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  1. The Velveteen Dream

    22 December 2017 - 01:54 AM

    The Primetime Championship Wrestling network's streaming service would be in full flow, documenting an original production that documented the rise of the knockouts in professional wrestling, from the point of view of four pioneers. The cornerstones; Raquel Diaz, AJ Lee, Kaitlyn and lastly, but not least, Paige. The documentary-styled broadcast was a big deal within the PCW Universe, showing backstage footage of the women who had just recently closed off one of the rivalries of the year. Each knockout would tell the story from their point of view, and thousands were tuning in live to take everything in. That was until the broadcast, almost mid-sentence, would be broken free. A shimmering sound, the cartoon shooting star, would whistle through the speakers and headphones of viewers as a purple aura seemed to blanket the pictures. Small puffs of glitter and fairy-dust would engulf the on-screen show until the broadcast was no longer viewable. The feint, distorted voices of the cornerstones were quickly drifting into the background as the smooth yet vibrant chords of Childish Gambino's 'Redbone' began to make themselves known. It was as if an impromptu commercial break had been called on a sporting event, due to a break in play, however this wasn't a live show. This was not something that required any sort of interruption. This was a takeover.


    As the entrancing music would continue over the cascading violet background, an eternity of mauve madness seemingly forming a backdrop before our eyes, almost forming a nebula, a shadow would slowly emerge from the right, slowly the silhouette of human sleazing into the frame with the pace that seemed as if gravity was lesser within this setting. The male form would become evident as he sauntered passively, his chest puffed outwards and his muscular frame very blatant, despite the obvious attempts to keep the person a mystery.


    The lighting within this entrancing, wonderland setting would begin to adjust as the man before us would stand with his back to the audience, every moment as if his limbs were paint brushes, crafting a masterpiece. The distortion was so delicate, the motions hypnotic. He would clasp his legs together as the camera would seemingly peer inwards, focusing on his back that was covered in a simple white button shirt, the piece apart at the front and at the cuffs, his arms stretching out wide at his side as the music would almost carry us through on this journey, almost making us forget about the acclaimed documentary before it.

    Posted Image

    With that, the man, our focal point, would take his outstretched arms and bring them back in, both of his hands pulling upwards on his peacock-esque hair, the vibrant male spinning on his tip toes to face us, revealing himself as perhaps the only man he could've been. The effects were not to sway the viewing audience, the outfit not to fool, for this was the man that everybody had expected, a pout of the lips as the Velveteen Dream pushed his sunglasses further upon the bridge of his nose. As much as he tried to distort his emotions, a wicked smirk would catch the corner of his pouted face, the man stretching his neck upwards and rolling it around as he would take a deep exhale outwards, allowing us to hear the rich breath leaving his lungs.

    Posted Image
    "PCW Universe, I understand. I know that you didn't come looking for me, I know that you didn't come here expecting me, but I believe that now is as good of a time as any for you to stay put and take notice. Recognise me. Acknowledge me. The interruption of your scheduled program does not come without good reason, and simply put, that good reason is the induction of the Velveteen Dream, onto your beloved Primetime Championship Wrestling roster." Velveteen would shrug a shoulder as he turned himself to the right, taking a slow step to one side before twisting and coming back on himself, every flick of emotion filled with buckets of sass. "No more will your Thursday nights be the one-rail train of the past, for now, I am your conductor. Your pilot. The captain, as every woman, and every man, take a ride upon the Velveteen Dream experience. Brace yourself for wonder. Prepare to be dazzled. Ready yourself for take-off as the Velveteen Dream lifts a drab, dull and washed out Primetime Championship Wrestling into a new era of vibrance, where the linear mind is no longer the right mind. See, for too long, wrestling has desperately waited on a dream! For generations, everything that I am, was a dream! Everything that I am, everything that I represent and all that I wish to be was simply folklore! Mythological! Fairy tales! For how could a man without a primal mind and a carnivorous desire succeed in a caveman's game?! Before, even I did not know, but now? I stand before you as more than a dream. I stand before you as an oasis among the mirage! The fur amongst the faux!" The Velveteen Dream would brush his hands upwards from his sides, running them up across his glorious physique and up upon his face, obnoxiously adjusting the tied cloth that would cover the circumference of his hair, maintaining its shape. After ensuring its perfection, Dream would return a right hand to his hip, and the left to a point before him. "With the new year encroaching with the grace of an 'Indy star', allow me to announce my resolution before you today. When two thousand and eighteen comes to fruition, and the holiday songs have fallen back into their locks for one more solar cycle, I will make PCW into my place of worship. No longer will the institution that dominates this industry be towered by the cookie cutter man. No longer will Primetime Championship Wrestling be a home for the black boot wearing men of the past. Consider that era rubber-stamped and finalised." Velveteen would nod his head as he would blow on his left hands nails, fanning them gracefully before his face as he snickered. Every sound was so soft, every motion so soothing as the instrumental of Redbone continued beyond the scene. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream; A dream that involves empowering the unique, rewarding the exclusive and celebrating the different. Very soon, PCW will have to open their eyes to the next generation, the opposition to tradition, and take notice. So I ask again, recognise me. Acknowledge me. I ask you all at home to say out-loud -and don't give a damn who watches- Say my name! Pledge your allegiance to the Velveteen Dream, and make sure the first mark in your calendar this New Year is a reminder to tune in, to Turmoil, and experience! Bare witness! Be able to tell your grandchildren that you were watching live, when the Velveteen Dream... became reality!"

