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Primetime Championship Wrestling: JT Dunn - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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JT Dunn

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  • Superstar:JT Dunn
  • Hometown:Providence, Rhode Island
  • Height:5'10"
  • Weight:174lbs.
  • Finisher:Death By Elbow
  • Record:0-0-0
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name: JT Dunn

height: 5'10"

weight: 176lbs.

hometown: Providence, Rhode Island.

disposition: Heel, duh.

character description: JT Dunn is a man who overcame addiction and won't think twice about telling you about it. He's confident in his abilities and knows he'll succeed.


finishing maneuver(s): Death By Elbow (Elbow Smash)

signature maneuvers:
» Superkick
» Enzuigiri
» Suicide Dive
» Anything else he can parody.


introductory roleplay:

Lights, camera and action! A clapperboard smacks together in front of the camera lens as all of sudden it’s out of frame. We see a white backdrop with the PCW logo on it, surprised? You shouldn’t be, this is a PCW exclusive video you idiot. Standing in front of the backdrop wearing a black ‘Strong Style’ brand tee shirt and matching cap is none other than pro wrestling savior, JT Dunn. His hair was pulled back in a bun which was apparent since he was facing away from the camera. He would quickly spin around look into the camera with a look most could call typical. He quickly would start spewing out words such as follows..

“Turmoil, you’ve really done it haven’t you? You’ve showed the entire world that you’re the superior brand of pro wrestling because you just acquired the biggest star in the entire universe. And for those of you who aren’t really following what I’m saying, let me break it down for you marks. Yours truly, ‘The Juice’ JT Dunn, the man who has single handedly SAVED this dying art we call professional wrestling? Has signed with Turmoil in PCW. And that means for those of you who are too incapable of common sense, you get to witness my rise to fame and fortune. That’s right, right here in PCW you get to witness me win the PCW World Heavyweight Championship whenever I bury the guy who you all can’t seem to stop jerking your di--”


Static comes across the screen for a slight moment before disappearing as we see a two on the clapper now. It’s smacked together indicating that this is the second take of this video. We see JT spin back around quickly going for the same sentence as before.

“Cody Rhodes, you think you’re at the top of the mountain? PCW World Heavyweight Champion? Please, you’re nothing more than a little bumble bee on this flower we call life and trust me kiddo, you aren’t going to be making these kind of waves much longer. I’m here to announce that yours truly, JT Dunn has SIGNED an exclusive deal with Primetime Championship Wrestling to compete on the Turmoil brand. And folks, let me tell you it’s about time these monkeys in suits realize what kind of steal I am. I’m the man who’s going to elbow his way to the top of the mountain for years to come and become the figurehead of the promotion and do all the movies, commercials and other shit that’s going to make my wallet a little bit more fat. I’ve always known that it was just a matter of time before you morons in corporate opened you eyes to the talent that has been forced to travel the circuit and make towns with untalented, jobless hacks who think they actually have a chance in hell of becoming what I am and that’s the greatest wrestler on the planet.”

JT was confident in himself, that much is obvious. If it’s not to you? You might be an idiot. JT would smirk slightly and change his tune a bit and move onto a completely different topic. Something we all knew was going to be brought up eventually.

“Forget chickenwings, forget curb stomps. Start remembering this.”
JT would show his right elbow for a moment and tap it. “This is going to be the end of everything for you, Cody. This elbow is going to be the thing that bust your jaw beyond repair and erases you from the history books. You’re no longer THE man, you’re just A MAN. A man who can’t stand to think that others has forgotten about him, and when I take your title? You’ll be as forgotten as your failure of a partner from WWE, Ted Dibiase. No one remembers that useless hack and soon enough you’ll fall into the same category as him.” JT would slyly look into the camera and wink. "See you soon, bud."

Click, the camera would begin to slowly fade as we'd see JT Dunn remove his hat and toss it off to the side and out of view. JT Dunn was coming to PCW, marks. And it's time that everyone gets used to the idea of him because he's gunning for the championship.



name: Eli

e-fedding experience: 2

staff experience: None

how did you find pcw?: Aaron's Efeds.

OOC: Hope this is okay. Wrote this a couple days ago and have debated on whether or not it was good enough to post. Hope you like it!


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