2 receiving a WHC shot instead, I felt like that was my best chance to prove, to myself and others, that I WAS up there with the "main event" caliber guys. Just like I had with my match against Adamle as TBK, I poured my heart and soul into that RP, with a lot of it being my own personal thoughts and feelings. And I managed to win.

I managed to prove that I could go toe to toe with someone like Nanachos and come out on top, and I was ecstatic. But at the same time, that opened a whole new door, as well.

For the longest time, and even to this day, I've felt and I feel like the only reason my TBK made Hall of Fame is because I'd managed to become the first triple crown champion. But I did that by winning the WHC off a noshow, and then I lost it in my first defense and never won it back.

So I knew, then and there, that's what I needed to do - so I set off to do it... And won the WHC off Alex2 in a noshow, anddd lost the title in my first defense just a month later to ADA's ADR.

But this time, I got back on the horse and I tried again, and I beat ADA at Path to Glory 2014 to win my second WHC as Dolph - and my very first I'd actually, in my eyes at least, earned. I went on from there to ultimately lose to Chris' Alex Riley at Unbroken, before regaining the championship for the third time at No More Sorrow.

In the mean time, though, another series of events had occurred that allowed me the opportunity to kind of fit the last piece into the puzzle, in a way. The Chickbusters (AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, Death and Kasumi) had been tag team champions, but Kasumi was on her way out and Death was without a partner. But at that point, AJ and Dolph had long since been established as friends, and Death and Kasumi were both awesome enough to allow Dolph to become AJ's new partner, thus the Showbusters were born.

Death and I went on to face Alex Riley and Matt Sydal on a Turmoil for the titles, where we managed to pick up the win, thus cementing Dolph as PCW Tag Team Champion, anddd the second ever triple crown champion.

From there, my run as Dolph didn't last much longer. Mainly due to the stress of being both admin and WHC, and the backlash I received for it at the time, and I ended up vacating the WHC during my third reign.

And that pretty much wraps up anything of import I did with Dolph. And while I apologize for the history lesson, I just wanted to shed some light on my motivations during my run as Dolph. I struggled with not thinking I was good enough, both from my own personal doubt and having people more or less say I only achieved what I did because I was admin. Put it all together, and I busted my ass every week, booked or not, trying to prove otherwise. I booked myself week after week, rarely taking time off, because I felt desperately like I had something to prove.

Which is why this, honestly, means the world to me. To not only be thought of for this at all, but to be the first person inducted for all the work and stress and, a lot of the time, even tears (I take this too seriously, if you hadn't noticed) I put into that run as Dolph helps me feel like I did prove what I set out to, and it only reaffirms what I already knew; Dolph IS my character.

That's not to say I was the best Dolph, mind you - but that, at the end of the day, he was the best for me. I've had both the most fun and success with him out of ALL the characters I've played and the fact that I've had multiple runs with him at this point speaks clearly to that, I think. He is, and probably always will be, the character I come back to at the end of the day.

So yeah. Um. I'm sorry for this long ass post, but. Reflecting on everything, I kind of wanted to put it into words, you know?

But again, thank you so much for this. It means the world. <3

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Posted 10 April 2017 - 02:37 AM

Congrats, well deserved. Shelley/Ziggler 1 back in the PTG tournament was one of my favorite matches and a match that I feel elevated Shelley to a level where I hadn't been before, Always one of my favorite RPers as TBK and Dolph. And the Shelley/Kaitlyn/AJ/Dolph stuff was really fun too, Ultimately I wish I could've shown for our title match because that match would've been amazing. Always had fun working with you,
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Posted 10 April 2017 - 12:01 PM

We have a new tradition of acceptance speeches and the bar has been set high :lol:

Very well deserved though. A great first addition to a Hall of Fame arguably more prestigious that the character version.
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Posted 15 April 2017 - 12:17 AM

Congrats baybeh! Ily <3 haha
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Posted 15 April 2017 - 07:59 AM

Congratulations on getting what you deserve, well earned.
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