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  1. The ICONIC Survey

    14 May 2018 - 04:02 AM

    The Path to Glory after-show returned from commercial with part-time PCW correspondent Peter Rosenberg ready to give another take on the show. But before he could even mutter a word, it was non other than Peyton Royce and Billie Kay the Iconic Duo! The two quickly snatched microphones away from production.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
    "Oi shut it SHMICKS."

    Posted Image
    "That's right we just HEARD about this super cool...super maj survey up on the PCW website. And you know why is it that it's only the fans answer this aye? I reckon our opinion and take matters too?"

    Renee Young and Peter were completely dumbfounded by the fact that their show was just hijacked by the Iconic Duo. But it wasn't too surprising to the fans as they did this quite often. Peyton quickly took a hold of a cue card with the survey that was just posted.

    Posted Image
    "Let's get this rollin' shall we? First question is...what's your favorite match of the night?"

    The Duo looked at each other and at the ceiling as they began to reminisce on the past several hours.

    Posted Image
    "Ooh I've got this one Peyton...hmm oh right Rebel and Nixon! I mean what a WAY to showcase the low-tier talent of PCW and I must say I was quite impressed with Rebel's win. If she wasn't so senile maybe she'd be something by now but you know it's about time someone tossed her a bone and gave her a taste of success."

    Posted Image
    "I agree and what about that Nixon aye? And people say they can't understand us sometimes...PSH. Take one good look listen at that gob and you can't even decipher what she's saying. It's as if she's got her language or something like ew."

    As Peyton finished up her thought Billie quickly stopped Peter from muttering a word, and took the cue card for herself.

    Posted Image
    "Now moving onto the next the PCW editors ask what was your favorite segment tonight? I've got a few in mind."

    Posted Image
    "What about Alexa name dropping you during the show? Something a long the lines of even Billie could've beat her...of course she could've you DING-BAT. Not only is Billie more talented than you Alexa, but she is also more relevant. So I suggest Alexa stays in her lane as the resident gnome of the women's division."

    Posted Image
    "That little troll has some nerve to even mutter my name, but I can't expect much from someone still struggling through puberty. It must be all those rollercoaster hormones aye?"

    The two began to cackle at each others insults while the correspondents looked on a bit confused and stuck. But immediately after Peyton re-focused her attention to the survey.

    Posted Image
    "Yea I reckon you hit the nail there Billie! But ooh what about this question...what moment stood out to you the most!?"

    Posted Image
    "Let's talk about Tenille and Dana, you know I thought Dakota's cosplay of us was pathetic but MATE Tenille Dashwood and Dana Brooke take the cake. And just one look at Dana, and you really see she took the CAKE. It's just so inspiring to see how much impact we have left on this division."

    Posted Image
    "Aw and to think Tenille used to be the break out star of Australia around the world and now she wants to be us! She's so cute with her quirky little bad posture, bogan self. It's nice of her to bring Dana along for another attempt at the big-leagues too."

    Peyton covered her mouth from laughing too hard, while Billie took on the next question.

    Posted Image
    "You'll like this one Peyton what was the most SHOCKING moment of the night?"

    Posted Image
    "I think we can agree with most and say Christina Von Eerie winning the PCW Women's Championship! I mean what a victory. Let's just hope this time the mohawk freak doesn't get cold feet and leave with all this pressure on her shoulders. We wouldn't want an unreliable championship reign from her again. And what happened with Rosemary? I thought she was a force to be reckoned with. But I guess she can just go WAH-Wah-wahing backstage and request that rematch in two weeks once more. After all, we all know Rosemary never even earned her championship match in the first place let alone a rematch so quickly after!"

    The Duo continued to go in on almost every other Knockout.

    Posted Image
    "Of course not Peyton! She has name value babes, that alone warrants her an opportunity. But it's safe to say that Rosemary simply isn't all that after all, much like her former rival Kelly Kelly the two can barely hold a championship past 30 days...what LOSERS. A complete mockery of the Women's title just being tossed around like JoJo."

    Posted Image
    "Good one there Billie! And finally the last question is what would you change about the show?"

