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Do you even lift, bro?

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:57 PM


PCW cameras are rolling and we are taken inside of a local Gold's Gym in beautiful sunny Los Angeles, California. Renee Young, PCW's resident interviewer, was standing by at the front of the door. As she opened the door, she was immediately greeted by the familiar sounds of a busy gym. Dumbbells clanking together, grunts of powering through workouts, and even the sounds of mild chatter between people. In the back corner of the gym were two very attractive individuals-- one male, one female-- who seem to be going harder than most. The male stood behind the female and watched her form as she deadlifted quite a lot of weight. Renee approached the two, as it was clear they were the ones she was there to interview. The female was beautiful with long blonde hair, while the male looked as if he were chiseled out of stone. Around the neck of the male was a pair of bright red Beats by Dre headphones which was blaring obnoxious music as loud as it could. He stood behind the female, hands wrapped around her waist as she did her set. “Freakin' nice, babe. Take a rest,” the male said as he and the female exchanged high fives. The female sat down on the bench and began to drink her purple colored drink as her attention was brought to Renee Young, standing awkwardly awaiting a dull moment. It was at this time that we finally got a good close up on her face. The blonde bombshell was none other than Mandy Rose, one of the most sought after free agents in the world today!

“Ummm... excuse me? Can I help you?”

Renee seemed a bit taken back.

“I mean, you ask m---”

She was cut off. Mandy held up her index finger and walked toward her male counter part and began to shout words of encouragement.

“That's it! You got this, babe! One more! Rack it! Nice.

The large male finished his set and immediately placed his hands on his hips in exhaustion. He had a large dark beard with his hair slicked back. That man, ladies and gentlemen, was Tony Nese, another huge free agent! He wiped his forehead with the towel that hung by the machine as he noticed Renee Young standing there as well.

“If you're here to do your set, go somewhere else-- we're gonna' be here a while.” He smirked and took a drink of his water. “Your set, babe.”

Mandy and Tony would exchange another obnoxious high five as she got up and began her next set. Meanwhile, Tony sat down on the bench and began to rest. Renee, more awkward than ever, approached him to get a word.

“Well, we had scheduled this interview for a week now, so I---”

Once more, she was cut off.

“Right, right. You're from PCW, right? Sorry, my mistake-- I just thought they'd send someone, y'know... more respectable, but hey, a job is a job I guess. What do you want?” Renee did not take too kindly to that comment. “Oh, I know what you want. You want the ole' scoop of what's happening. Now's not really a good time, because if you didn't notice, we're kinda' busy right now. I know someone the likes of you has no idea what this place is, so I'll help you out. This is a gym-- it's where people work out. This is a deadlift, and that hot piece of tail is Mandy Rose, and she's the baddest bitch on this planet. Right, babe?” Mandy was too far focused on her set to respond right away, but she grunted “Right,” before continuing her set. Tony smirked as he nodded his head. “Well, now that you know us-- who are you?” Renee went to speak. “Renee Yo---” again, another interruption.“Rhetorical question. I got an idea. Why don't you make yourself useful. Go and grab me another water, would you? And make it fast because my set is up next.”

And this would be where the blonde would intervene.

“I mean, she could do with a lil' exercise.”

Rose spoke about Renee almost as if she wasn't standing two feet to her left. It was then that she proceeded to slap Renee on her rear much to Young's surprise. However, it would seem that Mandy wasn't entirely happy with what she saw as her lip curled up in disgust.

“I'm not sure what kinda girls they breed round those parts, but judging by the looks of things...” She paused, her eyes drifting towards Renee's ass. “It certainly ain't pedigree. See, I don't know what they're feeding you but hitting' the deads before the treads ain't ever worked for nobody. For instance, take a look at ol' Paris and Nicole.” Renee looked towards Mandy with a blank expression, unaware of who she happened to be referring to. “Don't act like you don't know.” Renee simply shook her head. “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Romy and Michele.” “--you mean Peyton and Billie?” BINGO." She pushed her index finger obnoxiously into the side of Renee's temple. Tony made his way back over to the two with a scoff. “Their life ain't the only thing that's simple.” “They walk around like they own the place. Like everybody should quake in their path. Sure, they got a couple wins under their belt but their emaciated asses ain't met a girl like me yet. My leg is the size of Peyton's body alone. She took the moment to flex her hamstrings and relish in it. “On a ratio of calf to thigh... she wouldn't even make the ankle. In fact, all I gotta do is wrap my legs around her neck and she's done-zo."

“Finito! Finished! Kaput!”

