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Kevin Owens Kevin F'N Owens

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  • Joined: 24-April 18
  • Superstar:Kevin Owens
  • Hometown:Marieville, Quebec, Canada
  • Height:6ft
  • Weight:266lbs
  • Finisher:Pop-up Powerbomb
  • Record:0-0-0
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name: Kevin Owens

height: 6ft

weight: 266lbs

hometown: Marieville, Quebec, Canada

disposition: Cocky and always ready for a fight.

character description: Kevin is his #1 fan. He is God's gift to wrestling fans, promoters, and even the workers who clean up after shows he graces his presence with. The wrestling world revolves around him. It eats, bleeds, sweats, and dies with KO. Worst of all...he's aware.


finishing maneuver(s): Pop-up powerbomb

signature maneuvers:
»Package piledriver
»Various suplexes
»Frog Splash


introductory roleplay:

As the scene fades in from black, an old gym comes into focus. It's red bricks showing their age and distress, hanging on to whatever hope is left in this ghost town. The ground around it is barren, as nothing but weeds sprout from in between the cracks of sidewalks. A large gust of wind causes a mini dust storm in the vacant lot adjacent to the gym.

Through the dust, a large shadowy figure appears. Dressed in all black, hoodie pulled over his head, and gym bag draped over his shoulder. He emerges from the cloud, and surveys the area around him. With a smirk and a short grunt, he makes his way inside the dilapidated building. Passing by the rows of rusty free weights, and weight benches that have seen better days, the figure takes his seat next to a large punching bag. Reaching into his bag, he pulls out a roll of tape, and begins the ritual of taping his wrists and hands. Cracking his neck, he stares into the camera as speckles of dust dance around in the sunlight...

So. PCW, huh? PRIMETIME! Hell, I was born for Primetime!

Now, I guarantee you all know who I am. So, you also know I love to talk about my favorite thing...ME! Yes, is I, the one and only, Kevin Owens. Or...Kevin F'N Owens to you. Now I'm here, live and in living color, the newest member of Primetime Championship Wrestling. You're probably asking yourself the same thing I often ask myself...what the hell am I doing HERE?! Well, the answer is pretty simple, Lemmings. I have traveled all across the globe, and shown EVERY ONE that I AM the best professional wrestler to ever lace up his boots. I've wrestled in front of 10 people in backyards, and in front of 90 thousand plus in sold out arenas. I've been body slammed on broken beer bottles in honkey tonk bars in Tennessee, and power bombed grown men onto barbed wire in Japan. There's not a DAMN THING I haven't done in this business, and there isn't a DAMN THING I would ever turn down FOR this business.

So here I am. PCW. New stomping grounds, to ONCE AGAIN show the world...I am the best. Something I already know, deep down in my core...and won't rest until I prove it. So, give me your best shot, folks. I'm here. I'm taking my first step up the ladder of success in PCW. The higher I get, the worse I feel for the next person standing in my way to the top. Because, as you all know, there is NOTHING that stands between Kevin F'N Owens and what he wants. Hit me with your best shot...I'm ready.

Owens reaches forward, pushing the camera to the side as he finishes taping his wrists. After taking a deep breath and rolling his shoulders, he begins to pound away on the punching bag, seemingly focused and all of the sudden oblivious to the world around him...


name: Matthew

e-fedding experience: I started in the late 90's, when e-feds were done by e-mail. I have experience with real and original characters. I love creative writing, and this is my favorite outlet to do so.

staff experience: Here and there. Never owned my own successful fed, but willing to help wherever needed.

how did you find pcw?: The Google Machine


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