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  1. In Topic: Booking Thread

    11 October 2017 - 04:21 AM

    No bookings for me, plox.
  2. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    18 September 2017 - 08:20 AM

    Lookin' for the next (first???) big fight for the Big Dog. If anyone is interested, hit me up! =D
  3. In Topic: Superstars You Would Have Chosen (except TJP)

    17 September 2017 - 08:30 PM

    - - - -

    As we're taken back to ringside following that brief promotional video, advertising the arrival of Emma to the land of Primetime, the PCW Universe is already abuzz and wondering exactly how soon she'll be making her appearance. After several moments, however, the entire crowd is caught off-guard as an unfamiliar song begins to play through the arena's speaker system...

    oh my lord, take this soul
    lay me at the bottom of the river
    the devil has come to carry me home
    lay me at the bottom...

    the bottom of the river

    And as Blues Saraceno's "The River" echoes off the walls of the arena, the crowd in attendance - and all those watching at home - find the answer to the very question they'd just been asking themselves. Soon, in this case, means now, as Emma herself emerges from beyond the black curtain and steps foot onto the stage! Her lips, dark red on this particular evening, are curled up in a small, confident smirk as she looks out at the PCW Universe from behind her dark shades. She doesn't move past the top of the ramp, however; perfectly content to address the audience from there as she stands and waits, a microphone already held in her hand. Once her theme has faded out and the somewhat mixed, though mostly negative crowd has died down, Emma takes just a moment before speaking up.

    Posted Image
    Let's be honest, now - who actually saw this coming?” Emma questions, smirking still as she glances around at the audience before continuing. “That's right, nobody. Because a lot of you may not like me, and I certainly don't like those of you, but I think we can all agree on at least one thing. And that's the fact that, as of late? Things around here have just been so predictable. Which is why, when that little video played just a few moments ago? You all probably thought you wouldn't be seeing little old me for at least another month, if not longer. But here I am, on the very same night, breaking the mold just like I've always done.” Put off by her arrogance alone, a majority of the crowd begins to boo Emma once again, though this only reinforces the smirk she already wears as she slowly shakes her head. “Oh, that's right. How could I forget? You people don't like to give credit where it's due! At least, not when that credit is due to someone like me. Because unless I'm all bubbles and smiles, none of you want anything to do with me! Let alone actually give me the credit I deserve. And I don't just mean for being the tremendous athlete that I am, or even the fact that I'm undoubtedly better than every single woman back in that locker room - oh no. Because in the end? Those are both things I'm going to prove, beyond even a SHADOW of a doubt, and you'll all look just like the fools you really are. But what I deserve credit for, what should have you all on your hands and knees worshiping the very ground I walk on, is the fact that... All of this?” Emma begins, gesturing around her with her free hand, though exactly what she's gesturing at - or what she's referring to - is unclear. “It belongs to me. And I can tell by the dumb looks on all your faces that you're not sure what I'm talking about... So let me remind you. Let me REMIND YOU of the fact that, without me? There would never have been any women's revolution.” Again the fans jeer, not at all behind Emma here - but that doesn't hinder her at all as she continues. “That's right, because I'M the one who started it. I'M the one who put things into motion by being the greatest women's wrestler to ever grace this sport. I'M the one who's responsible for the paradigm shift in women's wrestling, because even when they tried to make a joke out of me by having me dance around chasing bubbles? I persevered. They stacked the odds and put obstacle after obstacle in my way, but each and every time, I overcame them. And no matter how many times they've tried to knock me down, I've always gotten back up. But do I get credit for any of that? For bringing about a new age, and breathing new life and new hope into women's wrestling?” Emma questions, a bitter scowl taking over her facial features as she shakes her head. “No, of course not. Despite all I've done, despite EVERYTHING I've given to this industry, to all of you, and to all those ingrates back in the locker rooms - I haven't heard even a single thank you. And make no mistake, I deserve a Hell of a lot more than that. But instead, the powers that be try to sweep me under the rug, because I dared upset their precious status quo. You people? You boo me because I refused to just be another ridiculous sideshow! And all the girls in the back? Well, let's be 100% clear on this one - the only reason they hate me is because they're not me, no matter how hard they try to be.” Emma states, to another chorus of boos from the crowd. Simply smirking once again, she carries on. “Because from Peyton Royce and Raquel Diaz, alll the way down to Tessa Blanchard and Toni Storm, they're all exactly the same. They all want to be me. They all dream of being the next woman to shatter the next glass ceiling, and revolutionize women's wrestling again... But guess what? Those dreams... Well. They're exactly that, and nothing more. Because no matter how hard they all TRY? None of those girls back there have what it takes to revolutionize anything. They're ALL just parodies - of me, of each other, of women who haven't been relevant in so long that they THINK they can get away with it... But not anymore.” Emma states, shaking her head slowly. “Because now that I'm here, that's all going to change. I'm going to show these girls, and everyone else, EXACTLY what it looks like to lead a revolution. I'm going to show you ALL what it looks like when you're the GREATEST competitor to ever step foot in that ring. But most importantly? Most importantly... I'm going to show you all exactly who Emma REALLY is. Not a joke, not some dancing, bubble-chasing moron, and certainly not someone who's going to sit by and let herself get swept under the rug after EVERYTHING she's done for this industry... No.” Emma states firmly, again shaking her head before continuing. “So who am I? I'm the woman who set the stage for every other who's come through here, and managed to get even the tiniest bit of success. I'm the woman who held women's wrestling up, single handedly, while everyone else took credit. And I'm the woman who is done getting over looked, and brushed aside, and made out to be anything less than what I truly am. I AM the best that this industry has ever seen... And it's about time that all of you finally learn to accept it. Because from this moment forward? All of this?” Emma again gestures around herself, before using her free hand to point to herself as she delivers a final message. “It's all... about... me.

