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  1. Dana Brooke

    16 May 2018 - 10:11 PM

    Posted Image

    'Playtime is over!' Dana Brooke's notorious final words, her arrogance and dislike for others makes her the perfect match to be Tenille Dashwood's friend and 'problem handler.' Moreso a manager, Dana helps handle the things that Tenille either chooses not to deal with or has issues dealing with on her own. From time to time, she even steps into the fold and wrestles against the inferior women of the division to keep her friend from having to waste the time or energy. A powerhouse in the ring, Dana doesn't play games and looks to inflict all the damage she can on her opponent in the time that she's given.

    Posted Image

    RING NAME: Dana Brooke
    HEIGHT: 5' 3"
    WEIGHT: 125 lbs
    BILLED FROM: Cleveland, Ohio
    DATE OF BIRTH: November 29th, 1988
    ROLE: Problem Solver (mainly)/Manager/Wrestler
    "The River" (Instrumental) by PCW Productions (w/ Tenille)
    "Respectful" by PCW Productions (on her own)

    Posted Image

    Heaven Sent (Samoan Driver)

    Twisted Spring (No Handed Cartwheel Splash; to downed opponent, sometimes w/ rope rebound)
    Fireman's Carry Slam
    Handspring Back Elbow (into cornered opponent)
    Handstand Corner Foot Choke
    Handstand Elbow
    Kneeling Jawbreaker
    Modified Bow & Arrow
    Running (or rebound) Clothesline

    Posted Image

    TURMOIL - May 24th, 2018
    Dana Brooke defeated Nikki Cross ( 1 | 0 )

    TURMOIL - June 14th, 2018
    Dana Brooke & Tenille Dashwood defeated Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) ( 2 | 0 )
    The Cure
  2. @TasteOfTenille

    16 May 2018 - 09:44 PM

    Women's Revolution Starter. Pioneer. Icon. Simply Tenille.
    Tenille Dashwood

    2 following - 137k followers

    'I'm here. Now you have something worth reading.'
    ~ three seconds ago
  3. Tenille Dashwood

    28 March 2018 - 05:59 PM

    Profile being constructed.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    "It's all about me!" Tenille Dashwood as an egotistical woman with a chip on her shoulder. Unafraid to go to great lengths to get what she wants, Tenille will backstab and blindside whoever she must to get ahead in the game. As long as the spotlight is on Mrs. Dashwood, she couldn't give a damn about what's going on around her. But don't think she's just a pretty face. Tenille is one of the most accomplished and talented women on the PCW roster and if she doesn't tell you about it, she will most definitely show you. An international sensation, Tenille is ready to take center stage and make the entire PCW Women's division entirely about her.

    Posted Image

    RING NAME: Tenille Dashwood
    HEIGHT: 5' 5"
    WEIGHT: 132 lbs
    BILLED FROM: Melbourne, Australia
    DATE OF BIRTH: March 1, 1989
    ENTRANCE THEME: "The River" (Instrumental) by PCW Productions

    Posted Image

    Lock of Honor (Muta Lock, sometimes w/ hair-pull stomp setup)
    TBD (Sitout Scoop Piledriver)

    Spotlight the Difference (Low dropkick to the head, side, midsection, front or back of a bent over, kneeling or seated opponent)
    TENacity (Rope Hung Boston Crab)
    Airplane Spin
    Bodyscissors (sometimes into pin)
    Diving Crossbody
    Double Underhook Suplex (sometimes into ring turnbuckle)
    Taste of Tenille (Running Crossbody to seated opponent)
    Hair-Pull Snapmare (sometimes multiple)
    Repeated Shoot Kick (w/ Tree of Woe setup)
    Rope-Hung Rolling Spin Kick
    Somersault Arm Wringer (sometimes into modified sitting armbar)
    Short-Arm Clothesline
    Wheelbarrow Suplex (sometimes into apron)

