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  1. Adam Cole

    20 August 2017 - 09:11 PM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image


    name: Adam Cole

    height: 5'11

    weight: 210lbs

    hometown: Panama City, Florida

    disposition: Heel

    character description: The Panama City Playboy, The King Of Honor, The One - Adam Cole is the hottest free agent in today's pro wrestling world. After te people hae watched him progress through the years, they've become more and more endeared to the cocky yet charismatic Cole. It doesn't help that he's a complete dick who will do anything to get himself where he wants to be.


    finishing maneuver(s):
    » The Last Shot (Vertical Suplex dropped into Brainbuster on the knee)
    » Panama Sunrise (Canadian Destroyer after using the second rope for momentum)
    » Figure Four Leglock

    signature maneuvers:
    » Superkick (Can also be used to finish weaker opponents)
    » Shining Wizard
    » Florida Key (Bridging Cross-Armed Suplex)
    » Wheelbarrow lifted into Double Knee Backbreaker
    » German Suplex


    introductory roleplay:



    name: Rob

    e-fedding experience: Too much

    staff experience: Too much

    how did you find pcw?: I work here

  2. Chris Jericho

    05 May 2017 - 02:47 AM



    Smoke immediately begins to billow out of the stage as the fans boos and jeers grow louder and louder and louder. The stage is immersed in a cloud of thick smoke and finally The Rated R Superstar Edge and his lovely girlfriend, JoJo Offerman would emerge from it with victorious grins on their faces! Edge's eyes are wide with excitement as he steps forward hand in hand with JoJo wearing a pair of blue trunks with his black and white Rated R Superstar logo on the sides of his legs and a pair of wrist bands with the same logo. His elbows are protected by a pair of plain black elbow pads. Over his shoulder? His PCW World Heavyweight Championship! His hair his a short blonde and it is dry as he makes his way down the ramp with his girlfriend.

    Bruce Buffer: "On their way to the ring... hailing from North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, and Toronto, Ontario Canada... JoJo Copeland and the PCW World Heavyweight Champion... THE RATED R... SUUUUUUPERRRRSTARRRR... EDGE!"

    As they reach the bottom of the ramp, Edge's eyes light up as she slowly marches up the ring steps and enters the ring spreading her legs wide enough for Edge to slide under the bottom the rope and between her legs in his prone position. Eyes darting back and forth, Edge finally pops to his feet and heads to the ropes to balance himself on the middle one raising his right arm in a taunt before dismounting and turning his attention to the crowd. JoJo has retrieved a microphone, and she hands it over to her loving husband who responds by giving her a long, passionate kiss. The two would break, and Edge would slowly raise the microphone up to his mouth...

    Posted Image
    There has been a lo-"

    The lights go low, and the titantron has gone black. Suddenly, something pops up on it.












    OH MY GOD! The silence that has fallen over the crowd turns into UPROAR as "Break The Walls Down" by Jim Johnston blares over the sound system! Edge is in shock at the events that are happening, JoJo looks disrespected - AND CHRIS JERICHO LOOKS TO BE ALL SMILES TONIGHT FOLKS! Walking out onto the stage wearing a black vest, tight black jeans, and a signature dark grey scarf - the only thing you can see are the pearly whites of Jericho - brush your teeth, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. They look like midget KKK members or something probably a bit less racial. He's walking with the famous Jericho swagger, looking towards the sea of people that are cheering for him while World Champion Edge hasn't moved a muscle since the music hit. JoJo can be heard asking her hubby to do something, but Edge just stares at his old friend at the top of the ramp. Y2J's glance across the stadium stops on Edge and JoJo, and he almost jumps back a tad in feint surprise - as if he didn't know they were out there. Jericho would take one last look at the raucous crowd, lifting the microphone he had in his hand up to his lips - and he would deliver a warning to those watching at home.