    With those final words, Emma allows her microphone to slip out of her hand, and it lands on the steel ramp with an audible thud before the sound of Blues Saraceno's "The River" begins to play once more. Pointing to herself with both hands now as the fans boo and jeer, Emma reiterates her final message, drawing further ire as we fade to commercial break.
  4. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    13 September 2017 - 07:50 PM

    Due to scheduling conflicts, Akam and Tommaso Ciampa have been pulled from next week's Takedown. As a result, their scheduled opponents will now face as Corey Graves squares off against Luke Harper. We apologize for any inconvenience!
  5. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    13 September 2017 - 01:04 AM

    Anddd Takedown is UP! Big thanks to all who angled and roleplayed, as well as

    The Villain for Ciampa/O'Reilly
    Necronomicon for LayCool/TnT
    & ADA 2 for Harper/Omega


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    Sean Icon

    26 Jun 2017 - 19:07
    I haven't got around to saying it -- But I really enjoy your work as Roode. Keep it up, bud.
  2. Photo

    Old Tom Icon

    23 May 2017 - 03:42
    My Discord crashed, but I am going to go to sleep anyway. pls offer feedback to my role play thx, and ask brett when sammy sosa will be in the nhl playoffs for me
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    Necronomicon Icon

    12 May 2017 - 18:16
    Posted Image
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    Killing The Fed Icon

    26 Feb 2017 - 02:25
    Hey, man. Just wanted to tell ya' that I'm lovin' your RP so far! I'll comment on it as soon as I get back from this restaurant!
  5. Photo

    Dizaster. Icon

    25 Feb 2017 - 23:03
    your match* (lol)
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    Dizaster. Icon

    25 Feb 2017 - 23:03
    http://pcwrestling.n...ey-call-graves/ -- I once did an elevator scene with Corey Graves. You may have done it better. ;) good work, brother. Best of luck for your ...
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    Mr. Irrelevant Icon

    11 Jan 2017 - 07:29
    your orton is terrific.
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    Old Tom Icon

    14 Dec 2016 - 07:01
    Alright. You and Zach gotta stop changing your names. Anyway, I should be back on QQ and stuff soon. My computer's Harddrive is kill, and has been for about a week. New one is coming in on Thursday, so I should be back before the weekend, or during the weekend. Which probably means I'll have some kind of company, considering my luck. >_>
  9. Photo

    Deathray Icon

    11 Dec 2016 - 15:17
    Thanks bruv. <3
  10. Photo

    Old Tom Icon

    24 Oct 2016 - 05:11
    Sorry for not being on QQ. I've felt like crap for most of the day because of my asthma. I'll be around after work tomorrow\today, most likely though.
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    China White Icon

    21 Oct 2016 - 05:06
    Happy birthday old man :3
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    HOW!? Icon

    20 Oct 2016 - 22:38
    Happy birthday senior admin.
  13. Photo

    Old Tom Icon

    20 Oct 2016 - 04:48
    Happy birthday, fucboi.
  14. Photo

    China White Icon

    28 Sep 2016 - 21:09
    So, good luck xD. Gonna be damn close but I think your RP may claim it.
  15. Photo

    Old Tom Icon

    14 Sep 2016 - 17:51
    I should be on QQ at some point after work tonight. I was just real tired yesterday, and didn't feel like dragging you guys along.
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