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A Team of Ice and Fire

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:21 PM

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(Other)Team Names:
(A Team of) Ice and Fire
Fire and Ice
Ice and Fire
Thelma and Louise

Becky Lynch
Charlotte Flair

Entrance Theme:
"Celtic Invasion" by CFO$ (Becky)
"Recognition" by CFO$ - (Charlotte)


[size="5"][color="#c95e33"][b]WHOA-OOOOO!  WHOA-OOOOOOO![/b][/color][/size]

“Celtic Invasion” by CFO$ begins to play throughout in the arena. Fans are quick to jump to their feet and sing along to the infectious beat of Celtic Invasion as they await the Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch. Cheers grow as Becky steps onto the stage. Becky has her head lowered to the ground, her hood from her jacket covering her bright orange hair for the time being. Becky positions herself in the middle of the stage before flicking her head up. Her hood flys back along with her hair. Steam geysers rise to the side of Becky as her arms rise up in the air in synchronization. Becky’s head lowers once more, this time when she flips her head back up, she flips her steampunk goggles away from her eyes and to the top of her head. A bright white smile is plastered across the face of Becky Lynch as her excitement for tonight’s match is clearly evident. 


Becky stands atop the ramp for a few seconds, turning her head side to side to take a gander at the thousands of fans in attendance here tonight. Her smile grows ever bigger seeing and feeling the excitement in the air here tonight. With that Becky begins to walk down the ramp, slapping the hands of eager fans here tonight. As usual Becky stops at a young fan and slides her goggles off her own head and puts them on the head of a young child. From there Becky Lynch begins to run towards the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope to enter it. Becky sweeps one leg up as she stays in a crouched position for a brief moment. Becky soon pops up, and heads towards the ropes. She then proceeds to lean forward, putting her upper body between the middle rope. Becky extends her arms outward throwing up some devil horns for a few seconds. Before flipping her head causing her bright hair to go flying in a circle. Becky puts up the devil horns up once more, before removing herself from between the ropes. Becky returns to the center of the ring and begins to remove her jacket as she awaits her tag team partner

Starting with an image of Charlotte kipping up, the fans react loudly to Charlotte's titantron!  For the first time in a long time the fans cheer the Queen! The video plays through for about ten seconds as the image of the Queen herself staring out to the PCW Universe cause them to grow even more irate!  Finally, Charlotte's name plasters itself across the titantron and that's when she comes out!  The Queen is wearing her classic wrestling attire from her black boots and pads to her gold, silver and black wrestling attire which leaves little to the imagination all the way to her [i]iconic[/i] Black Flair Robe.  The robe glimmers in the light as she steps out from the back onto center stage.  Her long blonde hair waving down to her shoulders as she slowly turns at the top of the ramp to display the back of her robe with her arms spread wide.  Her robe reads 'Flair' in elaborate cursive and glimmering text as she completes her spin to more cheers and of course more than a few woos!  


During the spin the camera man circled around her backing up now once she fully completes her spin to watch her lift her left leg, adjust her robe and continue down the ramp.  She finally reaches the bottom of the ramp before shedding it and making a beeline for the nearest corner of the ring running her hand along it before tumbling forward to series of cheers and woos!  A small smile on her face, Charlotte slides in under the bottom rope and pops up into a split winking with her right eye before popping up to her feet.  Slowly but surely Charlotte stretches her body out getting into the corner waiting for the match to start.  Once inside the ring, Charlotte would turn towards her tag team partner and best friend, Becky Lynch.  The two women would lock pinky fingers, before taking a sip of tea before this match could get underway!

Tea Time (Exploder Suplex into Moonsault) (Both)
Ice and Fire (Big Boot into Bridging German Suplex) (Both)
Dis-Arm-Her (Becky)
Natural Selection; Figure Eight (Charlotte)

Team Moveset(s):
Double Dropkick into Double Kip Up
European Uppercut into Spear
Inverted DDT into Somersault Senton
Kneeling Hangman's Neckbreaker into Pumphandle Suplex
Leg Drop into Knee Drop
Natural Selection into a Top Rope Leg Drop
Side Kick into Knife Edge Chop
Simultaneous Vertical Suplexes

1x PCW Knockouts Champion (Becky)
First pair of Knockouts to Main Event a PCW Pay Per View


Five Feet of Fury (Alexa Bliss & Thea Trinidad)

Match History:
A Team of Ice and Fire def. Five Feet of Fury



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