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  1. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    15 November 2017 - 05:51 PM

    Best of luck to Andrew and Kyle!
  2. In Topic: Superstars You Would Have Chosen (except TJP)

    15 November 2017 - 01:52 AM



    Could this be? We return from commercial here, live, on Thursday Night Turmoil, when a song drives its way through the P.A. system that only a few PCW fans would recall off of the top of their head. A moment passes before none other than former PCW Superstar VIN GERARD steps through the entrance curtain from Gorilla and struts lifelessly to the top of the ramp. He looks out amongst the legion vast of PCW faithful and shakes his head disdainfully before he begins to amble down the entrance ramp, his eyes now set on the ring. He gulps as he reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp, turning slightly to direct himself towards the steel stairs, ONLY FOR A MAN TO COME TRUCKING DOWN THE RAMP AND CRUSH GERARD IN THE BACK OF THE SKULL! Gerard is sent flying forward, gracelessly crashing into the side of the steel stairs and falling to the floor, completely caught off guard. The cameras scramble to see exactly who's just struck the Human Abstract, finally catching the man as he grabs Gerard by the hair and rips him to his feet, swinging him around and launching him into the barricade! IT'S SAMOA JOE! Joe pulls Gerard up to his feet and aggressively drags him towards the ring, where he'd roll him under the bottom rope. However, Gerard, wishing to no longer be subject to the attack, continues to roll and completely rolls to the other side of the ring, falling out of the ring. Joe's lip curls as he circumnavigates the ring AND CRUSHES GERARD WITH A STIFF LARIAT! Gerard smacks the floor viciously before Joe drags him across the floor, not even bothering to pick him up, by his hair. When he reaches the timekeeper, he pulls Vin to his feet and tosses him into the chair by the timekeeper's station. He steps heavily to the farthest reach of that side of the ring, before CHARGING BACK AND DECAPITATING GERARD WITH A SICK BIG BOOT! The fans are in utter disbelief, not knowing how to react yet, but watch on as Joe pull the lifeless Vin Gerard into the ring and climbs in, himself. Dragging Nobody's Hero to his feet, he would drape his massive left arm around the throat of the hopeless Gerard and, upon applying his right arm, would leap up and twist to the floor, dragging Gerard DOWN INTO THE COQUINA CLUTCH! Gerard's face begins to darken in color as no part of his body even makes an attempt to escape from the vice-like asphyxiation of the Samoan Submission. Moments pass and medical personnel begins to make their way toward the ring, Joe completely releasing the hold and aggressively pushing to his feet. He steps over to the corner nearest where he'd recently kicked Gerard's eyes out of the back of his skull and demands a microphone. Once handed it, he turns around and glares disgustedly down at the lifeless Gerard, spitting as he talks.

