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    15 January 2018 - 11:03 PM

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    It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, when the women of PCW compete for one of the biggest prizes of the year, the coveted Queen of the Ring crown. Each year, we see the top women’s wrestlers face off in a single elimination tournament, but this year Primetime Championship Wrestling has decided to put the PCW Women through the ringer, to really test their metal with a round robin tournament!

    Eight women will compete in two blocks in singles competition, leading up to the Path to Glory pay-per-view. The woman who wins a match is given two points. If a match ends in a draw, it’s one point each. A loss gets you zero points. At Path to Glory, the two women with the most points in the two blocks will compete in the finals to determine the Queen of the Ring, and the woman who will compete at Unbroken for the PCW Women’s World Championship.

    So the only question now is… who are the women in the tournament? At this time, PCW can officially announce four women who have been granted a place in the tournament based on their efforts.

    Already Qualified are:
    Peyton Royce, who based on her previous year has more than earned her spot in the tournament.
    Alexa Bliss, who earned her spot in the Queen of the Ring based on her participation in the finals of last year’s tournament.
    JoJo Offerman, who’s tenure more than warrants her place in the tournament.
    Summer Rae, who warrants this spot based on recommendation from her legal team.

    The final four women to qualify, will be determined in qualification matches over the next couple weeks, starting with the two announced matches on this coming Turmoil, then once all eight women have been determined, they will be seeded and the Queen of the Ring Tournament will begin proper.
  2. PCW Year End Awards 2017: Man of the Year

    01 January 2018 - 06:00 AM



    Nominees: Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Edge, Mick Foley, Seth Rollins

    Bend the Knee, he said. The Undisputed PCW Heavyweight Champion of the World Cody Rhodes set his sights on the title in late March of 2017, embarking on a determined quest towards royalty. Accruing twelve wins to his one loss since then, Cody defeated names like CM Punk, former Rising Champion and current Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman, Austin Aries, Kevin Steen, current Rising and Tag Team Champion Luke Harper, former PCW Champion Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, former Television Champion Jay Briscoe, Kazuchika Okada, former PCW World Heavyweight Champion Finn Balor, and former PCW Champion Mick Foley. Along this journey to the upper echelon of PCW Superstars, Rhodes united with Alexa Bliss to form a power couple that runs the most dominant faction in the company, The Throne. Over the last three-quarters of the year, Cody has run straight through every obstacle in his path, and more importantly? Through every challenger for his title. His nine months of accolades in PCW include successful title defenses over AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Drew Galloway, and Mick Foley. With his PCW World Heavyweight Championship reign standing at over 150 days, Cody Rhodes has made 2017 the Year of Cody. Whether it was through his .923 winning percentage in 2017 or through the immense amount of official Cody Rhodes (and Throne) merchandise sold, Cody Rhodes has made his 2017 a year to remember, and even further? He's made himself a man to remember

    When Kenny Omega first came into PCW, he was arguably the most hated man in the company, or at least the second-most. He was maniacal, he was egotistical, and was willing to end people’s careers just to get what he wanted, and what he wanted was Perfection. With the likes of The Miz, Corey Graves, and former Paht to Glory winner Briley Pierce among the list of victims who fell ot his One Winged Angel, Kenny Omega was primed to achieve his long desired goal. However, as the year progressed, and Kenny found himself coming just short of his Perfection, he started to have a change in heart. Realizing that ending the careers of others was not the way to achieve perfection, he set forth to achieve it in a new way… the right way. From then, he main evented Unbroken and became PCW Champion, and went on to have classic matches with men like Cody Rhodes, Luke Harper, and Mankind. Even though Kenny Omega no longer hodls PCW Gold, he has found his perfection. The only question left, is will his year have the perfect ending?

    Cunning, sly, manipulative, opportunistic. These are all words that describe Edge's run at the beginning of this year. Starting the year off with a bang at the most watched Pay-Per-View of the year, Resurrection, Edge claimed his first PCW World Heavyweight Championship, but he didn't stop there. Edge dominated for months, sending Finn Balor to the hospital and causing a rating spike in the process. The ratings spike lead to many superstars flocking the company and Edge claims his presence on the top of the company is what lead to that spike. Edge's run did not end as many would expect, succumbing to his neck injury that he endured many years ago, but his short run atop the company rivals the great runs of the past.