    With that, the Velveteen Dream would simply glare towards the camera from behind his round-rimmed glasses, that same arrogant smirk etched into his expression. The purple explosions would seemingly slowly eat away at him, the particles absorbing the dream back from the forefront of the network, and slowly back into the regularly scheduled programming without a hitch, resuming at the exact point the documentary had been interrupted. The Dream had announced his intentions before a large audience tonight, and had left many scrambling away to converse upon the huge happening, the wrestling world speculating moreso on Velveteen as the man himself simply faded back into the stars.

    Credit to Zach for the graphics.
  2. PCW Exclusive: El Idolo

    22 September 2017 - 02:57 PM

    Posted Image

    With the small click and the hum of machines working in the background, our scene would open on this Youtube exclusive. The camera, not held in the usual 'Live TV manner' and instead probably in the hands of an unpaid intern, would sway gently from side to side as the hurried face of Charly Caruso would try her hardest to act relaxed. It was as if the show had taken alot out of her, this exclusive being filmed just following the emphatic Takedown. With red cheeks and a posture that wasn't as crisp as usual, Charly would stand before us with that same smile etched on her face, a microphone between her dainty fingers as she gave a nod to the person behind the camera. We would assume that a signal was given back as the microphone was lifted up via her right fist, Charly speaking directly to the audience. "Ladies and gentleman, what a Takedown that was! Drama, action, PCW certainly does it better than anyone! I'm standing here with another member of the Takedown roster, a man who has yet to grace the blue Tuesday nights; Andrade 'Cien' Almas!" Charly would take a small backwards step to her side as the camera slightly panned out, a suited and booted Andrade stepping into the frame, his hair slicked back and that same arrogant smile that we'd seen at Collision Course plastered across his bearded face. He would look down on Charly, hands on his hips, a very relaxed demeanour on show. Charly would bring the microphone back up to her own lips, looking up at Almas. "Andrade, you officially made your Primetime Championship Wrestling debut a good while ago, when you attacked Ted DiBiase Jr, an attack that led to him quitting the company. It conjured up alot of interest, alot of social media movement and you found yourself trending within PCW. Since then, however, the Takedown roster has yet to see you.with many wondering about the situation of Andrade 'Cien' Almas, what can you tell us?" Charly Caruso would brush back her brunette lochs with her left hand, allowing the camera to get a clear view of her side profile, whilst the right hand would hold the microphone under the chin of Almas.

    Posted Image
    "Charly... Why the rush?... Why the hurry?... Paciencia... This sport, wrestling, is not a game in which you can afford to make mistakes. Wrestling, for me, is not a race. This is not a sprint. Wrestling is strategy, wrestling is thought, and my first move? It will come. Takedown, for now, must simply prepare itself. Be ready, for Andrade 'Cien' Almas. Be ready, for El Idolo."

