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taryn terrell

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 03:10 AM

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name: taryn terrell
height: 5ft 6in
weight: 120lb
hometown: new orleans, louisanna
disposition: heel
character description: people have told her she's to fragile, too delicate.. not able to hold her own but honestly - none of that is true. she's held her own and pursued a strong balanced career without the likes of manager or friends. using and manipulating is a skill taryn's mastered and used to her very ut most ability. though people say she'll never accomplish to anything without anyone by her side, she finds that rather untrue. she doesn't believe in friends, they betray you. but she does believe in minions - but of course she doesn't tell them that. it's just.. a way and lifestyle, the beautiful taryn terrell lives. no one can compare and if they think they do, step into her dollhouse and give it a try.

fnishing maneuver(s): taryn cutter (running cutter)

signature maneuver(s):
🎀 crossbody
🎀 diving clothesline
🎀 spear

a sweet harp melody pursued off the sound system, as the tron switched between the main PCW titantron, and directly to the glitzy tron of TARYN TERRELL. her name shown in bold letters, and crosses shown everywhere amongst the titantron. Everyday Nightmare played around the arena, signaling taryn's arrival. Stepping out of the dark shadows - into the fog, with a smile printed across her face, as she made her way onto the stage in her red bottoms - as she placed her glossy lip ontop of the other. She bite down on her lip - as she caressed her arm down her sides..

Holding a mic, as the music began to fade, as she arrived at the arena - with a strong glare placed among her face. batting her eyelashes at the disrespectful crowd, ignoring them as she just stood in the spotlight in her laced purple and white lingerie - with her long flowing curls shown to the spiteful crowd. Raising the mic to her pristine lips, beginning her speech.
"Dear.. PCW CROWD! Do.. ME a big.. BIG.. BIGG favour alright!?" The conceitedness indulged in the face of Taryn, as she began a smirk. "SHUT YOUR TRAPS!" Leaning back a bit, erupting in a laughing manner. standing straight up - as she pointed to everyone in the crowd, biting down on her bottom lip. "None of you.. have ANY! right to disrespect me.. This is my ring.. my dollhouse and my PLAY PIN! None of you fat losers, could ever match to me.. an ado-.." Being interrupted by the crowd, beginning in a pouting manner.. "Oh c'mon guys.. Don't play with a girls feelings like that." Shoving her hair over the shoulder, exposing her breasts to the general public. "You.. don't wanna see me angry, now do you..?" Snickering as she began a strut to the ropes - leaning her arms over them, as she pushed her breasts against the top rope. "Now.. since I'm here, let's get one thing across shall we!? Uh-huh..." Taking a deep sigh, as wonder crossed across her eyes, letting out a hopeless expression. "Please don't be mean to me.. cause if you do.. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS." Letting out in a angry tone, as she pushed back in her heels a bit. "People get hurt.. innocent talentless women who think they have any business in my.. DOLLHOUSE.." Snickering, brushing back her hair, as she began once more speaking into the mic. "Keep that in mind, the next time.. you decide to boo me. Got it?" Turning around in her heels - smacking her lips, caressing her arm around her hip. Everyday Nightmare once again blaired off the sound system, and the words TARYN TERRELL in bold letters, along with crosses palmed across the titantron.

out of character:
name: jaden 🎀
e-feding expierence: first ever one, i really wanna try it out. it seems like so much fun, and i truly think i can go a long way if i get better and stuff. 🎀
staff expierence: n/a 🎀
how did i find pcw: through reddit's efed section. 🎀


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Posted 25 September 2017 - 05:27 AM

Honestly thought I had commented on this, sorry about that. First, welcome, second again sorry I thought I had posted here. I think there is a lot of character here, my one gripe is that the font is kind of hard to read. But other than that, there is promise, and I do see a lot of potential. I'll definitely put this on a roster, hope to see you thrive and enjoy it <3
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<3 to Zach

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