    Posted Image

    TURMOIL - April 12th, 2018
    Tenille Dashwood defeated Marti Belle ( 1 | 0 )
    Roleplay The Villainess

    TURMOIL - April 26th, 2018
    Tenille Dashwood defeated Nikki Cross ( 2 | 0 )
    Roleplay Step Two

    TURMOIL - June 7th, 2018
    Tenille Dashwood defeated Charlotte Flair ( 3 | 0 )
    Roleplay Commitment

    TURMOIL - June 14th, 2018
    Tenille Dashwood & Dana Brooke defeated Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) ( 4 | 0 )
    Roleplay The Cure
  4. Exclusive Footage; Turmoil Is Here

    28 March 2018 - 01:39 AM


    I have all the weapons I need at my disposal.
    - ??

    Rumors have swirled that one of professional wrestling’s most sought after free agents has set eyes on Primetime Championship Wrestling. Since returning to the independent scene beginning of the year, the rumored individual has made waves through various promotions and beaten many credible talents. As of now, March 14th, 2017.. negotiates have seemingly begun and they have been very much one sidedly controlled.

    As of this morning, March 17th, 2017.. Primetime Championship Wrestling has reportedly reached a deal with a highly anticipated free agent that shows just how much star power they have. While no contracts have been signed, thus revealing a name, it is reported that PCW has offered this talent more money than most are, times two. John ‘Bradshaw’ Lawfield seems to feel that this talent will help elevate the division they’re in, bringing it out of the lackluster it has started to sink into.

    On the early dawn of March 22nd, it appears Primetime Championship Wrestling has lost favor in contract negotiations with the free agent they’ve attempted to sign. While almost nothing continues to remain known, outside of attempts to pick them up, it appears that terms weren’t quite met and any attempt to reach out to the agent have fallen on deaf ears.

    Rumors. There’s nothing more.. outlandishly funny than the world attempting to learn every moment of the life you live through spoilers. What they read online or hear from gossip columns.. it must be true, no? It MUST be factual. But what if.. what if.. all of those rumors and articles had been strategically planted? I mean, in an age where everyone knows everything, how does nobody know a thing? No names, no details, nothing? Sometimes, there’s more to something than people realize and when it all comes to light, it makes an impact.

    Enter Resurrection. Or, at least, backstage at the preshow. Quiet footsteps begin to fill the audio aspect of our scene as the camera pans upward to find an interviewer we don’t recognize standing by. After a couple of seconds, he nods towards the cameraman and speaks.

    Hello, Kevin Stryker here, PCW’s new preshow backstage interview and we are less than an hour from Resurrection! While I don’t have a scheduled guest at this time, I have been told that a reigning free agent has entered the building and is right around the corner!’ He glances at the hallway around the corner. ‘Are you ready? Let’s go.

    And around the corner he goes. The camera remains stationed, but Kevin freezes and looks back towards the camera with his jaw basically unhinged. He’s in pure shock and the cameraman makes some motion behind the screen which helps snaps him back into place. Shaking his head, he rushes down the hallway. We don’t see anything, but listen closely to the words.

    Excuse me, can I get a word?


    We don’t hear an answer from the person he’s speaking too.

    What has brought you here? Are you really the free agent?


    Yet again, Kevin is the only voice we hear but it’s closer.

    Emma, is there anything you’d like to tell me?

    Did he just say.. did we hear that right? Sure enough, as he finishes speaking - we see a woman enter the scene with long, dark brown hair and sunglasses on her face. Her shirt, which stands out reads Villain’s Club with very.. familiar design. What we notice the most though is the annoyance on her face as she turns around.


    Excuse me?

    The sunglasses come off slowly and her narrows stare daggers into Kevin.

    Who gave you the right to assume I answer to you? I answer to no man. And even if I did, Emma does not exist. Now, begone.

    But, I..

