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  1. A place for women in PCW?

    11 September 2017 - 08:28 PM

    Is there a place for women in PCW?

    I was planning on waiting for the “what we said” to be posted about Takedown last week so that I could address this. However, it’s almost the deadline for the next Takedown and nothing has been posted and I didn’t want to just ghost PCW. I wanted to share with you an outsider’s perspective. I will preface this with the fact that I am a feminist and I can come off as bitchy and blunt. I will try to be as neutral as possible, but I make no promises because this is important to me.

    As you may or may not know, Shaun [Deathray/KOR] is my husband. He wrote the KOR/Tessa Blanchard match and he showed me the match feedback that Kyle [Covenant] provided him regarding the match. And honestly, it was one of the most disheartening things that I have read in efedding in a very long time. I have quoted it below.


    Singles Match
    Kyle O'Reilly vs. Tessa Blanchard
    JUDGE: Kyle
    WRITER: Shaun
    Started with KOR: First, I really like how you give a brief little description of who the other people involved here are. I don't know very much about Tessa or TNT in general, and you managed to give me a nice little overview of them all so I wouldn't have to do much digging myself. Was a nice touch. I've always had an issue with intergender matches, because, at least in my eyes, and I mean no offense with this, there's no legitimate way a woman would beat a man in this situation unless the woman is expertly trained. Like, UFC fighters who are women? They'd WHOOP some ass. But in wrestling, unless interference is present, I'm not sure how realistic it would be. That being said, I think both you and your opponent did an EXCELLENT job of getting past that and just doing what needs to be done. This kinda matchup, with RPs like the two of yours? Makes me SO much more comfortable with these kinda matches in the future. So thanks for that. In terms of the content, you know how I feel about your work, and this is no exception. First I thought DR was amazing, then A6 was better, and this? This is ABSURD. Your character is dope, the writing is dope. I literally don't have ANY criticism here. The gut-checks were great, the material on Tessa was great. Excellent work.

    TB: Your style for your RP is like a film script, and honestly? Honestly I love that. But, unlike a movie script? Your description is top notch. Honestly, the character you've got here is A1. You've sold me with the first, like, ten lines, and I'm just baffled. You guys made it SO hard for me to make a decision here. The ending of the first scene was hilarious, and yet you manage to keep this cut-throat demeanor, too. Then you've got a third scene with a match in it? You can write matches, too? :eyes: All of these scenes? Excellent. All of the content? Excellent. No qualms here.
    RESULT: Honestly? You guys are wild. I can't pick a winner here, so what I think we're gonna' do is have this end in a NO CONTEST, with Bobby Fish and Toni Storm and anyone else y'all are involved with interfering in the match and it ending in this clusterfuck of go-home show proportions. Hope that works for y'all.

    There are so many things wrong with this that I almost don’t know where to start. First of all, every wrestler is an athlete. You do not call Johnny Gargano a male athlete or a male wrestler – you simply call him a wrestler. To differentiate women by their gender is offensive. They are athletes, pure and simple. One of the best things that WWE did in recent memory is take away the term Diva and the god-awful butterfly belt. Because women are more than that. And that isn’t to say that WWE is progressive in any right. I know that PCW is supposed to emanate WWE but that isn’t an excuse to be oppressive to a certain gender. It is hard not to look at the list of staff members and see that nearly ALL of them are men and not see blatant sexism in a company that still uses the term Knockout. Maybe no one has said anything before, but I can’t go unheard.

    As a woman, my writing style and skill should and does not have ANYTHING to do with my genitals. It shouldn’t be a part of how my match is judged (the fact that it was brought up at all in the intergender match is clear that it mattered) or how my character is treated. Women can fight men. It is clear from the character’s here that most of you watch WWE and NJPW exclusively – which are very segregated when it comes to gender. But intergender wrestling is alive and well in the independent scene. Sure, most women are smaller than their male counterparts but that happens in male wrestling all the time. If Kalisto can defeat Braun Stroman, why can’t Alexa Bliss defeat Jeff Hardy? It isn’t about the size of the athlete, it is about their skill and their ability to strategize and change their gameplan dependent upon their opponent’s strengths. Women can beat men clean. We are not the weaker sex and for someone in management to imply that is honestly disgusting. I have inserted a YouTube clip below of an intergender match at a recent Superkick’d show I attended [an indie promotion here in Toronto]. In this match the only way a man defeated a woman was to cheat. Watch it and realize that women are just as capable as men.

