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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Forget Round Waldo; You Have Much Bigger Problems Now - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Forget Round Waldo; You Have Much Bigger Problems Now

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Uploaded both to the video vault as well as the youtube profile is another candid exclusive from backstage at Path to Glory. Matt Riddle sits on his bench in the lockerroom, staring forward blankly. He holds his cellphone to his ear, listening intently.

"So all things considering, how'd it go out there tonight, Matt?"

Riddle lets out a sigh of obvious disappointment.

The King of Bros | MATT RIDDLE
"He's really gone... No match, no resolution. Just sayonara. I just don't get it, how could someone willingly just throw this all away?"
"Dude, forget about Owens! It's done. I called because I wanted to talk about those three sons of [BLEEP]es that just jumped your ass!" "Yeah, bro, what about it?" The non-nonchalant response of Riddle really throws of the flow of the conversation. "Aren't you at least a little pissed off?" "You're acting like I've never been jumped before." "You're still on about the big bully, Kevin Owens and his virtual hate-crime a few weeks ago. Three on one hardly seems like a fair fight!" His friend raises a good point. "Yeah, but I'm not a regular one. Bullying doesn't work on me." "You sure about that!? From the angle I saw it, you just got your ass kicked." "Bro, I've thrived in every combat sport that I've ever tried. There is no amount of damage that the Undefiled Era can do to me with their bare hands that'll keep me down. They're tough, they're good wrestlers, but they are NOT fighters." Kek, Riddle just made a virgin joke. "So what do you plan to do about it? You know guys like that aren't gonna go away until they get a stern kick in the teeth." "I know I can handle each of these guys, but all of them together!? That's gonna take a few tries." "You just gotta be SMART about it. Pick them off one by one and take out their leader the first chance you get!" "Divide and conquer. I'll figure it out. But for now I'm gonna stay persistent and never go away... Unlike so--" "Dude! Drop it! FOCUS, The Undisputed Era are your problem now." "Okay, bro, Undisputed Era... man... those guys can suck my--"

We're left with a tongue in cheek moment as the exclusive abruptly fades out to the PCW logo.


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