    Whether you know him by Mick Foley, Mankind, Cactus Jack, or Dude Love we can all agree that he is one hell of a competitor. Signing with the company in late July, Foley has proven himself to be a big player in PCW. Mick Foley made his Pay-Per-View in ring debut in the historic Keys to the Kingdom match. Despite not emerging victorious, Foley did catch the attention of many roster members and fans alike. Despite his age he was still a serious and capable competitor. When Mick Foley was set to face off against Kenny Omega for the PCW Championship, he shocked the world when he refused to acknowledge the fan vote for Dude Love and opted to face Omega as the deranged Mankind. It was there that Mankind would win his first (of what may be many) championship in PCW. Mankind would go on to face Cody Rhodes at Fallout II in hopes of being the man to stop The American Nightmare, but alas, it was Cody Rhodes who emerged victorious and unified the two championships. Whether he's Dude Love, Mankind, Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, in or out of the Ministry, or even a Champion, he has proven to the entire world that he is a strong and deserving contender for PCW's Man of the Year Award. As for what Mick Foley has in mind for 2018? Only he could answer that...

    He was redesigned. He was rebuilt. But above all else, Seth Rollins was redeemed. After returning to the PCW ring in late February of 2016, Rollins aligned himself with the Authority and won the Path to Glory Tournament before failing to win the PCW World Heavyweight Championship from Brock Lesnar at Unbroken VI. However, after he was betrayed by JoJo Copeland (then JoJo Offerman) during his rivalry with former PCW World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Rollins began to understand the error of his ways. Rather than return to his traditional nefarious measures, Seth instead opted to redeem himself, both in the eyes of the PCW Universe and in his own eyes. Through the course of 2017, Rollins won seven of his ten matches, including wins over names like Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno, former PCW Rising Champion Johnny Mundo, Bobby Roode, Adam Cole, former Television Champion Marty Scurll, Curtis Axel, and Kazuchika Okada. Most telling of his year, however, would be the second-longest PCW Rising Championship reign in PCW history. After defeating Johnny Mundo on the March 23rd episode of Thursday Night Turmoil, Rollins would go on to hold the title for over one hundred and ninety days, second only to The Hurricane's reign of over three hundred days. With successful title defenses against Bobby Roode and Adam Cole, Rollins' 2017 far outshone any of the six years he'd spent in PCW prior. For years, Rollins offered the assertion that when people step into the ring with him, no one survives. But for Seth Rollins, the legacy of his 2017 can and will.
  3. PCW Year End Awards 2017: Woman of the Year

    01 January 2018 - 05:09 AM



    Nominees: Naomi, Peyton Royce, Raquel Diaz, Becky Lynch, JoJo Offerman

    Holding the Women’s Championship during the first part of the year, Naomi proved that not only was she the baddest of the bad, but the top women’s athlete in all of PCW. From her battles with Kelly Kelly, to her appearance in the dreaded War Chamber, and her ability to bring out the best in her opponent, no matter who she was, Naomi made damn sure that PCW knew who she was, and what she was about. Even though she made her final in ring appearance in a losing effort against Becky Lynch at Zero Hour, there is no questioning or doubting Naomi was one of the best that PCW had to offer in 2017.

    Peyton Royce started the year off with a bang becoming the innagural Empire Champion, defeating Mickie James and Asuka. She then went on to defeat Naomi in a champion versus champion match before having memorable feuds agasint Carmella and Queen of the Ring winner Emma alongside her best friend and closest ally Billie Kay. Throughout the year though there was one constant thorn in the side of Mother Nature’s favorite superstar, Becky Lynch the two fought one another on multiple different occasions for the Empire, and Knockouts Title, with their feud ending at Interactive Anarchy. Peyton ended the year off in a losing effort against Rosemary for the vacant PCW Women’s Championship, and though even she came up short there, she will surely be in the title picture again. Mother Nature was kind to Peyton this past year, and she is looking to make her proud in 2018.

