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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Third Inductee into the Roleplayer Hall of Fame - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Third Inductee into the Roleplayer Hall of Fame

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The PCW Roleplayer Hall of Fame has been a big success, with Tom and Death already being inducted for their contributions to the fed. The next inductee is not only one of the best writers this fed has ever seen - they show no signs of stopping.

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In my honest opinion, I don't think there is anyone more deserving than Kasumi. Kasumi is arguably one of the most dominant writers in PCW history, having won the 2013 Queen of the Ring, PCW Tag Team Championship, as well as holding the PCW Women's Championship for a staggering 462 days - a feat that will never be matched by anyone. Kasumi has a special ability to take any character and make them their own. Their run as Kaitlyn has culiminated 25 wins with only 6 losses, while their run as Roman Reigns led them to the PCW World Heavyweight Championship. Kasumi's breathtaking storytelling ability, as well as ability to take any character and make them unique, cements her place among the best that PCW has ever had.

Please welcome Kasumi as the next inductee into the PCW Roleplayer Hall of Fame, class of 2017.

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Omg congrats much deserved <333
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She dat bitch. ))

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Huge congrats to Kasumi. When the idea of the RPer HOF got pitched, you were one of the first names that came to my mind as a lock for an induction. Not just for writing ability and accomplishments but for the fact that you're one of the funnest people to work with on the site. All the storylines we've done together, whether they were tag team or singles storylines, were a blast to work through and I'd attribute a good portion of that to the ideas you pitched or developed further. It always made the brainstorming process more fun and left me excited for stuff before we even wrote anything. In an environment where the feuds and storylines are the "bread and butter" so to speak, that alone would make you a sure fire choice for this in my opinion.

So, congrats again on a very well deserved induction annnnnd

*returns the favor on the fist bump*
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As someone who never really cared about being the best or anything, this is, admittedly, kinda weird. I just wanted to do stuff for fun. Be a snarky bitch with Brooke, or goof off with Kaitlyn, or make Roman my own action protagonist. Makes sense in that regard that Kaitlyn is my "iconic" character though, because she embodied that the most. Either way, I'm not gonna get into that, because I had already done so before, so I'll just say hi to some people.

Hi Nova. Brooke was your fault. Well, technically, all of this is your fault, but yar.

Hi Dia. Kaitlyn was your fault. Get well soon.

Hi Tom2. Roman wasn't your fault, because I was looking for an excuse to do Shield, and your Rollins was the perfect excuse. But you were still part of The Shield, so I'm saying hi anyways.

Hi Russ, Alyssa, Chris. You guys were my consistent rivals throughout the years, and my work wouldn't be what it was if I didn't have you guys to go up against.

Hi Kyle, Alex2, Shaun. You guys were my allies and partners at different points. Hope those angles were as fun for you as they were for me.

Hi Death, Sayla, Zach, Odd Tom. I actually talk to you guys. Nice to still have people to talk to now that my original friends are gone.

And one more, hi [REDACTED]. Thanks for the support. After all these years, my secret was safe with you. Yours is still safe with me.

But, uh, yeah. Thanks guys for considering me worthy of something like this. Glad to know my work meant something to you. I'll try to keep it up.

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One of my favorite writers I've ever worked with. Your storytelling and original ideas have been a huge lasting influence on me, specifically with Kaitlyn. The stuff we did together with PCW Paparazzi was some of the most fun stuff I've ever been a part of. Congrats, well deserved.
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Credit to Zach for the sig!

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Very much deserved. I LOVE reading Tom's and Kasumi's roleplays, so I'm happy to see Kasumi get the spot in the HOF. You were an absolute beast as Reigns. Kudos to ya'!

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