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Dolph Ziggler

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 03:17 AM

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name: Dolph Ziggler

height: 6′ 0″

weight: 218 lbs

hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

disposition: Tweener

character description: A cocky ring veteran who has been in the wrestling industry for years


finishing maneuver(s):
» Superkick
» Zig Zag

signature maneuvers:
» Famouser
» Heartstopper
» Satellite DDT
» Sleeper Hold
» Stinger Splash


introductory roleplay:

After the opening video for Tuesday Night Takedown, the broadcast team of Mauro Ranallo and Austin Aries can be seen discussing tonight's show where matches such as CM Punk Vs. Pentagon Jr, Eva Marie Vs. Bayley and Bobby Lashley Vs. Bobby Roode will be taking place. However, before they can get the show underway, the lights go out in the Takedown arena as "Perfection" by Downstait begins to play throughout the building as a spotlight shines down upon the stage. A few seconds later, somebody can be seen stepping out from behind the curtain wearing a black suit and a light blue dress shirt underneath it as he steps into the spotlight to reveal himself as Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler who can be seen soaking in the positive energy from this packed crowd of PCW fans smiles as they begin to chant his name for the very first time as he begins to slowly walk down to the ring. Once inside the ring, Dolph can be seen asking for a microphone as ring announcer, Justin Roberts hands it to him.

"Many of you may know me for my time in a company that defines itself as Sports-Entertainment, where they push their superstars based on their own agenda and not any actual talent inside this ring. Well truth be told, I've had enough of it, I've grown tired of proving to a washed up, senile old man that I can hang with the very best that he can offer. However, week after week, I continue to have nothing to show for my hard work. So, I decided to do something about it and well here I am. So for those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Dolph Ziggler and I am here tonight to announce to the world that I am the newest signee to the Primetime Championship Wrestling brand! Now before you ask, I'm going to tell you more about myself. You see, for as long as I can remember, all I've ever wanted to do is step foot inside this ring and entertain each and everyone of you but that's not the only reason I've come to PCW because I want to show the world what I am all about and that is competition. I am searching for the best field of competition this industry has to offer and there is no better place than PCW to do that because I'm going to prove that despite whoever meets me in the middle of this ring for a fight, simply cannot hang with me. I don't care who it is...AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Cody Rhodes, Bobby Roode, Kenny Omega, the list goes on. I am going to prove that there is nobody better than Dolph Ziggler inside this ring, on this microphone and in that locker room because every single night, I deliver on what I do best and that is steal the damn show! So Gallagher, I don't care who you line up behind that curtain to face me, I will knock each and every single one of them down! Mark my words!"

The PCW fans in attendance begin to cheer as Ziggler lists off the great names of talent this company has to offer. However, the fans give Ziggler his loudest pop yet when he says the name of one wrestler and that one wrestler is...Pete Dunne!

"Trust me, I will get to that but first, I want to make something very clear to Jack Gallagher. I am not here for toy belts, I want the real thing. I want the PCW Championship or don't bother wasting my damn time! So here is what I purpose, Pete Dunne, you are the PCW Champion and while I may be new here, I'm not going to the back of the line anytime soon. I have proven to most of these fans that I can in fact hang with the best of them and that I am too damn good to waste my time not competing for a major title this company has to offer. So, Dunne, why don't you send out your boys, Bate and Seven to silence me before I tell these fans all your dirty little secrets? For example, the only reason you are the PCW Champion is because you haven't faced me yet! So, the way I see it is, you have two choices. A, I slap the staches off Bate and Seven before I get my hands on you or B, you come out to this ring tonight and don't act like the British Bitch that I know you are!"

Ziggler then can be seen tossing the microphone into the air before it drops to the ring mat as Ziggler removes his suit to become more comfortable inside the ring as the PCW fans erupt at the excitement of possibly having a Dunne Vs. Ziggler match tonight as they begin chanting "We want Dunne!"


name: Mat

e-fedding experience: Been storylining and writing matches for my own diaries for years, never been apart of a e-fed before though

staff experience: N/A

how did you find pcw?: NotoriousVIDA's youtube channel


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