    I just feel like there isn’t a place for women to be treated fairly in PCW. In the last three e-feds I was in, Crystal [Tessa] and I held the World Titles in all of them – as women. As small, talented, fierce women. Because that is possible. Because we are not lesser because of our vaginas. If you look around the efed community today, most feds do not have a “Women’s Title” because this is about writing and skill not whatever you consider to be “realistic”. PCW has had Cruiserweight's as their Heavyweight Champions [Ashley Sixx and Brian Kendrick to name two] and that is realistic enough for you. Why? Because they have dick's between their legs so they have the ability to accomplish more than a woman? We deserve more than to be segregated and told what we can and cannot do by anyone else.

    I hope you take this seriously and to heart.


    Watch Selyzia Sparks kick ass
  2. Toni Storm

    22 August 2017 - 11:05 PM

    Posted Image

    name: Toni Storm

    height: 5'5"

    weight: 143 lbs.

    hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

    disposition: Heel

    character description: Toni used to be your regular girl. She was head over heels in love with Tyler Bate and they were wrestling's sweethearts. When Toni had an affair with Chris Ridgeway, her world was turned upside down. The fans turned on her and everyone was "Team Tyler". It was then that Toni decided 'fuck the fans'. She would no longer care about anyone or anything except for herself and her close friends. Tessa Blanchard is her only true friend and she has no desire to make any others. They both think that they're better than everyone else in every aspect. Plain and simple, she's a bitch scorned.

    finishing maneuver(s)
    "Strong Zero" Piledriver
    "Bad Bitch Baptism" Air Raid Crash Neakbreaker

    signature maneuvers:
    "Choke A Bitch" Figure Four Lock - Guillotine Choke Combo
    "Perfect Storm" Hanging Backstabber

    Other Moves
    » Headscissors Takedown
    » Hip Attack
    » Snapmare Takedown, followed by a Soccer Kick to the back
    » Corner Running Hip Attack
    » Running Dropkick
    » Corner Double Knee Strike
    » Running Big Boot
    » Roundhouse Kick
    » Suicide Dive
    » Headbutt Strike
    » German Suplex Variation (Basic, Leg Hook)
    » Inverted Cloverleaf
    » Front Thrust Kick
    » Diving Leg Drop
    » Bridging Fisherman's Suplex 


    introductory roleplay: This is a joint roleplay between myself and Cryssi who will be posting stats as Tessa Blanchard soon.

    ●●● ●●● ●●● ●●●

    Primetime Championship Wrestling was days away from its big pay-per-view showcase, Collision Course. On August 27th, the superstars of PCW would invade historic Madison Square Garden and put on the greatest show professional wrestling had ever seen culminating in a match that would feature two of the company’s champions, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. It was written in the stars for PCW to have a spectacular night! However, after any big event comes change and with change would come the debut of two new stars for PCW. Indy starlet and overall flawless queen Tessa Blanchard would be one of those stars.

    Tessa was currently lounging around in bed inside of her luxury Ritz Carlton suite. The 3rd-generation athlete was wearing nothing more than an overpriced pair of black lace boy shorts and matching black bra. Her long, chestnut colored locks were flowing freely over her tanned shoulders and she was staring intently at her MacBook. A bemused expression was etched across her pretty face and after a few moments, Tessa shook her head.

    “The arrival of TNT in Primetime Championship Wrestling can go one of two ways. It can either be a brilliant move on the part of Tessa Blanchard and Toni Storm. They could very well end up being the next PCW Tag Team Champions. Or it could be a complete disaster. With teams such as the Iconic Duo, reDragon, AOP, and countless others the pampered self-proclaimed ‘queen’ and her marginally more talented ‘bestie from Japan’ could have bitten off way more than they can chew. The women that make up PCW’s roster are some of the best in the world, and have proven time and time again that they won't put up with immature and childish antics that TNT will attempt to bring to the table. Whatever singles success the two might have likely won't translate over into tag team competition. Peyton Royce is the Knockouts Champion and with good reason. With Billie Kay beside her she is deadly. And when you push that team aside, how in the world does TNT expect to hang in there against two men as gifted and well-rounded as Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish? This has disaster written all over it for TNT. But hey, good luck to them. Personally, I find the majority of PCW’s females to be generic, boring versions of themselves and Tessa and Toni do bring their personalities with them wherever they go. If nothing else, they're entertaining and hopefully can inject some much needed life into a very bland women's division.”