    Raquel Diaz is one of the most prominent Knockouts of not only the past year but the past five. Having made her triumphant return early 2017, Ms. Diaz put the entire division on notice. Upon her arrival to the Takedown brand, Raquel Diaz entered a heated feud with Women's Champion at the time, Sasha Banks. The Diaz vs. Banks feud got so intense, the FCC couldn't break these girls apart. Although Sasha delivered some deep cuts, Raquel came out a better person for finally having confronted her father's grave in what was one of the most emotional moments in PCW history. After claiming her third PCW Women's Championship, Raquel would enter a feud against Rosemary, a rather formidable foe. It was in the main event of a historic "Match of 10,000 Tacks" at Zero Hour III that Raquel would successfully defend the PCW Women's Championship. Soon after, Raquel would wrap up her PCW story with three of her closest friends and rivals. At Fallout II, Raquel compete against AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, and Paige in her retirement match. Despite not winning the highly anticipated match, Raquel had won so much more. She had won a poetic ending to one of the most acclaimed runs in PCW history - men or women - an ending that some would say could only happen in a fairytale.

    Becky Lynch came into PCW with one goal in mind, to be the best women’s wrestler in PCW, and who can argue that she didn’t do just that? With matches against the likes of Kaitlyn, Paige Knight, Kelly Kelly and Naomi, you cannot say that Becky Lynch brought something tot eh PCW ring. On otp of that, her historic moment with Charlotte Flair, being the first women to main event in PCW history at International Incident, and her seemingly never ending feud with Peyton Royce, raised the bar for women in PCW, and the entirety of professional wrestling. The future may be uncertain for Becky Lynch in PCW, but we certainly can’t deny that 2017 was arguably her year.

    JoJo Offerman, and for a period of time Copeland, dominated the main event scene with her partner Edge for months. An integral part in what made Edge a top star, JoJo made her presence known in Edge's defining moment by getting herself involved in the match and helping Edge to victory. Her claim to fame this year isn't just her connection with Edge. Although that was the highest profile thing she had done, JoJo earned multiple shots at the PCW Women's Championships, and participated in the Queen of the Ring Tournament. A staple in the company week in and week out this year, JoJo Offerman can be argued as the last remaining icon from the earlier days of PCW.
  4. PCW Year End Awards 2017: Match of the Year

    31 December 2017 - 03:57 AM



    Nominees: The War Chamber Match, Edge vs. Finn Balor II, Raquel Diaz vs. Kaitlyn vs. Paige Knight vs. AJ Lee, Cody Rhodes vs. Mankind, Kenny Omega vs. Mankind II

    Bayley. Brie Bella. Eva Marie. Kelly Kelly. Sasha Banks. Naomi. These six women compete in the first ever War Chamber match at the historic Path to Glory event in April of 2017. In the weeks leading up to this one of a kind match, these six women compete in ultra-competitive matches to see who would get the honor of even competing in such a hellacious chamber. Underdog Bayley and Women's Champion at the time, Naomi, kicked the match off as they were both weary of the four other women ready to get welcomed into the match. As time passed, soon Brie Bella would enter the fray. Unfortunately, Brie Mode wasn't activated for long as she was the first woman eliminated from the event. Soon after, eventual winner, Sasha Banks would be unleashed into the chamber and things weren't looking too good for the Huggable One. Bayley would have to confront Team BAD all on her own until Kelly Kelly came in to save the day. Much to the audience's displeasure, Eva Marie would enter the match next and eliminate the Belle of the Brawl, capitalizing on her worn out enemies. Just as she was getting a bit too cocky, Eva Marie would fall victim to Team BAD and be the third woman eliminated. In a shocking turn of events, Bayley finally got the better of Team BAD and eliminated Women's Champion Naomi. Sasha would take the time to capitalize on the realization that there was going to be a new champion one way or the other and made Bayley submit to the Bank Statement. Although Sasha had emerged victorious, every woman that took part in this historic event should be proud of their contributions.

    The ending of a rivalry four months in the making happened at the sixth annual Path to Glory Event. Edge and Finn Balor for months have been engaged in a blood feud with one major element involved... the PCW World Heavyweight Championship. This feud saw many ups and downs for both superstars, but it all came down to the most brutal of matches... an 'I Quit' match! This match not only saw both men brutalize each other to the point of no return, but it also so the loser leaving Turmoil and heading to Takedown. This match went back and forth, and many thought the Demon would pull it off, but after ten conchairtos to a defeated Balor, the referee finally called off the match and declared Edge the winner.