    Posted Image
    Do not adjust your television sets.... or your computer screens... or your tablets, phones - WHATEVER IT IS you might be witnessing history on, just don't touch it. What you're seeing is live, it is real, and it is the BEST thing to grace your presence all night. Isn't that right... Jujubes? The crowd would break out into uproarious laughter at Jericho, who kept a serious face on throughout. The married couple in the ring would not find this as amusing however, JoJo pouting while Edge screams that his old buddy has the wrong name. What? What do you mean that's not her name? What is it then?! Jumanji?! Jubilee?! "HER NAME IS JOJO!" Her name is--- her name is WHAT?! Listen Edge, buddy, pal, friend'o-me, friend-o'my - I know you're the Rated R Superstar. But we have kids watching, you can't just say those things! Just because you think she's a chocolate delight with cream filling inside doesn't mean you can call your own wife HOHO on live television! A very loud "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" can be heard echoing throughout the arena, coming from the millions and millions of The Rock's fans Jericholics in attendance tonight. We see Edge's eyes getting ready to pop out of his head, while JoJo is in the background giving him the death stare. He looks to his wife, begging for mercy as she's only become angry - and it's up to the words of Jericho to put a stop to it. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, ladies and ladies - there will be no fighting between one another under the watchful eye of Chris Jericho! One, because you're supposed to be a unit. Your marriage is supposed to be stronger than a few petty insults from some old Canadian geezer who thinks he's still got it.... shame on Edge. And TWO.... because we've got a sanctioned PCW Official in the ring, and his first instinct is gonna be to ring that bell! And since it is 2017, I wouldn't feel too comfortable having to beat up a woman to become World Champion. Unless of course, that woman is Edge. More reaction from the crowd, all good. Even though Jericho said he'd beat a woman, it's not possible for Edge to actually become a woman at the moment... unless JoJo has the Candice Michelle wand from like, SvR 2006. More shouting from Edge, and Jericho smiles. Oh come on Edge, don't tell me you've gone soft on me now, which I'm sure you've heard before. I'm just out here, having some fun for the PCW Universe! I'm still the same old Chrissy J! Sure, maybe I'm not the same guy you met waaaaaaay before Juwanna Mann over there was born with the wacky hairstyles and the long tights - but I'm still funny! I've still got the zany personality you know and love, I'm still the Best In The World at what I do - I'm still CHRIS JERICHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And do you know what that means for you, and your little doggy too? It means that Chris Jericho is coming to take back what's his, and that is the PCW World Heavyweight Championship, bub. Obviously I've never held it so I can't literally take it back, but what it means? Being King of the World? Being the number one guy in this company, that company, ANY COMPANY?! That is what I mean when I say I'm taking it back. It's been toooooo long, man - too long since I've been at the top, looking down on people like you, you prop from Nickelodeon's Double Dare. "WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!" IT MEANS YOU'RE SLIME! NOW SHUT IT!"

    The crowd is really starting to like this, roaring in cheers as Edge once again looks absolutely shocked while Jericho now has a bit of a stern look on his face. We've seen him be hokey jokey Jericho, poking and prodding at every little piece he could to rile up the anger we've seen come out of Edge when someone is a threat to his spot - but the transition from silly Jericho to serious Jericho was a fast, yet smooth one. The stern look on his face matches the stern tone in his voice as he addresses Edge.

    Posted Image
    "And to be completely honest with you Edge, I might be the same old Chris Jericho, but I'm also very different from the man you faced off with last, millions of years ago. You may have thought when I was younger that I could move with the best of 'em, but look at me now - I'm 46, still doing what I was doing back when I was in my 'prime'. I know every move you'll make Edge, because you're still the same old guy who can't get the job done without help. Only difference now is you probably can't look from left to right any faster than old JoLo over there can put on makeup! So maybe I'll come at you from the left, come at you from the right - or maybe I'll be the man you never could be and come at you right before your very eyes, which could still be used to describe your wrestling skills. Outrage. Hatred. Anger. The emotions of House Copeland are easy to read as both members now are throwing fits in the ring. The crowd is actively chanting "Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!", which causes Jericho to smile. He looks out into the Friends of Jericho before his eyes return to the World Champion and his wife in the ring. So you listen hard Edge, and you listen good - I am the same Chris Jericho. I am a different Chris Jericho. But nonetheless, the only words that matter in those statements are 'I am Chris Jericho'. There has never been another wrestler like me, but there have been a lot to want to be me. Which is why every time I mosey on into town, I've got to become somebody else because Thing #1 or #2 has taken whatever it was that I MADE and RUINED IT! But that's okay, because they always say that I'm pretty damn good at reinventing myself - and I'd have to agree. Besides a few little 'Mickey Mouse' tattoos I've got, I can't say I've taken a wrong route yet. BUT! With reinvention, ladies and gentlemen... comes remembering - or something like that. I dunno, that might not even be a real phrase. But screw it, let's take a trip down the route of old. Not the same one Edge is clearly trying to avoid by knocking up a girl who could practically be his granddaughter! Now take out your scrap books, folks, and let's all look at this Kodak moment one time! Now EVERYBODY, GET ON YOUR FEET, SAY IT WITH ME - WELCOME...... TO TURMOIL.... OR TAKEDOWN.... WHATEVER SHOW I'M GONNA BE SIGNED TO... IS JERICHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    And with that, "Break The Walls Down" would break down the walls of the Sound System, blaring through it and into the earholes of the Friends of Jericho in attendance tonight. Jericho would turn his back to the crowd - and The Copelands - dropping the microphone before outstretching his arms to his sides in classic Y2J fashion. He's made his presence - and his intentions - known here tonight, but what does the wacky world of PCW have in store for the Living Legend, Chris Jericho? Find out...

