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Baron Corbin

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  • Location:Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Superstar:Baron Corbin
  • Hometown:Kansas City
  • Height:6'8"
  • Weight:275 lbs.
  • Finisher:End of Days
  • Record:0-0-0

Posted 15 June 2017 - 06:58 PM


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Baron Corbin
6 foot 8 inches
275 lb.
Kansas City
character description:


finishing maneuver(s):
- End of Days (Modified lifting reverse STO)
signature maneuvers:
- Big Boot
- Body Avalanche
- Deep Six ((Spinning belly-to-back suplex, sometimes lifted into a spinning side slam)
- Running clothesline
- Front suplex slam
- Nerve hold
- Bear hug
- Snake eyes
- Powerslam
- Spinebuster
- Backbreaker
- Chokebreaker (Chokeslam dropped into a Backbreaker)


introductory roleplay:

The scene opens up inside what looks to be an empty arena; no seats occupied, and not a soul in sight. The camera pans around momentarily, capturing the silence until the silhouette of a tall, masculine figure appears in the middle of the ring.

????? ??????
"Blood. Sweat. Tears. Just about any man or woman that has ever made the decision to lace up a pair of boots, step foot inside of this squared circle and call themselves a competitor, a wrestler--hell, a CHAMPION--would tell you that those three words define their long, hard journey to get to where they are today; whether it's traveling the globe in order to hone their craft or scratching, clawing and fighting night in and night out, putting their bodies and their entire well-being at risk in front of thirty-something people inside of a rusted-up, broken-down warehouse, being paid money that I wipe my ass with and given a pat on the back at the end of the day as a "thank you"--BUT..." A sudden pause follows, which would last very briefly before the anonymous being resumes their speech inside the middle of the ring. "...but, not me. You see, I may not have spent my better years toiling away in crummy ass bingo halls or scouring the planet in order to "seek competition", but blood, sweat and tears have defined my journey as well...but not in the same way. Yeah, I've shed blood and I've shed tears, too...but not that of my own, you see - nah. It's the blood and it's the tears of anybody who's ever been stupid enough or unlucky enough to walk their ass in a ring and find themselves staring at ME on the opposite end when that first bell sounds. A trail of blood, sweat, and tears? Nah, more like a trail of domination, devastation and broken dreams to get here...and now that I am, with an establishment like PCW as my new platform? Let my words not just be a message, but a warning to these so-called "phenomenal" competitors, these...these wannabe "badasses", "world-eaters" and...and guys who wanna paint their body and call themselves a "demon" or quite simply? Anyone who gets in my way... which I'm sure begs the question for the people who're watching this and listening, "Who am I?" In the ring, I dominate; the only legit competition that'll truly exist in PCW from this point forward - whether it be on Turmoil or on Takeodwn."

And as he says this, a bright spotlight shines down in to the center of the ring; thus, revealing the latest acquisition to PCW's growing ranks with his arms spread out to his side and a scowl plastered upon his visage.

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the lone wolf
"I'm Baron Corbin. And if you have a problem with who I am or what I do? Then beat my ass or shut the fuck up..."



e-fedding experience:
Too fucking long (9 years)
staff experience:
how did you find pcw?:

PCW found me.

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