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  1. Ember Moon

    24 July 2017 - 11:07 AM

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    about ember moon
    • Ember Moon

    • The War Goddess
    • The Huntress of PCW

    • Neutral

    • Parts Unknown

    • "Free the Flame" by: CFO$ (feat. Lesley Roy)

    • Unbroken VII (July 23, 2017)

    • 0 | 0 | 0

    the pack
    Diana, Goddess of the Hunt and Moon (∞) Ember's one and only ally. A wolf that often follows Ember among her endeavors outside of Primetime Championship Wrestling, their bond is one of complete trust. Named after the Roman Goddess of the Hunt and Moon, she is Ember's source of inspiration and her one and only confidant. On the surface this relationship appears to be a standard human-canine bond, it seems that Ember truly believes Diana may hold mystical properties. Nonetheless, the two share a strong bond. Diana is absolutely obedient to Ember's will.

    the prey
    Asuka and Triple H (July 23, 2017 - present) The duo of Triple H and his client, Asuka, made their televised PCW debuts at the biggest event of the year, Unbroken. A confident woman, she is. Triple H made Asuka's intentions clear and precise; Asuka is hungry for competition. Following the debut of the debut, Ember made her debut in a rather unconventional fashion as she appeared almost out of thin air, right behind the two. Ember did not say much but her message was loud and clear; Ember is the huntress and Asuka is the prey.

    her arsenal
    Eclipse (Diving Corkscrew Stunner)
    Will of Artemis (Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver)
    Athena's Guidance (Leg Trap Crossface)
    Bloodletting (Spinning Sole Kick)
    Hera's Wrath (Standing Diamond Cutter)
    • Curb stomp, sometimes leads into Athena's Guidance
    • Double underhook suplex
    • Fallaway slam
    • Half nelson double knee backbreaker
    • Handspring elbow smash to a cornered opponent
    • Handspring stinger splash
    • Headscissors takedown
    • Springboard variations (crossbody, moonsault, Tornado DDT)
    • Roundhouse kick
    • Step up enziguri
    • Suicide dive, sometimes done repeatedly in succession

    (Finishing maneuvers are italicized)

    her story
  2. BREAKING: Match announced for Turmoil!

    07 July 2017 - 10:36 PM

    Posted Image

    For several weeks now, the duo of Ethan Page and Tommaso Ciampa have been terrorizing both Johnny Gargano and his wife, Candice LeRae. With two backstage assaults on the Happily Ever After couple, things are finally coming to a head. Candice LeRae’s detest for the two men have been no secret since she came out and assaulted Tommaso Ciampa during his match against Nigel McGuinness. Now, LeRae hopes to even the odds this Thursday on Turmoil, where she will face off against Ethan Page in her debut match.

    Singles Match
    Ethan Page (w/ Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Candice LeRae (w/ Johnny Gargano)
  3. @JohnnyGargano

    19 May 2017 - 04:36 AM

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    Johnny Gargano Posted Image
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    The Bee's Knees & The Cat's Pajamas & The Whole Shebang & The King of Cleveland & Johnny Wrestling
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  4. Johnny Gargano

    05 May 2017 - 01:09 AM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
    NAME: Johnny Gargano
    NICKAMES: Johnny Wrestling, The Bee's Knees, The Cat's Pajamas, The Whole Shebang
    HEIGHT: 5 ft. 10
    WEIGHT: 199 lb
    ALIGNMENT: Babyface
    RESIDES: Cleveland, Ohio
    MATCH RECORD: 4 | 1 | 0
    PCW ACCOMPLISHMENTS: #1 on Takedown Prime Five (August 1st, 2017, August 15th 2017), Keys to the Kingdom (2017)

    Posted Image
    Candice LeRae (May 4, 2017 - present) Not only are Johnny and Candice tag team partners and the best of friends, they're married! This dynamic duo know each other like the back of their hands! They've wrestled each other in the ring and now they plan on working together to make PCW's Tag Team division the best of the best! Although the two are closer than ever, the duo's tag team dreams haven't gotten off to the best of starts. A ghost from Johnny's past, Tommaso Ciampa, has inserted himself into Johnny's life once more. (Although Tommaso would argue that Johnny was the one being nosy.) Johnny appears to see the good in Tommasa, Candice is a bit more hesitant... and for good reason. With a nickname like "Psycho Killer" it's safe to say that Ciampa may not be as innocent as Johnny would like to believe. Despite their differences of opinions, Candice appears to fully support Johnny and his decisions... for better or worse.
    Happily Ever After

    Ethan Page (May 25, 2017 - July 13, 2017) Although Johnny and Ethan have history in other promotions prior to PCW, their feud officially started on the May 25th edition of Thursday Night Turmoil. While Johnny and Candice were getting settled in backstage, Ethan Page so rudely interrupted Happily Ever After and made threats towards the happy couple. Needless to say, they aren't gonna be friendly towards each other anytime soon... if ever. Their feud came to it's conclusion when Ethan Page requested his release from PCW.

