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Primetime Championship Wrestling: PCW Year End Awards 2017: Feud of the Year - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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PCW Year End Awards 2017: Feud of the Year Official Nominees

Poll: Feud of the Year (16 member(s) have cast votes)

What is the Feud of the Year?

  1. The Collapse of the Four Cornerstones (3 votes [18.75%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.75%

  2. Edge vs. Finn Balor (9 votes [56.25%])

    Percentage of vote: 56.25%

  3. Mankind vs. Kenny Omega (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  4. Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce (3 votes [18.75%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.75%

  5. The Team of Ice and Fire vs. Five Feet of Fury (1 votes [6.25%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.25%


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Nominees: The Four Cornerstones, Edge vs Finn Balor, Mankind vs Kenny Omega, Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce, The Team of Ice and Fire vs Five Feet of Fury

They were arguably the most influential four women to have competed in PCW. They revolutionized the division with their unadulterated talent, charisma, and resolve. They were The Four Cornerstones of the Women’s Division. For years, their legacy lived on as the example of what it meant to be a member of the PCW Women’s Locker Room, but in 2017, that legacy would change forever. Thanks to the manipulations of a mentally unstable Paige Knight and Kaitlyn, who intended to protect her fragile friend in any way she could, the Four Cornerstones were thrust back into the main light of the women’s division once again after four years. Eventually, the pair (collectively known as The Crusade) and their actions caused AJ Lee to resurface, in an attempt to fix whatever was wrong with her friends, a naïve effort, but one that she felt was right. The trio of cornerstones were against one another for the majority of the year, culminating in a Last Woman Standing Match between Paige and AJ at Zero Hour where they both women left the arena in stretchers. But, when The Black Widow herself added herself into the picture, it was obvious that there was a whole lot more wrong between the Four Cornerstones than everybody thought. And, at Fallout II, the story between the four finally ended as they faced off in a match that nobody ever thought would happen. Even though AJ ended up winnign the match, it seems that that wasn’t important, as after the match the four started to finally reconcile their issues. Will they work everything out? Who knows, their life in the PCW ring came to a close that night. It may have taken four years, but finally their story was over, and an era came to a close.

A feud that started when Edge earned the opportunity to face the PCW World Heavyweight Champion evolved into something much more than that. The feud saw personal turns with Balor interrupting JoJo/Edge during their own 'personal' times, multiple nights of assaults, beat downs, and many matches. Edge ultimately came out on top, but the story left it's mark on Edge as it was only weeks after the two had traded their final blows that Edge had to retire from active competition. Neither man survived this feud, and even after Edge attempted his comeback later in the year, they were both a shell of themselves from the full on assault they laid on each other for four months. These two were the faces of the company, the heads of the Brand Extension, and for the first half of 2016 were the talk of the industry.

Should the face of the company give their all for the fans who cheer for him? Should they do whatever it takes to make them happy? Most people would say yes, and Kenny Omega would agree. But Mankind, in his twisted mind did not see this. In his mind, Kenny was weak for pandering to the fans who helped The Cleaner find his perfection, and Mankind deemed him not worthy to be the PCW Champion. So, Mankind would answer The Cleaner’s open challenge for Interactive Anarchy. Everything was fine with this scenario, Kenny gets a match against his hero, and Mankind gets to teach Omega a lesson in what it took to be champion. But as the stipulation for the match became known, the fans getting to choose which Face of Foley would challenge for the title, Mankind grew disgusted with this and started attacking KJEnny’s relationship with them. At interactive Anarchy, Mankind would walk out with the championship, causing Kenny to pass out to the Mandible Claw. But Omega wanted a rematch, and on Takedown he was going to get it… but as he made his name to the ring, Mankind assaulted Omega alongside his newfound family, The Ministry. Mankind had joined The Undertaker’s band of demons, in their quest to take over the company. The feud between the two culminated at the Final Takedwon in a Lumberjack Deathmatch. Kenny Omega was dead set on defeating Mankind at his own game, even if it cost him, but as valiant as Kenny was, he could not truly play in Mankind’s twisted game.

PCW was one hell of a year for the Knockouts Division. Between the Four Cornerstones saying their goodbyes, Charlotte and Becky Lynch headlining International Incident, Sasha Banks winning the first ever War Chamber match, Alexa Bliss and Emma competing in the Queen of the Ring finals, and an Empire being built; 2017 was undoubtedly The Year of the Knockouts. Two women that spearheaded these movements were none other than Becky Lynch and Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay, of course.) While Peyton was making waves in Empire and was crowned the first ever Empire Champion, Becky Lynch was just making a name for herself in the world of PCW. Peyton as proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the Knockouts Division. The two women headlined the final episode of Empire and Becky emerged victorious in one of the most intense Knockouts matches of the year. Of course, this was only the beginning for these two women. As months followed, Peyton Royce has proven herself to be quite the thorn in Becky Lynch's side. By May, Peyton Royce would go on to reclaim her championship (rebranded as the PCW Knockouts Championship) and have quite the lengthy reign. Despite their differences, Becky Lynch teamed up with The Iconic Duo in a losing effort at Collision Course VII. At the following PPV, Interactive Anarchy, Becky Lynch would reclaim her Knockouts Championship from Peyton Royce. This is by far one of the lengthiest feuds in PCW this year and every time these two met in the ring, they brought out the best in each other.

After Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair earned the honor of being the first two Knockouts to main event a PCW Pay-Per-View, Alexa Bliss took great issue with this and attacked Charlotte, incapacitating her and putting her on the shelf for over a month with a vicious DDT onto the steel of the entrance stage. Becky spent the next few weeks demanding Alexa face her for what she'd done, but Alexa continuously played the mouse in their game of cat and mouse, evading her at every turn. However, Alexa would attack Lynch as well, leaving her spray painted and unconscious with an acceptance of Becky's challenge. The two would meet at the seventh annual Unbroken, only for a returning Charlotte Flair to cost Lynch the match. That being said, Charlotte and Becky would not meet eye to eye for a few weeks, eventually aligning to take out their mutual enemies of Alexa Bliss and her Queensguard, Thea Trinidad. Team Five Feet of Fury and the newly formed Team of Ice and Fire would take every opportunity to go straight for the jugular, bringing out the best and simultaneously the worst in all four participants in the rivalry. The blood feud would come to a head on an episode of Turmoil in late September, where Becky and Charlotte reigned victorious over the Throne's Queen and her Queensguard. The rivalry and the outcome of said rivalry would catapult Becky back into the title picture, eventually leading to her second reign as PCW Knockout's Champion. All in all, with the vicious nature of the feud, other feuds bend the knee to the combative months spent between the Team of Ice and Fire and Team Five Feet of Fury.

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