    "It's not even FUN when they don't fight back." Joe's lip twitches in abhorrent resent as he breathes heavily and shakes his head in disdain. Suddenly, his eyes flick to the primary production camera's general vicinity and he turns so that his body would be oriented similarly to his eyes. "But even if he had... I would still have ripped his head from his shoulders. I still would have kicked that STUPID look off his ugly mug and still would have choked every last ounce of strength, of reserve, of hope out of his frail, fragile little body and made a MOCKERY of him JUST like he has spent his ENTIRE career making a MOCKERY of this business." Joe's eyes drift angrily to the medical personnel tending to the still unresponsive Vin Gerard. "But I'm not here on some mission to defend the business... I'm not here to entertain you... Not here to get respect... I'm here to hurt people, to DESTROY people... I'm not here to act as some bullshit champion of honor or of the people... Because, truth be told? I couldn't care less about honor... Couldn't care less about your entertainment... And I DAMN sure couldn't care less about you, the people." His head tilts forward slightly so as to increase the level of ominous in his facial expression as the fans drown him in boos. "I'm here to continue leaving a path of destruction and carnage in my wake like I have for the past twelve years. I am here to HURT people... I have no need for silly, frivolous grandeur like your respect or your admiration... I don't care if you love me or hate me... Because it DOESN'T MATTER TO ME... Not a DAMN opinion I have EVER heard has mattered to me in the slightest... So I don't want your respect... But I WILL have it." Joe nods his head evilly. "I have grown sick and tired of the same old shit in Connecticut," he explains, a particular vitriol in his tone. "That I was forced to face in Orlando... And I did exactly what I said I would do in both places... I ran through each and every person in my way. I left havoc in my stead and I lavished in the sounds of bones breaking... Ligaments popping and ripping... Tendons snapping... It was music to my ears... And every single time I stepped foot inside the ring I created symphonies of the screams of the victims who had the balls to get in my way. And now? Now the PCW Universe will bend, it will BUCKLE against the unstoppable, destructive force of Samoa Joe. I don't care if it's Mick Foley or Cody Rhodes... I don't care if it's Finn Balor or Seth Rollins... I don't care if it's Adam Cole or if it's Brock Lesnar... Because at the end of the day, not a SINGLE one of them is on my level... Not a single man, woman, or child that has EVER made the MISTAKE, the GRAVE lapse in judgment required to compare themselves to Samoa Joe has lived to tell the tale... Not a single one has EVER been awarded the mercy that they so pathetically begged for... Not that all of them even had the chance." As Joe snickers forebodingly, his head nods and his fist clenches around the microphone, clearly filled with rage. Were this the Netflix Original Series Big Mouth, Joe's demeanor would be Maury, screaming "rage, rage, FUCKING RAGE!" Joe swallows and wets his lips in an almost animalistic fashion before continuing on his contemptuous diatribe at the expense of the fans. "If history... Teaches us anything, it's that I am a man of very few words and a man of many deeds, and I don't intend on changing that any time soon... So consider this your final warning, Turmoil... Because from this moment forward I will NOT stop. I will NOT relent... I will eviscerate anyone and anything that gets in my way... And just add them to the path of destruction I've left in my wake." Joe swallows again before continuing, hate in his eyes. "So bring my your Vin Gerards... Bring me your Braun Strowmans... Your Cody Rhodes... Your Luke Harpers and your Finn Balors... Give me your Marty Scurlls... And I will do to them what I do to everybody... I'm gonna' slap them in the face and take everything they have... And if YOU decide to make the foolish error of trying to get in my way? Then Joe's gonna' kill you."

    With this, Joe drops the microphone and throws up his hands in his signature taunt, with his pinkies and thumbs extended from otherwise clenched fists. His theme song blares over the P.A. system as our weekly episode of Thursday Night Turmoil fades into the next segment. Will Joe continue his path of destruction?
  3. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    13 November 2017 - 06:14 PM

    View PostADA 2, on 13 November 2017 - 09:48 AM, said:

    There is no one better to lose your title to than to Kyle. It has been great working with you again -- so many years teaming and fighting and once again you take my title -- bravo sir -- bravo -- always a pleasure shiny. xxx

    You both won the title from and lost the title to a Kyle. You got too many Kyles.
  4. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    06 November 2017 - 05:54 PM

    And with that moving of Rollins' roster page to the Alumni section, the long road as the Natural Born Killer comes to an end. It might not have ended quite how I would have liked or planned, but it doesn't detract from the seven years I spent overloading judges' brains with description. I wanted to firstly thank everyone who participated and contributed to my journey the past majority of a decade. From Mick to Death to Tom to Zach to Matt to TJ to .GIF to Sean and Tim to Andrew to Ci to Rob to Jason to Stephanie to Russ to Kasumi, I've had the pleasure and absolute blessing to work with SO many talented individuals. You've all helped me grow as a reader, a writer, and as a person who is part of a community. I don't know what it was that kept pulling me back in every time I wanted to hang 'em up, but something about this community, about you people? It keeps pulling me back.

    I've loved playing Seth Rollins (and Tyler Black!). It's been a wonderful experience for me to commit myself to a real character for this long, considering I'm more of a CAW guy and struggle playing real characters. From the early days as the Bounty Hunter to the reunited Age of the Fall to the Authority to a short-lived and ill-advised stint as the SHIELD to the Redemption of Seth Rollins, I've been able to tell SO many stories in a way I never thought I'd be able to back in the days where I tried to make Chuck Taylor emo in ICW or tried to play Vin Gerard with any sort of efficiency.

    Like Rollins, I've grown to appreciate how important the audience is for this kind of thing. Thank you all for being there along the journey and helping me get to where I am through constructive criticism and wonderful feuds. That being said, I'd like to give shout outs in particular to those that, off the top of my head, have allowed me to tell the seven years of stories with Rollins in the best way I could.

