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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Chad Gable - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Chad Gable feat. Tully Blanchard

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w/ Tully Blanchard

5’ 8”


The Twin Cities

GABLE: babyface
TULLY: heel leaning

character description:
Chad Gable - renamed to simply Gable - is one of the top technical wrestlers in the sport today, having been to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Being a flawless wrestler, the only thing keeping him from becoming a legitimate Superstar is his lack of charisma.

Enter Tully Blanchard. Gable had dated Tessa Blanchard and Tully had really taken to him at the time. He recognized that Gable needed someone to get him to the next level. Even after Tessa and Gable’s relationship ended, Tully still vowed to help his new protege in any possible.

While Gable is interested in sticking to the straight and narrow when it comes to his matches, Tully will pepper in some heel tactics for the assist.


finishing maneuver(s):
TECHNICAL SUPERIORITY [Slingshot Grand Amplitude - Taking Tully Blanchard's Slingshot Suplex to the next level, Gable sets up a back Suplex, bounces his opponent off the top rope high into the air and catches them in a bridging back Suplex for the pin.]

signature maneuvers:
» Top Rope Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex
» Bridging X-Plex
» Butterfly Suplex
» Slingshot Suplex
» Northern Lights Suplex


introductory roleplay:

Tully Blanchard leaned out of his stool and reached over the bar to grab the unsupervised bottle of Bulleit bourbon and poured another shot into the glass. He picked it up, inhaled the smell of the liquor, then slammed it down in front of Chad Gable.

Gable looked at it cross-eyed. He wasn't a drinker at all - none of his wrestling coaches had even allowed soda into his diet - but this was his fifth shot of the night. At this point, he was just happy to be sitting down. Tully had wanted him vertical and dancing and hitting on women while he drank.

There was no way that was happening.

Gable picked up the glass and tossed the liquor into the back of his throat and then cringed. The bile rose up from his stomach and almost came out when Tully slapped him on the back.

C'mon son, this is the start of the night for a Horseman! You look like you're ready for bed! Let's go over your new priorities again. First?

Gable looked up from his fists and used the backbar mirror to look at the dancing crowd behind him.


Tully held up two fingers.


Gable looked into his empty shot glass.


Tully held up three fingers.


This was something Gable could get behind, and his voice perked up.

Winning championships.

Tully held up his fourth finger.


... Ring jackets.

Tully wiggled his four fingers.

See kid? You have the priorities in order. You have technical superiority over every person in PCW. Now it's just a matter of putting them together.

As the bourbon poured out of his mouth onto the bartop in front of him, Gable knew Tully Blanchard was right. He needed the former National and United States Heavyweight Champion to teach him how to get to that next level. He would always been seen as just a tag team guy if he stayed in that singlet and did nothing but compete in straight-laced wrestling bouts. He needed the intangibles that guys like Tully and Arn and Barry and Ric had which made them multiple-time Heavyweight Champions.

He stared at his reflection in the puddle of vomit. Maybe he'd find those intangibles next time.


Gable stared at his gaunt reflection in the mirror as one of PCW’s makeup artists tried to make him look halfway alive. He was hungover and constantly looking toward the bucket he’d kept next to him all morning, just in case there was anything left in his stomach to come back up. He looked like hell. There were bags under his eyes and there was nothing the artist could do about them.

Tully Blanchard came up behind Gable and clapped him on the back, causing Gable’s head to shoot forward into the makeup brush, sending a cloud of foundation flying in front of him.Gable coughed, while Tully looked on him smiling.

“Look alive, son! I’ve brought a television camera over here so you can introduce yourself to the Primetime crowd!”

Gable used the mirror to glare directly into the camera, wordless. After an uncomfortable moment, Tully pushed on.

“C’mon, why don’t you go ahead and tell ‘em what brought you to PCW! The land of opportunity where we’ve seen guys like Alex Shelley, Eddie Kingston and Steve Blackman have a run with the big belt! Tell ‘em how it makes you want to follow in their footsteps of breaking out of that “tag team guy” pigeon-hole to take the top spot in the industry!”

Gable’s unimpressed face remained unchanged.

“Well then how about you speak on chasing another title like - I don’t know - the Television Title. You know, the same Title that the likes of Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson carried around in the 80’s?”

Gable made no move to say any of these things.

“No, of course. You want to start your own legacy by going after the Rising Champion, Seth Rollins because you know that the Title has catapulted men like the Hurricane to main events!”

Gable snored. Somehow, he fell asleep with his eyes open after Tully had kept him out late last night. Tully shook his head and laughed.

“We’ll make a Champion out of you yet, boy.”



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how did you find pcw?:
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