  3. Pete Dunne

    17 April 2017 - 02:02 AM

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    We hear the slight reverbation of instrumentation come from the speakers, followed by a daunting "1-2-3, 2-2-3". Cue the drums and add some more background music. The music was melancholy in a way, but it kept the attention of the fans. Once we hear the revered voice of one Jack White, we recognize the tune. "Love Is Blindness", and the hard camera would zoom out for a moment as the Bruiserweight would pop out from behind the curtain in spectacular fashion. With both of his large arms hoisted high into the air, the Bruiserweight looks out into the crowd.... with a prize in his mouth. The PROGRESS World Championship rests between the teeth of young Peter, hanging from one end of the strap all the way down. Draped in his maroon sleeveless jacket with fur at the collar, Pete Dunne stood in solidarity at the very top of the ramp way. He then took his arms and drove both fists right into his jaw, his signature pose of sorts. He wore his standard ring gear, which consisted of a maroon singlet with the word "Bruiserweight" on the right hand side with white text and a black backdrop. He wore black tape around each wrist, as well as a pair of black knee pads and matching boots to match. His right knee pad hung lower than the left, revealing his tattoo on the tip of his kneecap. As though he were stalking prey, Dunne would begin his walk down the ramp with a scowl on his face, Championship still hanging between his bottom row of teeth and mouth-guard. Once Pete would stop at the end of the ramp, he would raise his fists high into the air only to once again drive them into his jaw - locking them in place to show the fans that this is in fact The Bruiserweight. Pete would begin walking around the squared circle, staring at every fan that had anything to say towards him or about him with that same scowl on his face. He held the Championship firmly between his teeth/mouth-guard throughout, until it was time to get in the ring. Then and only then would Pete take the Championship out of his mouth, slinging it into the ring and following suit. Once in the ring, Pete sprung from the his feet and stopped dead center in the ring with the Championship in hand. He'd place the strap back in his mouth before yet again raising his fists high in the air and then locking them on his jaw, this time showing the best camera in the house his best look. After doing so, Pete would return to scowling, taking his Championship out of his mouth and simply dropping it on the ground.

    Posted Image

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    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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  4. Aleister Black

    16 March 2017 - 01:42 AM

    Posted Image

    REAL NAME Tom Budgen
    RING NAME Aleister Black
    » The End
    » The White Sheep
    » The Sumerian Death Machine
    HEIGHT 6'0"
    WEIGHT 208lbs
    HOMETOWN Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
    BILLED FROM Parts Unknown
    RESIDING Parts Unknown
    THEME SONG "Evil Terminators" by PCW Productions

    Owarian Death Stomp » Normally done after kicking an opponent's head clean off, Aleister would ascend to the top rope and leap off, using his height and power in his legs to drive both of his feet directly into the opponent's chest. This normally ends the match.
    Dead Man's Trigger » Can be done out of nowhere (surprisingly not in tribute to fellow Wyatt Randy Orton), Black will leap into the air and kick his legs in a pedaling motion, the second leg raising in the air being used to knee his opponent directly in the face.
    Dragon Slayer » Used to make the opponent 'give in', Black will normally lock this in after sitting across an opponent's back, very similar to how a Camel Clutch is applied. He grabs the opponent in an inverted facelock with one arm, and puts his free arm behind his back and locks in the Dragon Sleeper like that to give himself extra leverage. Sometimes preceded by a Cutter.