    This match was the culmination of a story four years in the making. The Four Cornerstones fo the Women’s Division finally in a match against one another, Paige Knight, AJ Lee, Kaitlyn and Raquel Diaz, the four women who helped sculpt the women’s division, faced off against each other at Fallout II, and four years of tension between them finally was able to come to a head. Between the self-destruction of Paige Knight, the determination of AJ Lee, the quest for recognition by Raquel Diaz, and Kaitlyn’s desire to just be done with everything, there was no telling what would happen when the four of them finally clashed against one another. Emotions were high as they put everything on the line, and in the end it was AJ Lee who came out on top.

    You could not have a better match to close off PCW’s year. Two men who respectively made 2017 their own facing off to determine who would be the man to bring PCW into the new year. These two champions fought not only for glory, but to determine who would be crowned the Undisputed PCW World Heavyweight Champion. Both men came into the match with everything that brought them to the table, and both men delivered like the champions that they were. Mankind, representing a more brutal past, and Cody representing the future. Only one would stand victorious, and that man was Cody Rhodes after driving Mankind into a pile of thumbtacks with not one but two Crossrhodes. IN the end, the future would stand tall, and The American Nightmare… the leader of Throne, Cody Rhodes would remain at the top of the mountain.

    As The Final Takedown came to a close we saw two men put everything on the line just to be the man who can say they were the final PCW Champion. Mankind gave Kenny Omega the coice of what kind of match they would have in their rematch, and The Cleaner decided on a Lumberjack Deathmatch. Kenny was going to beat The Hardcore Legend at his own game, even if it broke him… and that is almost what happened. The two men fought tooth and nail with whatever they could get their hadns on, trash cans, barbed wire, steel chairs, brooms, a 2x4, whatever they could find they used. However, in the end, as Kenny Omega set Mankind up for the kill, a One Winged Angel into a pile of tacks, the lights went out. The Undertaker gave Mankind the assist, chokeslamming Kenny into the thumbtacks. The Ministry was to stand against the Throne, and they would make that happen, no matter what.
  5. PCW Year End Awards 2017: Feud of the Year

    29 December 2017 - 04:08 AM



    Nominees: The Four Cornerstones, Edge vs Finn Balor, Mankind vs Kenny Omega, Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce, The Team of Ice and Fire vs Five Feet of Fury

    They were arguably the most influential four women to have competed in PCW. They revolutionized the division with their unadulterated talent, charisma, and resolve. They were The Four Cornerstones of the Women’s Division. For years, their legacy lived on as the example of what it meant to be a member of the PCW Women’s Locker Room, but in 2017, that legacy would change forever. Thanks to the manipulations of a mentally unstable Paige Knight and Kaitlyn, who intended to protect her fragile friend in any way she could, the Four Cornerstones were thrust back into the main light of the women’s division once again after four years. Eventually, the pair (collectively known as The Crusade) and their actions caused AJ Lee to resurface, in an attempt to fix whatever was wrong with her friends, a naïve effort, but one that she felt was right. The trio of cornerstones were against one another for the majority of the year, culminating in a Last Woman Standing Match between Paige and AJ at Zero Hour where they both women left the arena in stretchers. But, when The Black Widow herself added herself into the picture, it was obvious that there was a whole lot more wrong between the Four Cornerstones than everybody thought. And, at Fallout II, the story between the four finally ended as they faced off in a match that nobody ever thought would happen. Even though AJ ended up winnign the match, it seems that that wasn’t important, as after the match the four started to finally reconcile their issues. Will they work everything out? Who knows, their life in the PCW ring came to a close that night. It may have taken four years, but finally their story was over, and an era came to a close.

    A feud that started when Edge earned the opportunity to face the PCW World Heavyweight Champion evolved into something much more than that. The feud saw personal turns with Balor interrupting JoJo/Edge during their own 'personal' times, multiple nights of assaults, beat downs, and many matches. Edge ultimately came out on top, but the story left it's mark on Edge as it was only weeks after the two had traded their final blows that Edge had to retire from active competition. Neither man survived this feud, and even after Edge attempted his comeback later in the year, they were both a shell of themselves from the full on assault they laid on each other for four months. These two were the faces of the company, the heads of the Brand Extension, and for the first half of 2016 were the talk of the industry.