    DEATH: Our two matches back in 'Nam as Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson were two of my favorite writing experiences. The matches were fun to write, the feud was fun to build, and despite losing both, I enjoyed working with you to the point that this was one of my FAVORITE feuds I've ever participated in, regardless of who I'm playing.

    TOM: God DAMN! How many of your characters have I faced? THE Brian Kendrick, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, the list goes on. I've known you longer than I've known the vast majority of the people in this fed, and from day one you've given me constructive criticism and have actively pursued trying to help me improve. I'll be forever grateful for that and for the wonderful matches we've been able to have against one another. The Bobby Roode feud was one of my favorites. Keep kicking ass, man.

    ROB: The Lesnar feud was without a doubt the single most fun I've had e-fedding in my entire life. You and I have never really gotten along very well, but for some reason, that feud hit on ALL cylinders and we produced what, in my opinion, is a top three feud in the HISTORY of the fed. Every single segment we did was fun and powerful, and the RPs we wrote were two of the best I've ever seen. That RP still, to this day, is my favorite I've written, if not for some of the more recent ones. Thank you for pushing me to be better during that feud.

    RUSS: For some reason, every time you and I are involved in a match, regardless of whether it's against one another or something else, we tear the roof off this bitch. When I stopped writing 9K a week and instead focused on getting the quality in less words, it was because of the way you operated, putting 4K worth of quality into 2K. So I thank you for the tutelage and the ever-present welcoming nature of who you are. Thank you, man, for real.

    KASUMI: Obviously, the OG power couple of Brooke Adams and Tyler Black didn't quite get the sendoff we hoped for, but the fact remains that back in 'Nam, when we first started as those characters, I had some of the most fun I've had in fedding. On the surface, that pairing doesn't make the most sense, but DAMN if we didn't put together a run for the ages with my undefeated streak and the sheer volume of PCW legends and Hall of Famers you took down. I'm really happy we got to reunite them for at least one more match. You're one of the better writers I've had the chance to work with and I'm so grateful for everything we go to do.

    All in all, I wanted to thank you, the entire PCW community, for everything this place was able to be for me for Rollins and otherwise. I'd be more than happy to have Rollins make some cameos here or there if anyone would desire such a thing.

    And now? The bell has rung, the sun has set, the dust has settled, and Seth Rollins has finally stepped out of the ring, his ring. No one survived.
  5. In Topic: PCW Roster Chat

    05 November 2017 - 11:51 PM

    Well, my laptop won't be fixed until sometime this week, so that's fun. I'll try to be around on Mobile until then but I'm not positive how well that will work



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    19 Jun 2017 - 03:22
    Sounds great, bro. Glad to be back. Gonna try to make it last for more than two matches this time. lol
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    Gavoustemick Icon

    18 Jun 2017 - 12:43
    im sry
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    17 Jun 2017 - 12:04
    I would, but work hours make it near impossible rn ;_;
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    08 Jun 2017 - 21:18
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    28 May 2017 - 21:43
    Thanks for the comment on my app, my dude!
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    06 Apr 2017 - 00:45
    Will do as soon as I get off work!
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    29 Mar 2017 - 21:56
    Hey dude! Would you be able to PM me your Skype name? I had to make a new account.
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    24 Mar 2017 - 06:33
    I knew you could do it. Absolutely proud of you.
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    06 Mar 2017 - 08:07
    Thanks, it's much appreciated.
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    Killing The Fed Icon

    09 Feb 2017 - 01:09
    No worries, man. I appreciate it. If I were to come back, I'd definitely come back as Jay Briscoe or Raven! How's RPing with two characters? I wouldn't be able to pull that off! lol
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    Killing The Fed Icon

    08 Feb 2017 - 22:12
    Good, good! Thank you for the welcome back. And I know the feeling, man. I have the itch to RP again, but I'm on the fence about it. I want to RP at a high level, but developing ideas and being consistent is tough as hell. Haha.
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    Killing The Fed Icon

    08 Feb 2017 - 22:07
    I'm hangin' in there! I got caught up with a bunch of sheeyit last time I came here, but I'm doing well. I'm in the process of trying to make improvements in my life atm. Stepped down from full time at my job to concentrate on school, and still trying to make YT work as well. How you've been?
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    02 Feb 2017 - 02:12
    Thanks playa~
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    15 Dec 2016 - 15:21
    Happy Birthday!
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    06 Dec 2016 - 22:55
    Best of luck with your battle bro. I too am always here. We believe in you. :)
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