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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Dakota Kai - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Dakota Kai

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real name - - cheree crowley
ring name - - dakota kai
height - - 5 ft 6 in
weight - - 121 lb
hometown - - east auckland, new zealand
age - - 29

disposition - - face
gimmick - - under this current disposition, dakota is straight talking whilst never purposefully antagonising anyone. she is confident in her own ability, yet humble. she aims to go from the relative unknown into a shining star within pcw.
short description - - dakota kai is a fresh face on the american scene, renowned in her native new zealand for her thrilling kicking style.

finishing moves - -
- ttyl [firemans carry into shin kick]
- dakota wipeout [diving double foot stomp to rope hung opponent]

signature moves - -
- facewash to cornered opponent
- question mark kick
- axe kick
- penalty kick
- yakuza kick
- northern lights suplex

entrance theme - - 'run this town'
entrance description - -
The melodic piano beginning of the 'Run This Town' remix would coincide with the dimming of the lights, spotlights panning across the crowd as the stage went dark. The crowd would get to their feet as they awaited the incoming superstar. The lyrics of Rihanna would speak softly as the stage floor was shrouded in a sheet of charcoal mist, eventually the song building and the drums of the beat kicking in, the arena flashing in blinding white lights as a lone figure took to the stand. Dakota Kai stood with her head down, feet planted as the fans watched in awe. It was a sight to behold as the rays turned her silhouette into a ominous figure, Dakota standing within the chaos with a subtle grin on her face. After a small pause, she would become animated, ascending towards the front of the stage and extending her arms by her side, allowing the crowds energy to engulf her being. She would take this moment in, becoming wrapped in the ovation before breaking through it with a push kick, that momentum turning into a walk that continued at a high pace down the entrance ramp. Kai slapped a few hands on her way down before treading around the stairs to her left, vaulting onto the ring apron and standing up. She would point her index finger upwards, curling her arm into a bicep and looking through the window at the adoring fans. Following on, she would swiftly spin through the ropes, light on her feet as she took control of the center, nodding her head in approval of the reaction as her theme began to fade out.


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