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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Toni Storm - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Toni Storm

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name: Toni Storm.

height: Five Feet Five Inches.

weight: One Hundred and Forty-Three Pounds.

hometown: Gold Coast, Australia.

disposition: She's the cocky face that you hate to love.

character description: As one of the first females to ever Main Event PROGRESS in the United Kingdom whilst simultaneously being crowned their first ever Women's Champion it's clear there's a lot of hype surrounding this highly sought after female. Not only that, she has continued to perform and amaze across three different continents. The World of Stardom Champion became the first wrestler to win two tournaments within the same year in Japan whilst also capturing the Women's Title for the German promotion wXw in Oberhausen. It's safe to say that she has a bright future-- and more importantly is a force to be reckoned with. A clear advocate for Women's Wrestling, Storm is set on dominating the scene as a whole. But will PCW allow it?


finishing maneuver(s):
» STRONG ZERO [Piledriver]

signature maneuvers:
» Leg Hook German Suplex
» Inverted Cloverleaf
» Figure Four Lock into a Guillotine Choke
» Front Thrust Kick
» Hanging Backstabber
» Bridging Fisherman's Suplex
» Headscissors Takedown
» Hip-Attack
» Snapmare [usually into a soccer kick]
» Corner Double Knee strike


introductory roleplay:


I'm aware that there isn't a lot of substance to this as of yet, but there's a method to my madness that Zach knows about. In the interest of just introducing the character and the possible storyline with it, there's a reason that barely anything is disclosed. Please trust the process? :)


name: :)

e-fedding experience: A long, long time.

staff experience: None.

how did you find pcw?: I was forced here without consent.


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