    Multiple Kick Variations » Roundhouse, Spinning Sole, Spinning Back, Multiple Roundhouses
    Multiple Knee Variations » High, Running, Grounded, Spinning
    Multiple Suplex Variations » Deadlift German, Saito, Dragon, Snap
    Nephilim » No Hands Springboard Moonsault, sometimes to the outside
    Elohim Combination » Anything ranging from elbows to knees to kicks, most notable version is a spinning back elbow followed by a roundhouse kick followed by a spinning heel kick. Used to set up a Deadlift German Suplex.
    Cutter» Used to set up the Dragon Slayer

    Basement Dropkick
    European Uppercut
    Knee Lift to running opponent
    Diving Double Knee Drop to standing opponent

    Bray Wyatt » Brother (The Wyatt Family) » (Coming Later)
    Braun Strowman » Brother (The Wyatt Family) » (Coming Later)
    Luke Harper » Brother (The Wyatt Family) » (Coming Later)
    Randy Orton » Brother (The Wyatt Family) » (Coming Later)
    CM Punk » Enemy » Aleister Black's would-be mentor, CM Punk has every reason to be Aleister's enemy - one ball kick and a ton of other head kicks/knees later, you would too.

    03/09/17 » Thursday Night Turmoil » After CM Punk's marvelous return to Primetime Championship Wrestling, Punk said he had somebody he was going to take under his wing - enter Aleister Black. After Punk challenged whoever to a fight, the challenge was answered by The Wyatt Family, but more importantly? It was answered by Aleister Black. After a low blow, Black and The Family had their way with Punk, brutalizing him.

  5. Samoa Joe

    04 March 2017 - 04:29 AM

    Posted Image

    REAL NAME Nuufolau Joel "Joe" Seanoa
    RING NAME Samoa Joe
    » The Samoan Submission Machine
    » The Destroyer
    » The King
    » The Heart And Soul of Professional Wrestling
    HEIGHT 6'2"
    WEIGHT 282lbs
    HOMETOWN Orange County, California
    BILLED FROM Huntington Beach, California
    RESIDING Huntington Beach, California
    THEME SONG "Destroyer" by PCW Productions

    Muscle Buster » After seating the opponent on the top rope, Joe would tuck his opponent's head next to his before cradling both legs. Joe then lifts the opponent up off the turnbuckle and stomps around the ring to show off his power before driving them into the mat. In dire straits, this move can be executed from the second rope.
    Coquina Clutch » Designed to cut air flow off from the opponent's brain, Joe uses this to show just how brutal he can truly be. Done after either ducking an opponent's attack or after stalking a downed opponent, Joe will wrap one arm around the opponent's neck before hooking it to his other arm. From there, Joe locks in a body scissors and begins to put pressure on the hold. Those who don't tap out will pass out.
    Island Driver » Putting the opponent on his right shoulder, Joe would wrap his right arm around the neck of his opponent. He then drops down, spiking them right into the mat. When in dire straits, this move can also be performed from the second rope.

    Multiple Suplex Variations » Dragon, Exploder, Head and Arm, Half Nelson, German
    STJoe » Lifting STO to counter an oncoming opponent
    Face Wash » Done to a seated, cornered opponent, Joe rubs his boot across the face of his opponent multiple times before charging to the behind him, bouncing off and coming back with one final, impactful boot across the jaw
    Powerbomb Combo » Joe would Powerbomb his opponent, using a standing jacknife pin to go for the win. If the opponent is to kick out, Joe immediately transitions into a Boston Crab, STF, or Crossface to once again try putting his opponent away
    Flurry of Moves » Inverted Atomic Drop followed up by a Big Boot, finished off with a Senton to the downed opponent
    CCS Enzuiguri» Joe charges in with a back elbow to a cornered opponent, then follows it up with an Enzuiguri while his back faces them

    Death Valley Driver
    Suicide Dive turned into an Elbow Smash
    Samoan Drop
    Snap Scoop Powerslam
    Casually dodging diving attacks

    Finn Balor » Friend » Having known one another from competing all around the world, their friendship was made known on Samoa Joe's debut Turmoil when Joe saved the former World Heavyweight Champion from a beatdown courtesy of Edge and his Edgeheads.

    02/26/17 » Resurrection III » In a surprise debut after the return of Michael Tarver, Samoa Joe comes out to answer the returning PCW Superstar's open challenge! After soundly defeating Mister 1.9, Joe grabs a microphone and declares that despite being known for everything, there is one more thing he'll be known for come Unbroken - being PCW World Heavyweight Champion.
    03/01/17 » PCW.Net » It is officially announced that along with Randy Orton, Marty Scurll, Kane, Nikki Cross, Sasha Banks, Damien Sandow, Ember Moon, Jimmy Havoc, and Chris Jericho, Samoa Joe has been signed to a PCW Contract!
    03/04/17 » PCW.Net » Samoa Joe's roster profile is officially put up. This might be a new record for Rob as it only took him 6 days since his debut.



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