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Primetime Championship Wrestling: The Boss-n'-Hug Connection - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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The Boss-n'-Hug Connection Bayley and Sasha Banks

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boss-n'-hug connection!

personal information
NAME(S): Bayley, Sasha Banks
HEIGHT: 5'6", 5'5''
WEIGHT: 119 lbs., 115 lbs.
HOMETOWN: San Jose, California; Boston, Massachusetts

character description
Perhaps opposites do attract. The age-old idiom carries no more relevance than it does when juxtaposing the likes of Bayley and Sasha Banks with each other. The cheerful, optimistic and never-say-die demeanor of Bayley attached to the swagger and sass of Sasha Banks seems like an odd couple if there ever was one, but for these two, it's their one common denominator that supersedes even the greatest of differences in personality; their love for the ring. Vowing to push each other and their division to its absolute limits for not just themselves, but for the future of women in the industry, Bayley and Sasha Banks made history as cut-throat rivals, hellbent on one-upping the other. It was through the accolades and mutual respect developed for one another in which their bad blood had dried out and a true, unyielding friendship had formed. Now the other's most trusted confidant, Bayley and Sasha Banks have effectively dubbed themselves 'The Boss-n'-Hug Connection', and intend to continue to push the envelope and raise the bar even higher than they have ever before.

finishing manuevers
Bayley-to-Belly [Belly-to-belly suplex] [Bayley]
The Bank Statement [Backstabber-arching crossface] [Sasha Banks]

signature manuevers
Bayleyplex (suplex variants)
Bankrupt (cross-arm neckbreacker)
Running shoulder tackle
Rope-hung meteora
Top rope elbow drop
Suicide dive
Baseball slide corner dropkick
Frog splash

entrance music
"Turn It Up" by CFO$ [Bayley]

"Sky's the Limit" by CFO$ [Sasha Banks]

introductory roleplay

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