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Primetime Championship Wrestling: Sunday Night Slater Episode 1 - Primetime Championship Wrestling

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Sunday Night Slater Episode 1

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The following PCW Exclusive show is a scrapped pilot to a show filmed on June 1, 2018 and meant to air on on Sunday, June 3. Due to the graphic and violent ending of this particular program, PCW chose not to air this as intended. However in the light of recent events, and at the request of Heath Slater, this program will now be shown to you, the PCW Audience, in its entirety. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The video opens on a cheap studio set for a late night talk show. There's a plywood desk on stage next to a padded, cushioned steel chair. A banner hangs above the desk that reads "SUNDAY NIGHT SLATER : A PCW Production." A live audience is present for this taping, but their seats appear identical to the cheap padded steel chair on stage. The most expensive thing on stage are the PCW television cameras and the studio lights, which almost make this look like a semi-professional production. An announcer comes over the speakers that sounds suspiciously like a certain Southern Superstar.

"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to PCW's only late night talk show, SUNDAY NIGHT SLATER! And now heeeere's your host, HEATH SLATER!"

A chiptune version of "One Man Band" plays over the speakers as The One Man Southern Rock Band emerges from a curtained off area to growing applause. He's dressed in an ill-fitting gray suit that he probably purchased from a Goodwill store, a white button-up shirt, scuffed up patent black leather shoes that probably haven't been polished in ever, and a tacky yellow tie with bottles of beer depicted on it. Heath Slater plays to the audience's applause dancing around a bit to stretch it out before the music cuts out and he's left standing before the audience. A wide grin sweeps across his face. Papa Slater isn't scared. No, he's been dying for an opportunity like this to show he can manage his own show.

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
"Welcome everyone to the first ever late night talk show for Primetime Championship Wrestling!" The crowd cheers as Slater extends his arms towards the crowd. "Thank you. Thank you. We've got a great show for you guys tonight, featuring an old friend of mine as our first guest ever!" Slater raises an eyebrow as a few in the crowd clap and others go 'OOOOOO" out of curiosity. "But first, let's talk about what's going on in PCW. Now have y'all heard the rumors about John Cena? No? Well it turns out a lot of people are curious where Cena has gone, since he hasn't been on tv in a while. Personally, I can't tell the difference as I never could see him in the first place!" The crowd groans as The One Man Band tells one of the oldest jokes in wrestling. "We're just getting warmed up folks. Did you guys hear that Dana Brooke is the strongest woman in PCW? Well it's no wonder considering her workout routine includes lifting Tenille's massive ego every day!" This remark went over much better as several people in the crowd applauded Slater taking Tenille down a peg. "That's right. Hey, guess you shoulda been nice to me on twitter, huh, Ms. Dashwood?" A few chuckles went through the crowd. "Did y'all hear about Braun Strowman? Well it turns out he may be called the Monster Among Men here in PCW, but people who own all-you-can-eat buffets have different nicknames for him. They call him 'The Horror,' 'The Gaping Maw,' and my personal favorite, 'OH DEAR GOD, NO!'" This one actually got a big laugh from the crowd at the image of a restaurant owner cowering before Braun Strowman. "Last story of the evening before I introduce out guest tonight. Did you know that Cody Rhodes and Alexa Bliss actually went on a date in a cemetery to show that Cody isn't afraid of the Undertaker?" Slater paused and nodded thoughtfully at the crowd as if to commend Cody for the creative idea. "Yeah, I thought that was a fun idea too. Maybe while they're there they can bury the dead remains of Alexa Bliss's career." A huge "OHHHHHH" cry went across the crowd, followed by the clamor of applause as people loved Slater trashing The Throne. Slater took a small bow to the crowd with a wide grin on his face.

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
"Now we've arranged a great show for all of y'all. As I said at the beginning of the show, my guest tonight is a loooong time friend of mine. We wrassled together down in Florida when I only had two kids!" The crowd laughs at that as Slater nods in agreement with them. That's right! Just goes to show you how far back we go! In fact back in those days, he was still rockin' the lucha style, as opposed to now where he's more of a brawler. I can't wait to catch up with him about all I missed out on in his time here in PCW! Prepare yourselves for a wild ride folks because my guest is a little unpredictable, you might even say he's loco. Everybody please welcome, HUNICO!!!"

After the introduction from The One Man Band, a campy Midi keyboard version Hunico's theme song could be heard playing as The Loco One would march onto the set donning a brown and white checkered shirt, along with a matching bandanna, white Cortez sneakers and black pants. No sunglasses covering his brown eyes this time, instead Hunico's naked eyes were exposed as he appeared to be in an easy going mood this evening. No sign of his longtime amigo, Camacho, in sight, as he greets Slater with a smile, bringing his hand up going for a hand shake, the two engage, with smiles, but it wasn't long before Slater began to pat down Hunico, checking for weapons, as if he were entering a nightclub. He starts at the arms, and swiftly pats down each leg, while Hunico raises an eyebrow of confusion. He turns to his producers letting them know that he's clean.

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
"So great to see you Hunico, take a seat. So my first question to you is, where have you been, man? A lot of people thought you fell off the Earth for a while there!

