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personal information
NAME: Paige
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 127 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Norwich, England

character description
Well regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential figures in the modern era of mainstream women's wrestling at twenty-five, the enigmatic 'Glampire' Paige has already amassed quite the legacy: but she's far from finished. After achieving seemingly unfathomable success for a woman so young, Paige has developed an insatiable desire to constantly one up herself, no matter the means. Whether it'd be knocking off a rival, providing verbal degradation with her slick tongue or-- her favorite-- seizing championship gold, whatever it is that'll fill the void for this scar-ridden starlet, it'll do. A far cry from her tumultuous past ridden with familial distrust and toxic relationships, the ability to control her own fate proves too often to be an unmatched thrill for Paige, who seeks to constantly change the narrative to better suit her own unpredictable desires.

In recent weeks, Paige has begun to recount the thrills of 'absolution', and more specifically, her ability to forgive herself for her own shortcomings; something she'd encourage the PCW faithful to also do. While the jury is still out on whether the wider general public will latch onto this ideal, her unique methods of engagement brought about an apprentice in the form of Mandy Rose, eager to reform not just herself, but the world around them.

finishing maneuvers
Ram-Paige (Cradle DDT)
PTO (Scorpion Crosslock)

signature maneuvers
Running knee strike/kitchen sink
Eviction Notice (Delayed fallaway slam)
Short-arm clothesline barrage
Hair-pull headbutt barrage
German suplex
Corner high knee/short-arm clothesline combo
Running single-leg dropkick
Repeated knee strikes to rope-hung opponent
Paige Turner (modified russian leg sweep)

introductory roleplay


entrance music
"Stars in the Night" by CFO$

match history
Paige def. Nikki Bella and Mandy Rose ( In Paige's debut on Thursday Night Turmoil, the groundbreaking Knockout bamboozled her formal rival, Nikki Bella, on path to picking up a victory. With an assist from a fellow participant in the match, Mandy Rose, after a proposal had been made earlier in the day, the two became aligned.
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