    Should the face of the company give their all for the fans who cheer for him? Should they do whatever it takes to make them happy? Most people would say yes, and Kenny Omega would agree. But Mankind, in his twisted mind did not see this. In his mind, Kenny was weak for pandering to the fans who helped The Cleaner find his perfection, and Mankind deemed him not worthy to be the PCW Champion. So, Mankind would answer The Cleaner’s open challenge for Interactive Anarchy. Everything was fine with this scenario, Kenny gets a match against his hero, and Mankind gets to teach Omega a lesson in what it took to be champion. But as the stipulation for the match became known, the fans getting to choose which Face of Foley would challenge for the title, Mankind grew disgusted with this and started attacking KJEnny’s relationship with them. At interactive Anarchy, Mankind would walk out with the championship, causing Kenny to pass out to the Mandible Claw. But Omega wanted a rematch, and on Takedown he was going to get it… but as he made his name to the ring, Mankind assaulted Omega alongside his newfound family, The Ministry. Mankind had joined The Undertaker’s band of demons, in their quest to take over the company. The feud between the two culminated at the Final Takedwon in a Lumberjack Deathmatch. Kenny Omega was dead set on defeating Mankind at his own game, even if it cost him, but as valiant as Kenny was, he could not truly play in Mankind’s twisted game.

    PCW was one hell of a year for the Knockouts Division. Between the Four Cornerstones saying their goodbyes, Charlotte and Becky Lynch headlining International Incident, Sasha Banks winning the first ever War Chamber match, Alexa Bliss and Emma competing in the Queen of the Ring finals, and an Empire being built; 2017 was undoubtedly The Year of the Knockouts. Two women that spearheaded these movements were none other than Becky Lynch and Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay, of course.) While Peyton was making waves in Empire and was crowned the first ever Empire Champion, Becky Lynch was just making a name for herself in the world of PCW. Peyton as proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the Knockouts Division. The two women headlined the final episode of Empire and Becky emerged victorious in one of the most intense Knockouts matches of the year. Of course, this was only the beginning for these two women. As months followed, Peyton Royce has proven herself to be quite the thorn in Becky Lynch's side. By May, Peyton Royce would go on to reclaim her championship (rebranded as the PCW Knockouts Championship) and have quite the lengthy reign. Despite their differences, Becky Lynch teamed up with The Iconic Duo in a losing effort at Collision Course VII. At the following PPV, Interactive Anarchy, Becky Lynch would reclaim her Knockouts Championship from Peyton Royce. This is by far one of the lengthiest feuds in PCW this year and every time these two met in the ring, they brought out the best in each other.

    After Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair earned the honor of being the first two Knockouts to main event a PCW Pay-Per-View, Alexa Bliss took great issue with this and attacked Charlotte, incapacitating her and putting her on the shelf for over a month with a vicious DDT onto the steel of the entrance stage. Becky spent the next few weeks demanding Alexa face her for what she'd done, but Alexa continuously played the mouse in their game of cat and mouse, evading her at every turn. However, Alexa would attack Lynch as well, leaving her spray painted and unconscious with an acceptance of Becky's challenge. The two would meet at the seventh annual Unbroken, only for a returning Charlotte Flair to cost Lynch the match. That being said, Charlotte and Becky would not meet eye to eye for a few weeks, eventually aligning to take out their mutual enemies of Alexa Bliss and her Queensguard, Thea Trinidad. Team Five Feet of Fury and the newly formed Team of Ice and Fire would take every opportunity to go straight for the jugular, bringing out the best and simultaneously the worst in all four participants in the rivalry. The blood feud would come to a head on an episode of Turmoil in late September, where Becky and Charlotte reigned victorious over the Throne's Queen and her Queensguard. The rivalry and the outcome of said rivalry would catapult Becky back into the title picture, eventually leading to her second reign as PCW Knockout's Champion. All in all, with the vicious nature of the feud, other feuds bend the knee to the combative months spent between the Team of Ice and Fire and Team Five Feet of Fury.


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