    Charly would be a little taken back by the blunt answer from Andrade, whose eyes had wandered onto other things within the setting. He seemed as if he didn't care for the interview, simply letting time fly by. "Andrade, the public will want to hear an answer from you. Is there any sort of date that you could confirm, in terms of a debut match? Or eve-" Charly was cut off by the eccentric stomp of a boot from down the hallway. "WHOA! WHOA!-... Whoa!" With a stomp of another boot, Thea Trinidad would make her presence known. She would stampede into the frame, her tiny figure shielding Andrade from the microphone. After putting herself between him and Charly, Thea would point her finger into the chest of Charly, vicious.

    Posted Image
    "AHEM! Who the HELL do you think YOU ARE?! HUH?! Thinkin' that y'all can just get an interview with 'EL IDOLO'?! Do you know who Andrade is, Charly?! Of course you do, because he is a CELEBRITY! Just like I am a CELEBRITY! People like us do not partake in second rate gossip columns such as yours, OKAY?! People like us are ABOVE that! Are you TMZ?! Nope! Are you People?! NUH-UH! Are you VOGUE?! NOT EVEN CLOSE! So why- WHY IN GOD'S NAME- did you think that this HEIST of an interview would work out, WITHOUT A HITCH?! Do you think I am not watching?! Do you think I am a FOOL?! Today, you have tried to get a scoop which does NOT belong to you, so consider yourself, from this point on, OUT IN THE COLD in regards to my client; ANDRADE 'CIEN' ALMAS! You will not APPROACH him! You will not SAY HIS NAME! You will not even BREATHE in his direction, because if you do?! IF YOU STEP OVER THE LINE, AGAIN?! BELIEVE ME when I say I'd have NO PROBLEM REWIRIN' that pretty little skull of yours! EL IDOLO WILL BE TAKEDOWN'S FINEST! BUT- It won't be when YOU want him, or these PATHETIC, STINKING LOSERS WANT HIM- It will be when I, THEA TRINIDAD, decide that he is ready! Ready to take Takedown's spotlight, ALL FOR HIMSELF!... Let's go Andrade."

    With that, Thea would gently push Andrade, who would laugh in the face of Charly. It was as if he knew it was going to happen, the two leaving the scene with only an empty looking Charly Caruso on her own.
  3. Andrade "Cien" Almas

    12 September 2017 - 01:08 PM

    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    real name - - manuel andrade oropeza
    ring name - - andrade "cien" almas
    height - - 5 ft 9 in
    weight - - 210 lb
    hometown - - gomez palacio, durango, mexico
    age - - 27

    disposition - - heel
    gimmick - - andrade almas is the life of the party, obsessed with the celebrity nightlife. under thea trinidad's guidance, his malicious intentions are more focused.

    finishing moves - -
    - la sombra [hammerlock ddt]
    signature moves - -
    - running double knee smash
    - corkscrew ddt
    - split-legged moonsault
    - discus back elbow
    - rope hung triangle armbar
    - tornado ddt
    - turnbuckle powerbomb
    - shooting star press

    entrance theme - - 'making a difference' - cfo$
    entrance description - -
    The hushed arena, awaiting the arrival of the next superstar, was thrown into disarray with the obnoxious shout of "EL IDOLO!", many of the crowd in attendance beginning their booing of the incoming Mexican icon. From behind the PCW curtain stepped the infamous Andrade "Cien" Almas, dressed in all white with his hair slicked backwards across his head. He would display that classic cocky swagger, arriving at the center of the stage and falling to his knees. He would then be overtaken by the gorgeous Thea Trinidad, the Latina knockout strutting beyond him before turning and wagging her finger, beckoning the former masked man upwards. Almas would smugly oblige, climbing to his feet before raising an arm above his head. Initiating a few boos in the crowd, Almas simply laughed to himself before sticking his tongue out, maintaining a very slow walk to the ring as Thea hurled abuse to the front rows. She waited for him at ringside, Almas eventually reaching it before Thea would slap him motivationally on the chest, turning and parading up the ring steps whilst Almas would simply hoist himself onto the apron, rolling underneath the bottom rope before contorting on the ground, ending up facing the hard camera whilst sitting on his knees. Thea would step through the ropes and step behind La Sombra, placing a hand on his shoulder as they posed, the music fading out.