    He attempts to argues and she points down the hallway, puffing her chest out to show that she’s not back down. He submits, lowering the microphone and turning around to leave. When he’s far enough away for her comfort, she turns towards the camera and arches her eyebrow.

    Now, allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Tenille Dashwood, and the woman I use to be.. is dead.

    She chuckles softly.

    Posted Image
    The entertainment industry manufactured Emma was nothing more than some piss poor attempt to allow good talent to go to waste. In case it was forgotten, let’s revisit history. I have changed the world of women’s wrestling from the moment I launched the women’s revolution while in NXT to the moment I gave Women of Honor credibility by entering their inaugural tournament to crown a champion. Time and time again, when all hope seemed lost, I saved the day and for what? To have all that hard work be credited to someone who didn’t do a FRACTION of what I did. To be overlooked by those with a QUARTER of the ability that I possess.. I have given this business my all.. just to be disrespected. It’s over, no more.

    She shakes her head, disgust snarled on her face.

    Posted Image
    Twelve years of allowing myself to be mistreated and disrespected.. it festered under the surface. Because I was too scared of losing what it had taken all of those years to build, I allowed my voice to be silence even though I never backed down from any challenge put in front of me. Everything that was asked of me, I did because I wanted them to look kindly on me. A foolish mistake because it enforced the idea they could abuse me before throwing me away. Which is exactly what they did but you know what came of that? Over the last couple months, I’ve started to build a kingdom. A kingdom where I reign with an iron fist, the most wanted woman in all the land. And you know, I’m not scared.. not anymore. Underestimate me based on what you know of my past, go right ahead but unlike the nine women all placed in this little Queen of the Ring tournament.. I don’t need be handed some paper crown to make me feel as if I belong. A Queen isn’t told that she is one, she ascends to the throne unspokenly. She grabs the crown from the cold, lifeless body of her predecessor and places it upon her scalp. The lack of leadership is trivial, it’s plain clear as to why Layfield came BEGGING for me to carry yet another burden upon my shoulders. Rosemary.. Riott Squad.. Candice LeRae - the list goes on - all full of entertaining little characters but I am not here for entertainment. Not theirs, not the fans, not anyone’s. I am a wrestler, and if ANY woman wishes to challenge that.. be my guest and step up to be submitted. Tenille Dashwood has arrived, I have all the weapons I need at my disposal and it’s all.. about.. ME!


    Was originally going to be my sample RP for an app but I really liked it. I can use this as sort of an introduction for her just to scratch the surface. At no point was this going to make the PPV but why not.
  5. Hideo Itami

    21 December 2017 - 03:17 AM

    Posted Image

      Kenta Kobayashi
      birth town;
      Soka, Saitama, Japan

      ring name;
      Hideo Itami
      The International/Japanese Sensation
      billed from;
      Toyko, Japan
      5 foot, 9 inches
      182 pounds
      May 24th, 2000
      pcw debut;

      One who fights with pride, Hideo's hard hitting style is unlike any other. Friends with very few, he tends to stick to himself.
      Xia Li [12/19/17 - present]

      GTS (Go To Sleep) - [Fireman's Carry into Knee]
      Game Over - [Yes! Lock]

      Rising Sun - [Running Knee High]
      Falcon Wing- [Tornado DDT onto ropes]

      misc. moves;
      Bridging Tiger Suplex
      Diving Double Foot Stomp
      Falcon Arrow - [Sitout Suplex Slam]
      Roundhouse Kick
      Shotgun Kick - [Running Single Leg Dropkick]
      Slingshot Leg Drop
      Spinning Roundhouse (kneeling opponent)
      Standing Sitout Powerbomb

      0 - 0

      ☆ tbd


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    Awesome glad to back and see that you're still here, man.
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    You’re right on the money. Thank you!
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    10 Oct 2017 - 19:06
    I couldn’t bang out 5k RPs again!
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    09 Oct 2017 - 17:42
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    Tune into Interactive Anarchy to find out ;)
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    I need my partner back.
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