    The leggy knockout looked over to Billie, awaiting her response.

    Posted Image
    "Hmm well just about everything really. It just wasn't....ICONIC. Not to mention you were completely screwed out of being Queen of the Ring! Dakota as a Queen? Puh-lease mate, she doesn't even have the grace let a lone to presence to be a queen."

    The Venus Flytrap rolled her eyes and began to seethe a bit as the loss was still fresh on her mind.

    Posted Image
    "It's quite telling actually but I guess the hobbit got her fairytale ending for now...but for her sake she better HOPE there isn't a sequel."

    The Iconic Duo then dropped their mic's against the table. They both walked off the set hand in hand after giving their two cents on tonight. The camera panned over to Peter and Renee who were a bit speechless about the ordeal that they just witnessed.
  2. Mandy Rose

    06 February 2018 - 02:15 AM

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    personal information
    REAL NAME: Amanda Rose Saccomanno
    RING NAME: Mandy Rose
    NICKNAMES: Golden Goddess, Gods Gift & Bodydonna
    HEIGHT: 5"4"
    WEIGHT: 120lbs
    HOMETOWN: Westchester, New York
    BILLED FROM: Yorktown Heights, New York
    AGE: 26

    wrestling information
    PCW DEBUT: 2018
    CURRENT BRAND: Turmoil
    THEME SONG: "A Little Bit of Bad"
    ALLIES: Gym
    ENEMIES: Carbs

    move-set statistics
    Bed of Roses (Sit-out Double Underhook Facebuster)

    Bicycle Knee Strike
    Tilt-a-whirl Wheelbarrow Facebuster
    Forearm Strike
    Modified Octopus Stretch
    Heart Punch
    Springboard Bulldog

    entrance tron



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  1. Photo

    The ᴰᴼᴸᴸᴹᴬᴷᴱᴿ 

    01 Jun 2018 - 20:52
    You’re welcome! I can’t wait to see more from Peyton (and Billie)
  2. Photo

    The ᴰᴼᴸᴸᴹᴬᴷᴱᴿ 

    01 Jun 2018 - 19:25
    Loving the Iconics at the moment!
  3. Photo

    Veronica Lodge 

    22 Feb 2018 - 20:06
    Posted Image
  4. Photo

    Beast Mode VIDA 

    25 Feb 2017 - 14:42
  5. Photo

    Beast Mode VIDA 

    25 Feb 2017 - 14:41
    Hey there! I really enjoyed your roleplaying! I'll give you feedback on it when I get back from school!
  6. Photo


    25 Feb 2017 - 10:32
    Problem was when the others came in.. we kind of disappeared lol!!!
  7. Photo


    25 Feb 2017 - 10:18
    Even though it happened on empire.. I kinda want another suicide dive! Haha. That was awesome xD
  8. Photo


    25 Feb 2017 - 10:06
    Haha, all good. I just had a read of it tbh. Very well done. This should be an awesome match. Best of luck :)
  9. Photo


    24 Feb 2017 - 00:26
    I've been on edge since posting mine, to see yours. haha. I'm awaiting the judges feedback because I'm not so sure if they'll like or hate what I did. Time will tell I guess. xD
  10. Photo


    24 Feb 2017 - 00:18
    How's your RP coming? :)
  11. Photo


    27 Jan 2017 - 06:23
    Thanks. Hopefully it continues to improve. I'm easing my way into it I think. haha. - Not a problem btw!
  12. Photo


    27 Jan 2017 - 05:10
    keep killin' em'. :) * - (how the fuck did I accidentally tag someone? Whose Veronica Lodge? :S oops lol!!
  13. Photo


    27 Jan 2017 - 05:09
    Hey. Just wanted to stop in and say that I'm really enjoying what you're doing with Peyton. Rolls Royce! - Whether I win next week or not, I'm really looking forward to both working against you, and of coarse with you again on angles like the one this week. Lost a little momentum when PCW died. But we got there.

    Veronica Lodge 

    20 Oct 2016 - 03:27
  14. Photo


    23 Jun 2016 - 03:45
    I made your render, hope you like it.
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