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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Fabian Aichner - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Fabian Aichner

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name: Fabian Aichner

nickname: The Next Level

height: 6 ft 0 in.

weight: 220 lbs

hometown: South Tyrol, Italy

disposition: Clean Cut Babyface

character description:
Fabian Aichner is an Italian professional wrestler formerly signed to the WWE where he performed in their developmental territory NXT using his real name. He previously performed on the independent circuit throughout Europe under the ring name Adrian Severe. Fabian can be defined as a blue chip athlete and a clean cut baby face. Known for his athleticism, he always wants to do it the right way, win or lose. Aichner would rather lose honorably than win underhandedly. Fabian has decided to step outside of the shadow of the WWE to a company that is known for letting stars reach their full potential the right way.

Entrance Music:

Shakedown - The Score


finishing maneuver(s):
C.T.E. (Fireman's carry dropped into an overhead kick)

signature maneuvers:
»Double springboard moonsault
»Double underhook suplex
»Missile dropkick
»Pop up tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
»Sitout powerbomb
»Suicide elbow drop


introductory roleplay:

[We fade into commercial on the final Thursday Night Turmoil of 2017. As the camera cuts to the back we find ourselves in the PCW Superstar locker room. The camera fades in to a man wearing a black t-shirt with a small PCW logo falling just below the center of the neck under the collar. As the man turns around we see his bald head shining in the light, reflecting and blinding anyone who looks into it. The front of his shirt is the Thursday Night Turmoil logo. As the camera steps back from this new PCW Superstar he opens his mouth to smile. His white teeth shimmering in the light finally he begins to speak.]

"Thursday Night Turmoil... the pinnacle of professional wrestling... a place where entertainment is important, but it's not the be all end all a place where a wrestler can shine and make it to the top! For those of you who don't know me... my name is Fabian Aichner and I am a professional wrestler. A phrase that's become taboo, a phrase that is frowned upon in other areas of the industry, but a phrase that I am proud to use to describe me." [Aichner's smile is wide, his gaze doesn't break the camera as he pauses for a short breath.] "You see I'm not here to entertain, I'm not here to cheat my way to the top, I'm not here to take part in live sex celebrations or ridiculous over the top talk shows or eradications... I'm here to wrestle. I'm here to make it to the top of the company, the right way. I'm not a fan of cheating, I'm not a fan of shortcuts. I'm the next level and the next level didn't come here to take the low road." [A mild pop from the few fans in the audience that recognize him, and the few that still believe and cheer for the people who want to do it "the right way."] "That's a rarity in the industry today. Everybody wants to get to the top as fast as possible, everybody is willing to do whatever it takes, but not me... not Fabian Aichner. Let me tell you a little something about myself. I'm an athlete, a blue chipper. I'm known around the world as a man who can out physical you, as a man who can out pace you, and all the while tie you up in knots in that ring... I'm the total package. And I know some of you are going to think, here we go again... another arrogant young superstar... another wrestler from the independents who thinks he's stronger, faster, and better than wrestlers who have been in this industry for years." [Aichner takes a shallow breath, lightly licking his lips.] "Well here's the difference between me and them... I won't stop! I won't quit until I get to the top, I don't care if it takes me weeks... months... or even years! I will never quit, I will prove myself and tonight in that ring? You'll see that Fabian Aichner gives off one hell of a first impression!"

[Aicher with a smile on his face pushes past the camera and slowly walks to the door. He pulls it open and looks back before flashing his trademarked pearly whites before stepping through the door allowing the scene to fade to the next segment.]


name: Matt

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staff experience: I was Admin.

how did you find pcw?: I played with my dingy in a dumpster, it set off an alarm in Tom's head and he found me. He rescued me.


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