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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Thanks for everything. I mean it. - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Thanks for everything. I mean it.

User is offline   Zach 

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Hello PCW,

I've been apart of this beautiful fed since day one, and I've seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. I've been there when we had 4 knockouts and had to try to make a division thrive. I was there when the board changed every other month. I was there when shows went up days late. I was there when petty fights happened, anonymous letters, more bullshit and everything in between. It's been a really fun ride, honestly. I've enjoyed my time here (for the most part), but things started to change for me a few months ago.

As some of you know, I got the job of my dreams last Autumn, which is basically everything I could have asked for. Good money, good hours, and doing things I love - graphic design. I received word a week or so ago that I would be getting a slight promotion, which put a lot of things into perspective for me. I've been thinking long and hard about things, and as much as it pains me to do it, I just think it's time for me to leave. Perhaps for good, perhaps not - I can't make that promise. I love PCW. I love what it became, but at the same time, my time was winding down the moment I stepped down as administrator. A lot of you out there hate me, which is fine by me. A lot of you out there probably think I'm some sort of bad guy tyrant, which, okay. Just know that you're entitled to your opinion of me, and despite that, I hope my time (albeit brief) as administrator for the board was a good one. Matt and I made a great team. We talked together, shared ideas, and tried our best to make PCW as fun as it could be. We saw the roster grow to numbers we haven't seen since the start. Two rosters, two shoes, hell, we even had an all knockout's show, which was crazy to think about just a mere two-three years ago.

I enjoy roleplaying and writing in general, but it's kinda' taken over my life for the most part. I get home, take my shoes off, fire up my PC and stare at the board until I go to sleep. I just need to step back and get my life back where I want it to be; back where I can be fully happy again. I'm not saying I'm depressed, even though there are days where my depression does kick in, but I'm not as happy as I should be. I'm almost 26 years old with my own house (kinda) and a job I love - the only thing missing is my life outside of my job. I want to take some time and just get things back to where I want them to be. This isn't goodbye forever - this is just goodbye for now. I understand 95% of you probably don't give a shit, but hey, PCW holds a special place in my heart. I've put a lot of work into this place (more work than some will ever know), so yeah, it is special to me. I've met a lot of friends throughout my time here; friends I will talk continue to talk to.

First and foremost, Rob. You're one of my good friends and I love our conversations. You're the most talented writer I've ever seen and I hope you know that.

Matt, you and I weren't that close of friends (still aren't), but we made a great team and I don't care what anyone says about that. You put a lot of work into PCW and you deserve everything you have earned.

Vida, you're a very talented graphic designer and writer - thanks for entertaining me with your Briscoe stuff.

I want to shout out people who I may not be close with, but people I believe deserve recognition.

ZachBanks - you're so talented, dude. Not just as a writer, but as a designer. You're honestly great at gfx and you just started like a month ago. Fuck you, for real lol.

Levi - my favorite feud ever is still Angle/Taker, and I'll put that feud against anything else. You're a brilliant storyteller who takes his work very seriously, as you should.

Ross - Much like Levi, you're just tremendous. You started as Renee Dupree in ICW and look at you now. You're a fucking beast, dude.

OddTom - I still think you hate me, but I want you to know that your work as Sandow is incredibly good and I hope you keep at it.

Sayla - Future champ as Omega. Calling it now.

PoisonPeyton - Thank you for showing people what growth and a never give up attitude can get you. I remember when you first started, and to see how far you've come? Truly amazing. Keep being a total boss.

Kaikai - don't know you personally, but your AJ is amazing and you'll be a champ by the end of the year.

MainEventMan - yeah, don't know you either, but you improve week after week. Change your font color, please. You're going to go far in the future. I know this is outta place, but I wanted to say something because I really think you're great.

Last, but certainly not least, Russ. No one really appreciates everything Russ has done for PCW, but Russ is a true warrior. I mean, writing championship caliber roleplays on mobile? You deserve every accolade you have ever achieved and thanks for being just a genuine person.

Thank you everyone for the fun ride. As I said, I can't promise this is me leaving for good because we all know the itch comes back, but I just need to focus on myself. To those who read this and rep it, thanks. To those who don't care, thanks.


Zachary Bennett.

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Big things have small beginnings...
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Credit to Zach for the Signatures


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Not sure how long this will be, but oh well.

Zach, since I joined PCW back in August of 2010 you and I hadn't really spoke much. But, last year when I came back to PCW as Chuck Taylor you and I spoke briefly concerning a signature I believe and that was it until all the shit went down and I was banned from this joint. I remember having a few conversations with you on skype concerning the other place and that was about it, and once a Discord server came into play is when I became your pain in the ass. You're a great dude and a even better writer, you're someone I've always looked up to and tried to be like here. That's why when you told me that I was a great writer after one of my roleplay's as Sami Zayn, I couldn't help but smile knowing that you enjoyed my work. I finally felt like I accomplished something here and that will be something that will always stay in my mind as long as I'm a writer. You've spent time and effort helping me to improve not only as a writer but as a person too, you helped me when I needed advice about my relationship and you've been there for me when I needed someone to talk to. Even though we've had our disagreements, there was never a time I thought I couldn't come to you if I had a problem. And for that, Zach, I say thank you so much. For being a great administrator and being a even better friend along the way and I hope you enjoy where life takes you.

