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Primetime Championship Wrestling: PCWrestling.Net Exclusive: What You Didn't See! - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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PCWrestling.Net Exclusive: What You Didn't See!

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We open up to find Bryan Danielson backstage, dressed in the same attire he had on during his appearance on Takedown. He's talking to a few stagehands, clearly just friendly chitter-chatter as they're all laughing and very jovial the entire time. Unfortunately, the stage hands all quickly lose that luster for laughs and become very serious - which causes The American Dragon to look confused.

"Beat it, geeks."

A large sigh is let out by Danielson, and that voice tells the story - it belongs to Adam Cole, BayBay. The camera lingers long enough to show the stage hands turn to walk away, and then it quickly pans over to have only Danielson and Cole in the cut. A smarmy smile on his face, Cole's demeanor changes as he looks at Bryan with a bit of question on his face.

"Uhm, hello? I said beat it, geeks - plural. Move it or lose it, picnic blanket. Cole would tug on the plaid shirt of Danielson's - who would quickly shove Cole's hand away. Now a little ticked off, Cole opens his big mouth again. Somebody help us all. Newsflash, Headbnager Bryan, Okada focusing on wrestling one-hundred percent? Still won't put him in my league. So I wouldn't even bother wasting your time on him, you of all people should be able to see that by now."

Cole would smirk once again, very confident with every word that comes out of his smarmy mouth. But Danielson looks to be having none of it - until he changes the mood. Maybe there's a light bulb over his head we can't see right now?

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"Yea, because not focusing on Wrestling did that. Last week, you were both in the league of 'Our shoulders are to the mat'. For Okada? It's unfamiliar to him. You? It's not your league, it's not your level - it's your world, Adam. So the only thing I see is a guy who's on the path that I'm here to steer Okada away from."

And with those cutting words said in such a matter of fact tone with such happiness and confidence, Danielson would pull on Cole's leather jacket once and leave - revenge. The King Of Honor? Is speechless. He doesn't know whether to shit or wind his watch, especially after that verbal beating that took not even a full paragraph. And with that, cameras fade.


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