    Tessa was reading from an article someone had posted on a popular wrestling website. Perhaps some valid points had been made in the author’s writing, but Tessa would never admit that out loud if she felt that way. All she did was scoff at the article because she was a Blanchard, and that made her better than the rest of the world.

    VOICE (O.S.):
    “Good morning sunshine!”

    The sarcastically peppy voice of Toni Storm filtered into the room as she walked into Tessa’s bedroom. The Australian was already dressed for day in a pair of black high-waisted Fashion Nova jeans with strategically placed slits across her knees and of course, her own t-shirt. The shirt has been cropped to show a perfect amount of midriff. Toni’s long golden locks are styled into a carefree-but-took-an-hour-to-do loose wave with a camo-print snapback placed backwards completing her look. She glanced down at Tessa’s lack of wardrobe and rolled her eyes.

    “Tessa, we were supposed to leave like 15 minutes ago. We were told to be at MSG at like 11 or something to film some introduction video garbage.”

    TESSA BLANCHARD: “Ten-thirty but let them wait. Read this.”

    Tessa turned her Mac towards Toni, and the perfect blond sat down on the bed to read. She crossed her legs at the ankle, letting her combat-boot clad feet hang off the edge of the bed. A look of disgust crossed her perfect face as she continued to read the article on the screen. Licking her perfect red lips (MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo, of course) she dramatically cleared her throat as she continued to read the article aloud.

    “Both women have talent in spades and I am actually excited to see what they can bring to to the table. However, always looming over both of them are the rumblings of backstage drama. Tessa and Toni have garnered a pretty awful reputation for being hard to work with, stubborn and all-out mean girls backstage. This has hindered their growth in the past and I can see the same thing happening for them in PCW. I truly do hope that they drop the attitude and focus on their in-ring skills and they could rule the roost.”

    With a yawn, the blonde puts the MacBook down on the bed. She read every word of that article with disdain in her voice. TNT were used to hearing all about the ‘rumblings’ of their shitty attitude. It was nothing new, but still annoying nonetheless. Slamming the laptop closed, Toni turned to her bestie.

    “They can all go fuck themselves. I am so sick of reading articles about our terrible backstage attitude. I literally couldn’t care less about what the general public thinks. Been there. Done that. It gave me absolutely nothing. We are the future of this company. The only thing I see in PCW is a bunch of washed-up losers trying to cling to any bit of fame that they still have. Kelly Kelly? Michelle Mccool? Kaitlyn? Like what year is this? Did we travel back in time or what?”

    Both girls let out an obnoxious laugh. She wasn’t wrong. There was a very strange mix of new and old talent on the PCW roster.

    “We are like a breath of fresh air. We are going to run PCW and make all of those old bitches realize it’s time to take their ball and go home.”

    Tessa had finally gotten out of bed and was admiring her flawless figure in the full-length mirror across the room.

    “I think a tag team title would really compliment my complexion.”

    She ran her hands along her waist, right where a title would sit and smirked into the mirror. Toni laughed softly as she slid herself to the end of the bed. With light force, she booted Tessa in the behind, sending her stumbling forward.

    “We can’t get the tag team titles until you put some damn pants on. So get ready!”

    ●●● ●●● ●●● ●●●

    VOICE (O.S.): “You know, I don't see why everyone thinks Madison Square Garden is so special. It's just an old ass building that dead athletes have competed in.”

    Tessa Blanchard and Toni Storm were currently standing in front of a blank backdrop in the backstage area of the World’s Most Famous Arena. Tessa was no longer dressed in her lingerie but her personal style wasn't much better. She was wearing a pair of high-waisted Fashion Nova denim shorts that laced up the sides and a sleeveless black crop top. Gold metal and leather Giuseppe Zanotti Gladiator sandals were laced up Tessa’s toned calves and she had left her hair down. Several people were fussing about the girls, trying to get their promo filmed but at the moment they were on the their fifteenth take and everyone's patience with the girls seemed to be wearing off.

    “With all due respect Miss Blanchard, we aren't asking you to talk about the building. We just want a nice, clean version of your purpose here in PCW.”

    TESSA BLANCHARD: “Well, I'm not sure why you continue to try and censor us. If you want us to speak, let us speak. Stop yelling ‘CUT’ and making us redo it. Do you honestly think we care if saying ‘fuck’ offends people? Puh-leeze.”

    TONI STORM: “Not to mention Kay Lee Ray said ‘fuck’ at least twice in her last promo and it did not make it any more interesting. She was still boring as fuck. I fucking hate her.”