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For real, all love. You did great with every position you had and everything you did. One of my favorites and one of the ones I hated thinking about facing xD. Minus Discord, we don't really chat much but you will be missed.

I hope Dr. Seuss has another movie come out soon for you to get a mouthjibber in the back row.

Hope things work out for you. <3

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This is to anyone who hates on my main nigga Zawkereh... Fuck you.

You're the main reason why I'm back and still roleplay for PCW. Without a doubt, you leaving is a huge blow to the board. You're an awesome writer, a terrific admin, and a great friend. Thank you for being a huge fan of my Briscoe. I wish we could have one final match together. One on one, all dat shit. Hopefully you'll still be around to play Cucked By Daylight with me.

User is offline   Old Tom 

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I don't hate you, dude. I can't hate anyone more than I hate myself, honestly. You're a good dude, and I think your initial enjoyment of my D-Von helped keep me interested on some level. I hope we can still meme up the Discord on occasion, and I can make you more JonTron gifs. If he puts out anymore videos this year.

User is offline   ЯNR 

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Not gonna lie, pretty shocked I left enough of an impression to get a shout out in your retirement speech. It's pretty neat considering you're the person that kept me going (in a way) with my initial Briley Pierce run. It's such a small thing but when you said that I had the RP of the night while judging the Path to Glory Ladder Match way back when, it did help me feel better about my writing. I, personally, felt that I didn't get much recognition during my Jindrak (lmao) and Melina days and I whole heartedly expected Briley to be the same idea. Even though I didn't get to do everything I wanted as him (which I take the blame on that one) that small line of feedback really did help me. Granted we don't really talk much. Just find it kinda neat that I was on your radar enough for you to say such a nice thing about me even when you didn't necessarily have to. Sucks to see you go, man. But I get it. PCW should be a hobby, nothing more. Also, I do remember telling you that there is a small list of people that I would love to work with before I call it quits here. Even though you're leaving, you're still on that list. <3 And for real. Odd Tom doesn't hate ya, dude. He probably hates me more than anyone tbh.
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Thanks Zach

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N'aww. A mention.

Well be assured, sir, that when the time comes for me to write one of these (we all resist it but I suppose growing up will claim us all one day!) you will undoubtedly feature in mine too. My PCW run has been patchy and not up to the glory of ICW, but the shining light was Kurt vs Taker. I've always enjoyed the clashes, of which there were a few and I would think you lead the head to head. So thank you for bailing out and denying me the chance to drag it back <_<

I suspect people (myself included) don't appreciate the scale of what you've worked through behind the scenes and the toll it must take. Assuming Admin responsibilities is, I imagine, a bit like plugging yourself into the matrix. It has to take the gloss away from RPing, even if you enjoy the creativity and added responsibility which come from leading the fed. You've tackled it without complaining (up until you whined pretty much right through this speech :rolleyes: ) and we've been very lucky to have you.

I look forward to your new role as 'Junior Sounding Board' for my future feuds / ideas. You start Monday, reporting directly into Ross as Senior Sounding Board. I hope, further, that we haven't seen the last of your visual creativity because this place (and my own RPs / segments) would be immeasurably darker without the talent you have in that regard.

Enjoy the break and come back soon x
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Well where do you even begin? You, sir, have been one of my roleplaying idols, and one of my greatest rivals across I-and-PCW. I'd have loved to have gotten the chance to have Pentagon Dark vs Finn Balor, but I suppose this is the way life goes.

I for one would like to put on record how appreciative I am of everything you helped me with the last few months - I know I'm not always the easiest guy to work with because I fuss over small details, but your help was invaluable and I wouldn't be back full-time with Penta if you and Matt hadn't been so accommodating with the Gallagher ideas.

As Levi says, we mere mortals can probably never appreciate the difficulties of being an admin - all we can do is try to cause you as few problems as possible, but with a roster this size problems are soon to stack up. Hopefully this break gets you nice and refreshed and you can come back for one more glorious run - if not, then thanks for everything sir, and I hope the time away does you all the good in the world B)
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- Sig credit to Zach

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This is because I got a pretty serious girlfriend and had babies, right? I mean, everyone knows you love me, and I love you. I'll leave them, if that will make you happy? But in all seriousness, you're amazing dude and I don't get why anyone would hate you. Here's hoping that when you're more settled in your job/life, you change your mind. Love you, bud.
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User is offline   Zach 

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I want to thank everyone for their kind words. As I said, this probably isn't the end, and anyone who knows PCW, the bug comes back mighty fast. I'm going to try to fight that urge for as long as I can to settle stuff, but for now, I'm just going to get stuff in order. Again, thanks for the kind words; love you all.
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best of luck dude! This is basically the same reason I left as well and it will without a doubt change things for the better! And using myself as an example here: They always come back :P We never really spoke and still kinda dont which is a shame, but I without a doubt respect all the work you have put into not only this fed, anything you have worked on man. Best of luck and welcome to retirement! haha

- dancravate

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