    Tommaso Ciampa (June 15, 2017 - present) As Johnny so diligently continued the investigation to see who had attacked Candice LeRae backstage, Johnny came to the conclusion that Ethan Page wasn't working alone. Before Johnny could confirm his suspicions himself, Ethan Page assaulted him during an interview. Soon after, Johnny's hunch was confirmed when Tommaso Ciampa, a former friend of Gargano and LeRae, revealed himself as the newest member of the Turmoil roster, Page's associate, and Johnny's newest foe. The tides of their relationship would turn on the July 13th edition of Thursday Night Turmoil. After Tommaso seemingly got fed up with Ethan Page barking orders at him, Tommaso hit a Project Ciampa on Ethan Page to dissolve their partnership. Afterward, Tommaso would help Candice on her feet from Ethan's previous assault on her. Both Johnny and Candice ended that questioning where Tommaso's loyalties truly lie.

    Posted Image
    THEME: “Don't Die Digging” by: The Graduate



    The fast paced tune of The Graduate’s “Don’t Stop Digging” blasts through the PA system and the audience is an in uproar! Red and blue lights march to the beat of the tune and through the curtain comes none other than Johnny Wrestling himself! Johnny is looking overjoyed as usual, ready to do what he does best. Johnny runs over to the left hand side of the stage and raises his right hand above his eyes, searching through the crowd. He makes sure that everyone - even those in the nosebleeds - catch his eye and appreciation. He smiles and nods and then dashes over to the right hand side of the stage. This time, Johnny uses his left hand and shows his gratitude for the faithful PCW fans with a smile that simply cannot be faked. As he makes his way to the ring, Johnny makes sure he shows his appreciation towards every single audience member he possibly could. Pointing and some neatly made signs and even singling out those in Johnny Wrestling merchandise. The thankfulness that Gargano has for the PCW audience is something that simply cannot be faked. Johnny’s energy is at an all time high and he’s surely proving why he was given the nickname ‘All Heart.’ After taking the time to greet a couple of the fans, Johnny slides through the bottom rope and immediately dashes towards the turnbuckle. He hops up and claps along to the infectious beat of his theme, nodding at himself to get amped and ready to go! Johnny hops down and greets those in the audience on the opposite side of the ring with a dash towards the ropes! Johnny lands seated on the second rope and swings his fist with all of his might! His joyous reaction carries on and he nods to one of his favorite songs. The audience has Johnny’s back and he’ll make damn sure that he delivers! Johnny releases himself from the ropes and approaches his corner, anticipating his bout for the night.

    Posted Image
    Garga-No-Escape (Chickenwing over the shoulder crossface, sometimes with a stepover toehold)
    Hurts Donut (Full nelson lifted and dropped into a reverse STO)

    Baby Ace Crusher (Running cutter to a kneeling opponent)
    Crosston Crab (Cross-legged Boston crab)
    Lawn Dart (Running throwing snake eyes)

    Bridging Northern Lights suplex
    Cannonball senton
    Discus elbow
    Diving Complete Shot
    Double footstomp, sometimes from the top rope
    Double knee armbreaker
    Double knee backbreaker to an opponent seated on the top rope
    Hanging Nagato lock
    Jumping neckbreaker
    Jumping reverse elbow
    Listo kick
    Low-angle roundhouse kick
    Multiple kick variations (Enzuigiri, Springboard drop, Super)
    Skin the cat headscissors
    Snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex
    Snap suplex
    Suicide dive
    Swinging inverted backbreaker
    Swinging reverse STO
    Running double knee strike to a cornered opponent
    Slingshot DDT
    Spear, sometimes while slingshotting

    Much of Johnny's wrestling style has derived from his influences within the ring. To name a few, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Johnny Saint. With a fair balance between speed and technique, Johnny is able to catch his opponents off guard and adapt to most situations he's put in. Whether he's diving from the top rope or forcing people into submission, Johnny has honed his craft to cover many wrestling styles so he's prepared, no matter the situation.