  4. Thea Trinidad

    29 August 2017 - 09:49 PM

    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    real name - - thea megan trinidad
    ring name - - thea trinidad
    height - - 5 ft 0 in
    weight - - 99 lb
    hometown - - queens city, new york
    age - - 26

    disposition - - heel
    gimmick - - under this current disposition, thea is a callous manager and competitor. almost bipolar, thea maintains professionalism when working with almas, whilst able to completely change her personality when it comes to competing.
    short description - - thea is a petite shit-talker who will stop at nothing to ascend to the top, latching onto whatever and whoever will get her there, as fast as possible.

    finishing moves - -
    - drop dead, gorgeous [moonsault to double knee stomp]
    - skull candy [question mark kick]

    signature moves - -
    - facewash to cornered opponent
    - superkick
    - standing tornado ddt
    - jumping cutter
    - jumping stunner
    - hurricanrana

    entrance theme - - 'el chapo' - the game and skrillex
    entrance description - -
    The sudden change of lighting within the arena to a low tango glow would signify the arrival of another superstar. All of a sudden, the horns of The Game's 'El Chapo' would boom throughout the stadium, almost shaking the foundations of the architecture as a small figure strutted onto centre stage with a hand on her hip. Dressed to compete in a metallic two-piece attire, Thea Trinidad would pose in a variety of different ways, her hips the focal point as she seemingly showed the audience every single angle of herself. After awhile there, Thea would begin on her way towards the ring, making haste down the ramp with her arms swinging at her side, a piece of gum in her mouth obnoxiously chewed all the way down. As she reached ringside, the gum would be spat upwards, into the crowd to her side, Thea giggling before performing a mini leap onto the stage-side apron. She would immediately step through the ropes and into the middle of the ring, nodding her head before stepping up to the camera-side ropes and stepping onto the bottom rope. Leaning forward seductively, Thea would entice the male fans nearby, then screaming abuse at them whilst she stepped away.

  5. PCW Exclusive: Queensguard

    12 August 2017 - 11:34 AM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    With a quick wink and a deep breath, our scene would open to the warm-faced Renee Young standing in one of PCW's cookie cutter backstage hallways with a microphone raised to her mouth. She would stand to one side of the camera, sporting a deep blue sundress and would be side-on to our view as she aimed her welcome towards us and the long-awaited guest. "Ladies and gentlemen, we're fresh off another hectric Turmoil, gettin' closer and closer to Collision Course! I'm here with a much anticipated guest, someone that we're yet to hear from in PCW! The gorgeous Thea Trinidad!" Renee would nod her head towards Thea, who stood in her typical light blue and black two-piece ring attire. Despite the compliment, Thea didn't seem too pleased whatsoever. She stood with her lead leg forward, arms crossed against her chest as she glared at the camera, rather than paying much attention towards the blonde Renee beside her. "Thea, your impact on Turmoil since arriving has been nothin' short of impressive, teaming up with Alexa Bliss and supposedly becoming a part of 'The Throne', I just want to know what your thought process behind the move to PCW was?" Renee held the microphone outwards, aimed at Thea who would turn her gaze slightly in Renee's direction, pouting. "Primetime Championship Wrestling was just one of many on the list of people who wanted me! Thea Trinidad is the first name on the guest-list, the first invite sent out, the ONE PERSON that everybody has their door held open for! There is not a wrestling company on this EARTH that didn't want Thea Trinidad, and yet I hand-picked PCW, why?! Cause I got sick, Renee! I got SICK of THIS!" Thea would lift her hand and show the back, holding up four fingers, a carbon copy of the classic four horsemen/horsewomen taunt. She would shake her wrist, blowing on her nails as she styled out of it. "I got sick of a few select women, hogging up the spotlight, thinking THEY were special! Thinking they were something, because they named THEMSELVES as pioneers of the current generation! I MEAN REALLY?! Can you even COMPREHEND the pure EGO behind that?! HUH RENEE?! Can you imagine holding up four stupid fingers and claiming that you PIONEERED women's interviewing?! NO! Because you're not thick-skulled, you're not DE-LUUUUU-DED! PCW didn't offer me ANYTHING other than a stage where I could step in, throw hands and PROVE that just because people PRETEND they're special, it doesn't mean they ARE SPECIAL! Cause at the end of the day? When push comes to shove?! I am here to make sure, just as history wrote, that you need a little more than a few PATHETIC horsewomen, to stand a HOPE IN HELL'S CHANCE, of taking down a THRONE!" Thea licked her lips as she finished, giggling to herself before strutting away from the scene without a second thought. Renee would be left to stare awkwardly at the leaving Thea as our exclusive came to a close.


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