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Gregory Helms

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Posted 02 June 2017 - 02:36 AM

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name:Gregory Helms


weight:215 lbs

hometown:Smithfield,North Carolina


character description:
Gregory Helms one of the most underrated wrestlers in wwe some say he could have been world champ once he dropped the hurricane he became arrogant cocky Gregory Helms


finishing maneuver(s):Shining Wizard

signature maneuvers:
»Jumping Neckbreaker
»Top Rope Neckbreaker
»Topé Con Hilo
»Jumping Tornado DDT


introductory roleplay:

Helms comes out in a suit and sunglasses crowd filled with boos helms with a smirk comes to the ring and grabs a Mic.The spotlight goes on Helms.

"Finally the spotlight is on me.You know I bet you didn't expect to see this face here.You know I heard fans say when I was in WWE.Push Helms! Push Helms!But I never needed their support I'm the most dangerous man never given a chance and I'm here in PCW to make an impact and to show fans and WWE I never needed them to be a star I already am a star but I couldn't shine due to being limited to my true potential I don't care about Jay Briscoe or Kenny Omega Kevin Steen the only man I care about in this company is the soon to be world champ.
GREGORT HELMS! Helms walks off dropping the Mic.Once he's on the top of the ramp he lifts his arm up.


name:Amari Webb

e-fedding experience:Been in one fed so I have basic experience.

staff experience:N/A

how did you find pcw?:

HeelVida youtube channel
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  • Finisher:Twisted Bliss, Spiked DDT / Cliffhanger, Deadline
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Posted 02 June 2017 - 02:46 AM

Hey, bud, welcome to PCW! What you have here, while an example of a promo and such, is not quite to the level we expect here. Please take a gander over at our roleplay section or to our Stars You Would Have Chosen thread to get a better sense of what we expect in our role plays! If ya have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Tom, Vida, or myself!
Big things have small beginnings...
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Credit to Zach for the Signatures


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