Tony screamed, as Mandy would smile with delight. Tony would motion his index finger toward the camera. “Hey, camera guy. Zoom in on thse legs. These aren't your ordinary legs-- these are the legs of a GODDESS! The camera would zoom in on Mandy's thigh, as she would flex. With a sarcastic giggle, Mandy retorted. “Eat your heart out, Alexa," she said as she flexed her muscle. The camera panned back up at Tony Nese who spoke.

“And don't EVEN get me started on the rest of the dweebs in that locker room. Guys like Cody Rhodes? That spaghetti-wrist loser is the world champ? Give me a break. It's pretty clear that talent isn't genetic, because if I wanted help get to sleep, I'd skip watching paint dry and rewind the last Cody Rhodes promo.” Pretty harsh. Tony would then sarcastically mock Cody Rhodes, doing a bad impression to boot. “Oh, the Throne! Kiss the ring! Game of Thrones reference! Blah, blah, blah, BLAH! Obnoxiously yelling in the crowded gym, Mandy and Tony locked eyes and winked at each other. “Speaking of stupid Game of Thrones references, can we talk about Becky Lynch? I wanna' talk about Becky Lynch. What about you, babe? You wanna' talk about Becky Lynch?” He would look at Mandy. “I wanna' talk about Becky Lynch,” she said. Tony was quick to respond. “Let's talk about Becky Lynch! I mean, she's not that bad, right? She works out-- that's pretty cool.” Mandy spoke up. “Yeah, but she crossfits, which means she doesn't get gains,” she would say; Tony scoffed. “God, that's sad. What's the point of life and you don't even get gains? I mean, take a look at us. Go on, take a good, hard look.” The cameras fixated on both, and by God they were impressive. “Beautiful, right? This is what hard work looks like. This is what gains are, my friend. Crossfit is cool and all if you're a petulant teenager, but other than that? It's for dweebs.”

Tony smirked as he looked at Mandy Rose.

“But lets cut to the chase Renee. The whole basis of this entire interview relies upon it-- and more than likely your job.” Renee's brows lifted ever so slightly. This girl was confident. “You wanna know why PCW is our new home, right? You wanna know why we got a call at 4am last Tuesday morning beggin' us to be on the first flight out here. It ain't because of Cody Rhodes. It ain't because of Peyton and Billie and it sure as hell ain't Becky Lynch." Mandy paused for a moment to add dramatic effect, Renee held on to her every word. “In fact, there are EIGHT reasons why..."

Mandy would lift up Tony's shirt, showing his gorgeous abs. One by one, both would count. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eight abs, eight reasons why. Tony would then flex his bicep as Mandy looked at Renee with a devilish grin. “You think you can disrespect GOD'S house by not doing anything? Pick up your sticks and do a set! Now!" she screamed as she practically forced Renee's hand at trying a deadlift that was obviously far too heavy for her. With a scowl, Renee went to try her best, but it was obvious it was way too heavy. “What are you doing, stick-wrists?! Why are you lifting with your back?! Your form is disgusting!” he would yell. As Renee continued to struggle, Mandy pulled out her iPhone X and both would take a selfie, with a struggling Renee Young attempting a deadlift in the background. And with that, the cameras faded to black.

God help us all.


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Posted 30 November 2017 - 12:31 AM

Do you even lift bro?

I love it. Everyone is PCW is about to get shamed xD Definitely not two characters I'd ever think about putting together, but honestly it goes together great, since they both seem quite vain. There's obviously a lot of directions/versatility you have with these characters since they aren't really established. And based on your history I know you'll make it extremely entertaining whatever you do!
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Posted 30 November 2017 - 02:54 AM

This is seriously the best gimmick anyone could come up for Tony Nese. Mandy Rose is the perfect person to put alongside him since that girl is scary strong. Not entirely sure how you want to play off their dynamic (romance, gym partners, etc.) but I really like the idea of the two being paired together because of their, for lack of a better term, social rank? Mandy knows she's hot and knows Tony's hot. Tony knows he's hot and knows Mandy's hot. They may not have much in common besides that and lifting but that's all they need. Just like them, their relationship could be super shallow. They look good but that relationship has no depth. On paper that sounds awful but I think you two are talented enough to play off such a dynamic. In a world full of serious characters, these are two characters that are oblivious to the caricatures they are. It's fresh. I love it.
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Posted 30 November 2017 - 06:47 AM

This is about to be ICONIC I can't wait to see all the shade they throw collectively. I like truly admire the creativity that went into this. The FIT couple? That's genius. <333

We now got Paige, Sonya and Mandy on the same roster too. Let's see what trouble ensues :lol:
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Posted 30 November 2017 - 12:20 PM

Yassss! Awesome start with these two, can’t wait to see how they play out! :)
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