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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Turmoil Exclusive: Dire Circumstances - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Turmoil Exclusive: Dire Circumstances

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This live exclusive is now on the air. Our scene quickly shifts backstage to where we see the talented, Juice Robinson all by his lonesome. Although not booked to compete tonight, Juice had to feel somewhat accomplished after his returning pursuit on nemesis, Jay White. We watch eagerly as Juice is nothing but smiles as he continued to gaze into a nearby mirror. However, his smile shifts quickly to a frown as is he met with a familiar sight.

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After last week, I think we're even. And before you lash out at me -- Know I didn't come here to TARGET 'ya... (Jay ponders briefly as he clutches his switchblade pendant tightly in his hand, almost for security reasons.) Say wha' you want, goin' forward. Feel free to mention last week, as in return, I can mention two weeks prior. Don't think I targeted 'ya just 'cause you were WEAK -- Realize I did it to FREE 'ya from your own faults. (Jay looked directly into Juice with a look of mixed emotions.) Had I not taken you by the hand, and held you -- Then I don't think you would've survived. I don't think you were PREPARED for what this company led forward. I think you were laid to rest by my own hands. I don't think even 'ya knew what was goin' forward. (Jay simply chuckles as he removes the pendant from his neck.) And to think, Juice -- You said tha' I started a war wit' 'ya. That's quite feeble if I'm honest wit' 'ya, mate. If I did in fact start somethin' wit' 'ya, I ensure that 'ya come at me -- DO IT, JUICE! (His eyes grew wide with aggression. Almost tempting Robinson to come forward.) 'Cause what I see now is exactly wha' I wanted to see. Not a man prancin' around tryin' to be somethin' special. I set you free, Juice. You should THANK me. But instead... (Jay would clutch the pendant even tightly as he brought it to his chest.) Instead you look to HURT me. You use this not as motivation, but pretentious claims to make an example out of even tha' biggest of challengers... (Jay would chuckle as he slowly stepped toward Juice.) I've got nothin' to lose, Juice. I wanted to see wha' all the HYPE was 'bout. It's safe to say that even I was caught by surprise...

Juice looks a little stunned that Jay would come forward and even a little perplexed at the motivations. Trying to crack the motivations of this man was something to him seemed like it would be a waste of effort at the moment, but something about Jay's monologue made him chuckle.

Set me free huh? Such a strange thing coming from you, my little attack last week is just a reminder to not step on me like you did previously. However Jay the way I see things is I am as free as a bird, and I didn't need someone like you to free me. I made myself pretty damned clear from the start on my place in this company.
(He glared Jay right in the eyes) Now I don't know what in the world goes on in that sick little head of yours. (He points directly at the forehead of Jay White), but let me make myself crystal clear, I'll give you an out right now turn away right now and you can go along in the Path to Glory tournament without constantly looking over your shoulder for me, but if you insist on being a thorn in my side then I can assure you there will be issues. Do we have an understanding Jay?

It was these words which echoed through the room that rested both White, and Juice. The duo looked directly at one another -- Their eyes not willing to shift away from each other. Jay chuckles profusely as he steps forward to Juice.

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You actually feel that way. From your own eyes, it's no SECRET that you, Juice feel that your attack was a friendly reminder to myself. I knew you had some sick MOTIVATION goin' forward, but even this baffles me. And yes, say as you must, I did my DUTY -- I set you free from that world of uncertainty. Tha' Juice Robinson from before wouldn't dare come at me, but last week, I knew wit' everythin' I had in me, tha' you would come runnin'. Or in your case, flyin' like a bird. Regardless, 'ya did jus' as I expected... (Jay lifted his pendant, revealing the sharp edges to Juice.) And from me to you -- I actually like 'ya. Believe me, mate -- I do. (Juice doesn't seem nearly as trusting as Jay lead forward with a sincere smile.) But even the prettiest of roses have thorns. I'm jus' tryin' to ensure you SURVIVE... ( It was at this moment that Jay would etch his pendent to the torso of Juice, looking him directly in the eyes.) 'Cause after all I've done to SAVE you -- I couldn't imagine not bein' the one to end you. Say what you must, Juice. But know that it's always best to sleep wit' both eyes open. And don't think I'm tryin' to hate on 'ya, mate. I'd jus' rather tell 'ya to your face that I'm comin' for 'ya. This way 'ya can at least prepare for tha' inevitable...

Juice would keep his eyes on Jay, not allowing for any attacks. The tension between these two could be cut with a knife as Jay does nothing. He instead glares at the switchblade in his hand as he pulls it closer to his own torso. He nods with Juice in solidarity as he leaves Juice all by his lonesome. What an odd turn of events.

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