Posted Image
"¿Dónde he estado?" Hunico scoffs, shaking his head " I'll tell you where I've been... I've been held back by management! You wouldn't know what that's like though. Right? I mean, You sign a contract, you get put right on TV, you even get your own show. He pauses a moment, holding his arms up, showing off the set that they were filming on. " Me? I had to MAKE opportunities for myself. ¡ Como siempre lo he hecho! I went from taking out Cena, to competing in a completely random Cage match for the PCW Rising Championship. I did it ON MY OWN, ESE! Those foos in charge around here can ride in their limos, wear their stupid cowboy hats, have sex on TV, and bark orders, but they'll NEVER be half the man that Hunico is, I'll tell you that much. Sólo me siento como..."

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
"Now I'm gonna have to stop you right there, Hunico. My Spanish may not be that great, but I'm sure you just said that I've been getting better opportunities than you and that's just not true. I've been around since before Path To Glory and I still had to beg JBL to book me in my debut match. And guess what? I lost." Hunico was highly irritated with the interruption but he couldn't help but grin at Slater admitted to his failure to beat David Starr. "That's right I admit it! But my loss at the hands of the 'Bernie Sanders of Wrestling doesn't really have that much bearing on your argument so I'll move on. I've heard you talkin' and saying that JBL is discriminating against you in terms of opportunities in PCW. Do you think he's racist or that he just doesn't like your win-loss record?"

Posted Image
Look man, I don't know nothin' bout that foo JBL, except the fact that he HATES my people, and that's fine, you have money, you have power. But it don't matter how much cash that dude has in his shiny bank account, because regardless of whatever gringo they want to bring up? I'm making it my mission to take them down!" He sneers directly at Slater "Next question, vato!."

A sinister grin smeared over Hunico's face as he made a threat to not only PCW management, but every PCW Superstar in the back. Reluctant to participate in this originally, The Loco One was now using the platform to send a message - he was back and ready to take over. He sat back in his chair, arms folded over his chest the One Man Band presented a new question.

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
Now EC3 has been claiming that he kicked you out of the company after he beat you in the middle of the ring. What do you have to say to that?

The Barrio Brawler would scowl at Slater, in disbelief at the question.

Posted Image
"¿tienes un cerebro en la cabeza? ¿o está vacío?" He scoffs at Slater, rolling his eyes at the question "Bro, EC3? He's a spoiled rich gringo, and we all know the only reason he's here is because his Tía is extremely good at laying on her back. He would spread his lips in another shady grin before continue. The only reason he beat me? Is because the machine is always against me. Think about it. I'm set to take the title from Harper. I beat him to a bloody pulp, week in and week out. The company knew that. So what did they do? Oh, they threw me in a cage match against him, the night before our match, and all of a sudden EC3 is main eventing Turmoil against me? ¿Eso suena como una coincidencia?" Slater nods his head, completely unsure of what Hunico even said " I DON'T THINK SO! They kept me off TV. They claim that they didn't want me to be a liability, and were concerned about my health. Well, you should've seen their faces when I returned at Path to Glory... And I can't to see their faces when I reclaim my right place here in PC..."

HEATH SLATER | The One Man Band
"I'm super sorry to interrupt, Hunico, but my producer is giving me the signal to go home." Hunico scowls at this. "I would like to thank you for agreeing to be my guest tonight on the very first episode of Sunday Night Slater. My final question to you is this. Is Camacho like your life partner or what? I'm not here to judge I'm just askin'?

Hunico's eyes would widen, and the camera zoomed in on his confused expression. He couldn't believe the amount of disrespect pouring from Slater's lips. His temper looked as if it were going to rise, but suddenly, he exhaled, calming resting back in his chair, before his lips curled together in a devious smirk.

Posted Image
You know what, holmes? That's a good question. Lo mejor que has pedido toda la noche.... Why don't you ask Camacho yourself?"

The camera would pan out, with Slater beginning to ramble about thanking the audience and Hunico for agreeing to be here, unaware that Camacho had stepped into frame behind his chair. Camacho wore a plaid button up shirt, with a black beanie over his head, and black sunglasses over his eyes. His arms were folded over his chest, as he towered over the seated Heath Slater. The One Man Band was suddenly rendered silent as he felt a hand grip his throat from behind him. As Slater is lifted up out of his chair, he begins to struggle to get free before Hunico slams his fist into Slater's stomach, causing all the air to rush out of the One Man Band's lungs and for him to go still for a moment. Camacho takes this moment to raise the Southern Superstar up and slam him face first through the table with a reverse chokeslam. The audience gasps in horror as the particle board desk turns to powder under the crushing weight of Heath Slater and the host of the show lies on the floor twitching in response to the sneak attack. Hunico picks up his chair and goes to heft it towards Slater, but notices the padding on it and tosses it aside in disgust. The crowd, the producers and the staff working the show are horrified as Hunico surveys the room, looking for something to finish Slater off. A wide grin spreads across the face of Hunico as he spots something in the distance. With help from Camacho, the two get Slater staggering up to his feet. The crowd shouts in horror as they begin running with Heath, holding him by his tie and suit jacket and toss him face first into a lighting stand. A producer can be heard shouting, "NOOOOOO," as Slater's face impacts the light stand and the lights crash down only a few feet away from the fallen host. Blood is pooling on the floor now around Slater's face and members of the crowd are running for the exits. The producers can be heard shouting to shut the show down and get everybody out of there, to call the police, to call the ambulance. In the middle of it all Hunico and Camacho are looking down at the fallen Heath Slater and smiling, like they accomplished a job well done. Hunico and Camacho calmly walk away from the scene as people rush to help Heath Slater and the video cuts to black abruptly.

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