    Posted Image
    On May 5th, 2017, it was announced that both Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae were signed to PCW. The two are part of the Tag Team division and assigned to the brand Thursday Night Turmoil.

    On May 18th, 2017 Johnny Gargano defeated JBL in his Primetime Championship Wrestling debut.
    ROLEPLAY: "Not all fat cats eat lasagna."

    On June 29th, 2017 Finn Bálor defeated Johnny Gargano.
    ROLEPLAY: "Believe in your strengths."

    On July 24th, 2017 Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae were drafted to the Takedown brand.

    On August 1st, 2017 Johnny Gargano defeated Baron Corbin to qualify for the first ever Keys to the Kingdom match at Collision Course!
    ROLEPLAY: "Yer gonna go far, kid."

    On August 15th, 2017 Johnny Gargano defeated Luke Harper in what was a close bout. This match was also the main event of the evening.
    ROLEPLAY: "Nightmare on My Street"

    A PCW first was made on August 27th, 2017 when Johnny Gargano defeated Brock Lesnar, Mankind, and Luke Harper in the first ever Keys to the Kingdom match! Johnny now has the right to take on the World Champion if he so pleases.
    ROLEPLAY: "The dork knight."

  5. Happily Ever After

    04 May 2017 - 04:05 AM

    Posted Image

    general information
    TEAM MEMBERS: Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae
    COMBINED HEIGHT: About two and three fourths Hornswoggles standing on each other's shoulders.
    COMBINED WEIGHT: Less than Braun Strowman. No, seriously.
    PCW DEBUT: Coming soon! (Maybe? This isn't really up to us...)
    ENTRANCE THEME: “Superheroes” by: Edguy

    wrestling information
    FINISHING MANEUVER: His & Hers (Running knee smash (LeRae) / Superkick (Gargano) combination to a kneeling opponent)



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    kasumi.chr Icon

    02 Aug 2017 - 21:56
    JUST saw the Dance trailers. Probably won't pick 'em up myself, but I am looking forward to hearing the remixes. Here's to hoping they get some P3P FeMC stuff in there, at least as DLC, because Way Of Life is still my jam.
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    MattTheMiz Icon

    13 Jul 2017 - 19:53
    Dat Ass
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    15 Jun 2017 - 19:38
    Yeah, man! It only took like, 6 years...? xD
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    08 Jun 2017 - 17:33
    Thanks bro, glad to be here.
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    06 Jun 2017 - 03:31
    Thanks for the birthday wish man!
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    Killing The Fed Icon

    24 May 2017 - 18:51
    Johnny's DEAD! >: )
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    16 May 2017 - 18:11
    Same to you as well!
  8. Photo

    kasumi.chr Icon

    14 May 2017 - 09:40
    Well, I did say if you made me one, I was gonna use it. xD Speaking of, I made a new game plus. I wasn't gonna, but not beating bonus bosses bugged me. I should've fought The Reaper the first time, but eh.
  9. Photo

    RRS Icon

    24 Apr 2017 - 14:53
    GOAT champ
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    Janet Icon

    20 Apr 2017 - 18:05
    Yeah I've missed them too. I kinda lost track for a bit since they disappeared. Heck I didn't know Jeremy left til months later. Their album releases always seem to do something to change up, but I still love all of it. Can't believe it's less than a month away! I'm pumped, it's been too long!
  11. Photo

    Janet Icon

    20 Apr 2017 - 16:56
    Yeah I'd agree with that. I'd guess they lead with it because of the meaning. The hard times the band as went through and getting through. Plus give people an idea of the new sound they're going for. That's my guess
  12. Photo

    Janet Icon

    20 Apr 2017 - 16:28
    Yes I did! Different kind of sound than I'm used to. Not sure how I feel about it right now. I'm sure it'll grow on me. You like it?
  13. Photo

    The Enchantress Icon

    18 Apr 2017 - 03:40
    Gotcha :) just shoot a pm my way whenever you can
  14. Photo

    The Enchantress Icon

    18 Apr 2017 - 00:40
    Honestly? I'm excited to see if we get to work together =D I'm definitely interested in doing angles if your okay with that <333
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    17 Apr 2017 - 20:56
    Who don't. I was gonna change it a while back but you beat me to it.
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