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Allow me to take the time to apologize to the Board and the Members for my recent no-show, between my work schedule and the big move there was little time available for me to post a quality roleplay. One that was up to par with my opponent, and anyone who knows me knows I'm the go hard or not at all type. Some may agree with that others may not, but that's just me. This is not how I wanted my second round here to go, but in moving forward I hope to grow from being here (especially as a writer) and not disappoint Matt, b/c I hate disappointing him. :( If the lot of you are willing to be patient with me, I will work towards being more alert of deadlines and making this place a larger priority for me. :D
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No problem whatsoever-- we've all been there! Glad you kept us updated, and just let us know if you ever need a week or so off.
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