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Regarding the future... You knew it was happening eventually...

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Alright guys, I want to get this posted before I get the cards for next week settled.

After a long and arduous deliberation period, me and the Admin Hive Mind came to the conclusion that due to multiple different ongoing hiatuses, noshows, and other issues regarding overall activity, it is the best option for PCW to combine the two rosters into one collective.

I am making an executive decision, and so for now, we will be running our two shows, Takedown and Turmoil as they are leading up to our next Pay-Per-View Zero Hour in order to properly build, and conclude any and all current storylines involving the three teirs of championships: The PCW/World Titles, the KO/Women’s titles, and the Rising/Television titles, because post Zero Hour we will be going back to one show; Turmoil, and at the final show of the year, Fallout we will be unifying the World Heavyweight and PCW Championships into the Unified PCW World Heavyweight Championship; the Knockout’s and Women’s championships into the Unified PCW Women’s Championship, (officially retiring the title of Knockout overall); and we will be unifying the Rising and the Television Championship, retiring the Television Championship, merging its reigns with that of the Rising’s.

Now, I do want to address some things going on: First, Natalie’s stipulation for Peyton Royce. When the stipulation was thought up, this merger was not in the works. However, I have the upmost faith that you as a creative writer will make the merging of the two shows post Zero Hour, and Peyton’s banning from Turmoil work, and I guarantee she will return to the flagship show in a proper storylined manner. (If you want any help with this, let me know and we’ll work on figuring this out.)

Second, Ross, you have been playing Jack Gallagher as the Takedown General Manager ever since the show began, and I appreciate the character. So, If you do not mind, I would like to officially make Jack the Commissioner, as Titus O’Neill had not worked out like it was planned with what has happened over the past few months, and again like with Natalie, if you want any answers or such let me know, as I would like Jack to be a more prominant figure (again if you are willing to do so.)

Third, Writers. One of the reasons we’re cutting the shows back to one show is because the shows are taking too long to get posted, as our writing staff have been swamped by life things, and to be completely honest and transparent with you guys, unorganized because of inexperienced admins (Hello, I’m Sayla, the said inexperienced admin.) I am going to be posting in the staff pages for the writers to see in private, but I would also like to extend my hand out, and see if anyone would like to come on board as a writer, as I think if we can pick up a couple new writers to help with the workload we can get to where we should be and shows getting up earlier than 3:00 AM the day after the show was supposed to go up. So, if you are interested please shoot me a PM and we’ll see what we can do <3

Finally, the last edition of Takedown will be one week after Zero Hour, on November 19th. I want to make it as big a show that we can, and hope that we do.

I appreciate all of you guys’ patience with me these psat few months that I have been admin. From the lowest times with the worst of drama to the highest, I really appreciate you guys sticking with me and my severe doof-ness and incompetence. Without the help of the guys with the blue, pink and yellow names I would be more lost than The Lost Woods. (idk) I feel like the last couple PPV shows, Collision Course and Interactive Anarchy have been two of our best shows in terms of matches, interesting angles, and storylines, and I hope you guys feel the same.

Hopefully things start picking up and we can keep the two shows, but only time will tell. Again, thank you guys for your patience with me and I hope we can continue to keep PCW alive, kicking and fun for all of us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. And with that, to quote our new PCW Champion (I KNOW SPOILERS, BUT I’M ADMIN SO PFFT), #SAYLAOUT~!

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<3 to Zach

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