    TESSA BLANCHARD: “Right?! She's the absolute …”

    TESSA AND TONI (in unison): “WORST!”

    TESSA BLANCHARD: “But actually! You force us here to talk about basic bitches and try to make us change our words around. Goodbye forever to that. I'm actual wrestling royalty and I will do whatever I want. Storm and I are the future of this company. Management BEGGED us to sign with PCW. We could have went ANYWHERE.”

    None of that was true but the stagehand didn't bother to interject. Thus far, the reputations of TNT were proving to be true. Tessa and Toni were nothing more than a couple of wannabe divas.

    “Pretty soon we will run this entire fucking show so go over there and get back behind your little camera, and if you yell ‘CUT’ one more time, I will slit your throat and have Tessa’s family pay to cover up the crime. Kay?”

    The stagehand blinked. He had never been threatened before.

    “You used to be so nice. What happened?!”

    Toni gave him a cold stare.

    “Things change. People change.”

    The guy looked nervous and started glancing around. Tessa sighed.

    “Okay she's totally kidding with you. She's not going to ID Channel you or anything. Let's just get this crap over with and I promise will give you something you can use for your little show on Sunday. Collision something?”

    STAGEHAND: “Course. Uhhh.. C-C-Collision Course.”

    He finally choked the words out before he scurried back behind the camera. It was pretty clear that the team of TNT could not be reasoned with and would not be listening. As he peered at the newest tag team he counted them down using his fingers - 3-2-1. Then he pointed at them. Tessa and Toni both took a moment to glare into the camera. Everyone stared at them, wondering if they were ever going to actually try and cut this promo. It felt like a million years.

    “Hello world. I am Toni Storm and next to me,” Toni fanned out her hand towards Tessa, like she was presenting her as a prize on The Price is Right. Tessa flashed her perfect pearly whites. “Is Tessa Blanchard. We are the future of PCW and every single man, woman, child and tag team backstage better be paying close attention to their screens right now. This is what true athletes look like. This is what it looks like when you were born to kick ass for a living. This is the last thing you’re going to see before we knock you straight on your ass and pin you for the good ole 1-2-3. This is the face of victory. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done - we will be destroying you at some point in our tenure here in PCW. We will be taking you to your limit and making you wish that you never underestimated the team of Tessa and Toni. We are the real deal people. None of this ridiculous, fake-ass, model-turned-wrestler bullshit that the world has been feeding you for years. We’re a new breed, a better breed and we’re here to teach you all how an actual superstar is supposed to perform. So open your damn eyes and pay attention. You could learn a thing or two. You’re welcome.”

    The Australian sensation folded her arms across her chest. Her hazel eyes bore into the camera with a deadly stare. If looks could kill, this would be the one. After a moment of glaring, she turned her attention to her tag team partner and bestie-for-life.

    “Personally, I don't feel like we should have had to introduce ourselves to the world but I digress. There's probably that one person watching, jerking off right now who just sees Hot Girl One and Hot Girl Two. And I'm sure that person is probably gross and fat. But as Toni so eloquently put it, we have come to PCW to showcase our dominance as a team. We want those tag team championships around our perfect waists and there's no one in this company who can stop us. We were both born for this and to be totally honest, we don't care about anything other than winning. We will take on anyone and everyone who decides to come at us. I don't care if you've held championships for over a year…”

    Toni scoffed.

    “Or if you're 800 pound fattiest like AOP. We will take on anyone and everyone. I mean I'm a Blanchard for crying out loud. BLAAAAAAANCHARD. I was born for greatness and I only surround myself with the best of the best.”

    The two perfect friends exchanged smirks.

    “We’ve got the looks. We’ve got the talent. And we are more ICONIC than anyone else will ever be.”

    TONI STORM: “We are TNT and we’re mother[BLEEP]ng dynamite!”

    Tessa leaned into the camera and smirked.

    “Boom, bitches!”

    Tessa paused for just a moment, thinking. Looking dead into the camera she not-so-quietly mouthed the words “Call me, Roman Reigns.” Toni rolled her eyes and pushed Tessa playfully.

    And with that, both girls laughed and stormed off set, much to the joy of everyone working. It was probably the most exhausting promo they’d ever have to film.

    name: Kayla
    e-fedding experience: since birth
    staff experience: 1 year
    how did you find pcw?: shaun put a gun to my head. send help. :X



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